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Where to start   10/23/2017

I have found that the best relationships I have had have started off as FWBs situations. They seem to have the best progression and walls tend to come down a little faster when it comes to getting to

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Great connections   10/6/2017

I have always enjoyed the intensity of the first meet up and seeing if there is great chemistry. When you feel a great vibe in the first 30 minutes, you know you were fortunate you picked a great matc

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To wear or not to wear   9/24/2017

I have always been a big fan of protection. Although I agree going without the rubbers feels amazing, the risks doing that with someone you don't know just don't out way the benefit in my opin

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Hotel vs Home   9/22/2017

I always enjoy the comfort of my own home, knowing where everything this, ease of access and my nice comfortable big bed. But there still has to be said for the an increased feeling of enjoyment for

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Sexual Cravings   9/15/2017

Although I can always get into the moment just about anytime of day, my cravings seem too me at their highest in the evening, and even late evening hours. Maybe it is the night owl in me. What about

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