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Sep 8, 2019Younger Women for Older MenIs it wrong or right1   
Sep 8, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenNew to everything here1   
Sep 4, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateQuestion1   
Sep 4, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWhy is this is hard?1   
Sep 4, 2019OKC and surrounding areasCant wait to visit OKC!1   
Sep 4, 2019Younger Women for Older MenI wish....1   
Sep 4, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWhy is this is hard?1   
Sep 3, 2019submissive femalesWhat is submissive to you?1   
Aug 26, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateBrand new here1   
Aug 26, 2019submissive femalesNew here...1   
Aug 26, 2019Playing In San AntonioFun stuff?1   
Aug 26, 2019submissive femalesNew here...1   
Aug 20, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenFavorite features?2   
Aug 10, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenType?1   
Aug 10, 2019Younger Women for Older MenType?1   
Aug 6, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenSize Matters2   
Aug 6, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenWho's Online and Cupid Preferences1   
Aug 4, 2019submissive femalesToronto dom here2   
Aug 4, 2019submissive femalesThe Pacific Northwest1   
Aug 3, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateMeet Up - Advertise HERE!1   
Aug 3, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenSpring 2019 Introductions2   
Jul 29, 2019WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMenRace "Play"1   
Jul 29, 2019Playing In San AntonioNew here2   
Jul 28, 2019Younger Women for Older MenWhy older or younger1   
Jul 28, 2019submissive femaleslooking for submissive females1   
Jul 28, 2019OKC and surrounding areasFun bars?1   
Jul 24, 2019submissive femalesBeginners guide to BDSM1   
Jul 24, 2019Younger Women for Older MenNEW GROUP MEMBERS ---> Introduce yourselves here, FIRST!!! (July 2019)1   
Jul 24, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateTips for Where to Meet for the First Time...1   
Jul 24, 2019OKC and surrounding areasFriendships in this group1   
Jul 24, 2019Married, Wanting More-TristateTIPS FOR THE NEWBIES...1