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Oct 19, 2014Active ChattersHow did you choose your handle?2   
Oct 19, 2014Active ChattersWhat do you do online?2   
Oct 19, 2014Active ChattersWhat are you listening to just now?3   
Oct 19, 2014Active ChattersHug, Shag, or Buy a pint14   
Oct 19, 2014Active ChattersPhobias3   
Oct 11, 2014Active ChattersWord association2   
Oct 11, 2014Active ChattersFamous people who annoy you1   
Oct 11, 2014Active ChattersWhat was the last thing you put in your mouth?16   
Oct 11, 2014Active ChattersIt's been ages since I had a good...3   
Oct 11, 2014Active ChattersThe stupidest thing I used to believe..1   
Sep 29, 2014Active ChattersBehind bars1   
Sep 28, 2014Active ChattersWhat are 3 of your favourite things about sex?4   
Sep 26, 2014Active ChattersAs the story goes....13   
Sep 26, 2014Active ChattersTwo truths and a lie...28   
Sep 23, 2014Active ChattersFunny nicknames1   
Sep 23, 2014Active ChattersThree times when you had amazing sex...1   
Sep 16, 2014Active ChattersHelp!!!! I've been infected....3   
Sep 14, 2014Active ChattersHappy birthday sexyjackie751   
Sep 10, 2014Active ChattersAccents6   
Sep 10, 2014Active ChattersBedroom Wall1   
Sep 7, 2014Active ChattersThe first 45....2   
Sep 5, 2014Active ChattersWould you rather!!7   
Sep 3, 2014Active Chattershols5   
Sep 2, 2014Active ChattersWhat's the correct answer?3   
Aug 29, 2014Active ChattersAre there any plans for an Edinburgh meetup?3   
Aug 26, 2014Active ChattersAlpha Male.....turn on or turn off?3   
Aug 24, 2014Active ChattersAre these the stupidest sex questions ever asked?2   
Aug 24, 2014Active ChattersWhy is it so hard to say No Ta3   
Aug 23, 2014Active Chatterssink or swim?1   
Aug 22, 2014Active ChattersThings not to say after sex1   
Aug 22, 2014Active ChattersLights On, Lights Off2   
Aug 22, 2014Active ChattersHow often do you think about sex?1   
Mar 31, 2014Active ChattersPick two!!5   
Mar 31, 2014Active ChattersHello.1   
Mar 31, 2014Active ChattersWhat You Don't Want To Find In Your Bed2   
Feb 21, 2014Active ChattersYou know you're getting old when.....5   
Feb 20, 2014Active ChattersSo??? Did it happen?? Did you??3   
Feb 14, 2014Active ChattersUnanswered Questions provoked by AFF..3   
Feb 14, 2014Active ChattersWhat was the last record you bought?2   
Feb 14, 2014Active ChattersThe "What're you drinking tonight?" thread5   
Feb 13, 2014Active ChattersWhat was the first record you ever bought?3   
Feb 13, 2014Active ChattersAdvice Column5   
Feb 10, 2014Active ChattersKinky Linky Words2   
Feb 7, 2014Active ChattersMastermind: Specialised Subject... The Bleedin' Obvious1   
Feb 3, 2014Active ChattersThe Sex Was Going Great Until...1   
Feb 3, 2014Active ChattersKinky fruit1   
Jan 10, 2014Active ChattersActive Chatters Swop Shop1