WELCOME TO MY BLOG. i am a married woman, who enjoys very kinky sex with mature older men, from experience I can say, mature older men are really like wine, the older the better they taste, the best ones are those married men, that their wives wont let them do to them, the things they do to a Turkish delight in front of them, standing naked and wearing high hills. And the things they make me do to them.
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Posted:Mar 18, 2018 11:17 am
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2019 2:19 am
A Saturday after a few weeks, my father in law and I, had a very good sex encounter, he phone me to tell me that, he was going to pick me up, and take me out for dinner, I ask him, if my husband was going to be with us, he say no, he is gone for the weekend, on business, So my father in law picks me up, around 4 pm, he tells me, we are going outside town, after driving for a couple of hours, we stop in front of this building, he tells me, we are going to see, his business partner, I look at him, I tell him, you should be retire by now, you are 71 and you should be enjoying life with out working he starts laughing, telling me that he started enjoying life, the moment he met me, I ask him, how old is your partner, he tells me he is 73, he is a workaholic, and he never cheated on his wife, as far as I know, I ask him, what do you have in mind, he smiles and tells me, he is waiting for me, so we go up to his office, as we go into the office, my father in law introduce me to him, saying, this gorgeous Turkish lady, is my son's wife, I hope you don't mind, my son is out on business, and I ask her to have dinner with us, the partner, tells us to have a drink, he is not finish yet, but he wont be long, so we sit on the arm chairs drinking wine, while the partner is on the computer, while they are talking about their business, and after two glasses of wine, I move to my father in law's arm chair, he opens his legs, I sit on one of his legs, placing an arm around his shoulders, telling him, while opening my legs, that, I shaved my pussy and applied lots of cream, in the boutique before you pick me up, my father in law, starts lifting my skirt up, while I am unbuttoning my blouse, the partner, looks at us, saying, you did say, she is your son's wife, he say yes! but I am his young Turkish bitch, my blouse is off, my father in law's hand is squeezing and stroking my pussy gently, my panties on my feet, my father in law's partner, looks at us saying FUCK YOU, my father in law, says, NO! lets fuck her, the partner, goes to the mini bar, he pours a glass of wine, drinks It, he takes his cloths off, my father in law takes my skirt off, the partner takes my hand, he sits on the arm chair, I start sucking his big thick cock, slowly and gently, pushing his cock inside my mouth, my father in law opens my legs and he starts pushing his tongue inside my ass his partner, moaning with pleasure starts pumping my throat with his cum, my father in law, tells us to stop, and to go and have dinner, the night still young, after dinner, my father in law, take us to a club, which is a hostess club, the girls walking around with their panties only,the manager knows him, before we sit at the table, my father in law, tell us to have champagne at the bar, my father in law starts kissing me touching my tits and ass, his partner, starts to do the same, the partner goes to the men's room, when he comes out, my father in law is drinking, while two men are kissing me and squeezing me between their bodies, my father in law, tells him, that I took off my skirt and blouse, and now the men think, she works here, they ask her, if they could buy her a drink, I am laughing and enjoying my self, It remind me when I was with the club owner and his friends, before I started working at the boutique, after I had drinks with a few of the men, I told them, that, my date for tonight, had arrive, the tokens, I gave them to the girls working there, now I am siting at the table with my father in law and his partner, wearing only my panties, my skirt and blouse in my bag, I take the partner to dance, at the dance floor, there is only us and two more couples, I had too many drinks, an d I notice, most of the men were looking at me all the time, I started belly dancing in a very sexy and provocative way, making men very horny, the girls started encouraging me, some of the men started clapping and whistling, I was so horny, I took my panties off and through them to the men, men started to come on the dancing floor holding and dancing with me, soon they started taking me to their tables, siting naked and surround by men, touching and kissing me
, their hands all over my body, the manager, took me back to my father in law, after a while, my father in law, told the manager to call a minicab, we end up in a motel, outside town, I was so horny an d aggressive, I started undressing them, push them on the bed, holding both cocks, I started sucking both cocks, my father in law gave the blue pill to his partner, saying, that we are going to need this, after I was done sucking their cocks, I lay on the bed with my legs open, the partner face between my legs, my father's in law cock, fucking my mouth, the partner was fuckin g good eating my pussy, I had a very intensive orgasm, I remember laying on my side between them, with a leg on top of my father in law, his cock ramming my pussy and his partner's cock ramming my asshole, I was screaming with pleasure, my father in law telling me to shut up, sticking the bed sheets in my mouth, It was a fantastic night. The following Friday, my father in law, tells my husband, he is taking me to the theatre, tomorrow night, after the theatre, we had dinner, he asks me if I ever smoked, I say, I don't smoke, you know that, he tells me to get in the car, we drove back to the same town, he takes me to a very small Italian restaurant, I tell him, that is close, he knocks the door, Emilio, the restaurant owner, opens the door, he starts shaking my father in law's hand, saying, long time not seeing you, he tells us to come in, inside the restaurant, there is a lot of smoke that, smells very sweet, three Italian men are smoking when they see us, they all started shaking hands with him, my father in law in traduce me to them, telling them, that, I am his daughter in law, We sit around the table, where they were smoking, they all look very happy and cheerful, my father in law pick up a cigarette from the table and starts smoking, blowing the smoke on my face, I start coughing, they all start laughing, Emilio lights a cigarette and he gives It to me, I take a puff, my throat hurts a bit, after a few puffs, I start felling good, and friendly, Emilio lights up an other cigarette and he gives to me , I notice Emilio's eyes are looking straight at my tits, I smile at him, my father in law say something, and they all start laughing, Emilio tells my father in law that I am very beautiful girl, my father in law, tells them that, I am Turkish, Emilio tells me that, he never had a Turkish woman before, I say, maybe, tonight will be your lucky night, and I start laughing, my father in law, tells me to have an other cigarette, I get up, move around and change places with the Italian man siting beside Emilio, telling him, I will light It myself this time, after a few puffs, I start felling hot and a bit dizzy, Emilio tells me to drink some water, I ask him for a glass of wine, we are all laughing, what ever any body says, we all laugh, after my third cigarette and the glass of wine,my father in law, ask them, if they would like to see my tits, Emilio, says that if I show them my tits, he will show me his cock, lifting my arms and pulling my hair back I tell him, that, I will get naked, if you all get naked, I ask my father in law to pour me an other glass of wine, I get up, using the chair I step on top of the table, taking my dress off, my father in law gives me the glass of wine, and I drink It in one go, I am standing on top of the table wearing only my panties, I fucking love It, I am so excited, I nearly loose my balance and fall, they all hold me up, Emilio starts pulling my panties down, my father in law and the four Italians are naked around me, Emilio, puts me on my fours on the table, and starts fucking my mouth, the others they have all their hands all over my body, I lay on my back on the table, Emilio fucking my mouth, the other Italians kissing my legs and body, taking turns licking and sucking my pussy, my father in law laughing telling them, not to rush and enjoy, two of them lifts my legs up wide open, an other one, holds my hips and starts thrashing his cock inside my pussy, while Emilio is thrashing his cock down my throat, his balls hitting my lips every time he thrash his cock down my throat, I was so dizzy with the smoke and the men moving around me, taking turns with my body, using my hair to masturbate,we are all laughing, I am laughing telling them to fuck me harder, my father in law starts pinching and twisting my nipples, slapping me on the face, I grab his cock, squeezing It real hard, telling him to try harder, some how, I end up facing down on the table, with two cocks ramming my asshole, my father in law grabs my hair pulling It back, bending my back real hard, Emilio, starts slapping my tits and my face telling me that, I am a magnificent TROYA, ( WHORE ) after that, I don't remember very much, my father in law told me that, we got home around 6 am and he had to bath me, my body and hair was full of Italian cum.

Posted:Oct 2, 2017 4:28 am
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2019 2:44 am
It happened, a few weeks later, after my gang bang, with JOHN and his friends, Friday morning, before I go to work, Nick, tells me that , his parents had a fight and his father is coming to stay the weekend, and he is going to stay with his mother, so Friday night, my 77 years old father in law and I, watch TV, he took his pills and went to sleep, in the morning, before I go to work, I ask him to pick me up, so we can have dinner, and maybe go to see a movie, at around 12 he is talking to my boss, after a while, my boss, tells us, to go and have lunch, in Ton y's restaurant, while we were having lunch, a guy selling roses, approaches the table, and he asks my father in law, to buy a rose for your beautiful lady, Tony, is smiling on the back the back of my father in law, I take one and I say than k you darling, for buying me a rose, I tell him that, they thin k you are my sugar daddy, he asks me what is a sugar daddy, after I explained, he says, so they think, I am your sugar daddy, he looks a bit embarrass, after a while chatting about Nick, ( his son, my husband ) when we are leaving, he takes my hand to help me up, and them, It happened, my nipples harden and my pussy twitching, he makes me feel horny, so I hold his arm, and we walk out, I tell him, that I feel a bit dizzy, I ask him to walk around for a while, so we are walking and chatting, looking at the shop windows, I am looking at a pair of nice boots, He asks me, if I like them , I say yes!, so he says he like to buy them for me, he then said, Isn't that what sugar daddies do for their girl friends, we both start laughing, while we are buying the boots, and me lifting my dress a bit more that I needed to, asking him if they look good he says, they look very good, ( I know he is looking at my legs, so I say you really like them, he says very much, , while he is paying, I ask him, if we could have a drink, he said OK! we walk back to Hussein's hotel, we at the bar drinking champagne, Hussein comes, he says hello, and he says, so this is nick's father, he then starts saying how good girl I am, Hussein excuses himself, saying he has things to do, while we are chatting and drinking, he lays a hand on my knees from time to time, and every time he does that, I feel my pussy twitching, my nipples had been hard, since he first touched me, we leave the hotel and decide to walk a bit more, as soon as we turn the corner to the main street, my father in law takes my hand, I feel a bit dizzy again, so I hold his arm tighter, while we walking, I ask him, if you really like my legs, he looks, he says YES VERY MUCH! but I could not look at them properly, so right there in the street, I lift my dress up, while he is staring at my legs, a man tells him, that you are one lucky fellow, we both start laughing, I tell him we should go home now, as soon as we go in his car, I lift my dress up to my waist, take my panties of, open my legs, he starts stroking my legs very gently, moving his hand slowly to my pussy, as soon as he starts fingering my pussy, I start gasping with pleasure, we start kissing, his finger inside my ass, I telling to stop, I want to go home quickly, as soon as we are inside the house, I give him the pill, telling him, that tonight, is the only one he is going to need, I ask him to dance, he says, is not music, I hold him tight, saying go needs music, while we are dancing he starts kissing me, his tongue deep in my mouth , after a while I started feeling his prick growing against my boson, I look up in his eyes, WOWWWWW! I start pressing my body harder, his hands are moving down my back, he starts lifting my dress up, I lift my arms up, so he can take my dress off, he pushes me away gently, he is staring down at my body, and specially at my pubic area, he grabs my buttocks real hard, he pushes my body on his, whispering on my hear, you fucking gorgeous bitch, he tells me to go down on my knees, take his cock out and suck It, I take out and started siding my tongue all over his big cock, I could feel his cock throbbing as my tongue swirled around his cockhead, he then grab my head and pushes my head down on his cock, I can feel his cock hitting the back of my throat, going deeper an d deeper till my lips are touching his balls, I gasp in shock at his roughness, he starts moaning and pushing his balls harder on my mouth, I can feel his load going down m y throat, as soon as he finish, he pushes me on the floor, he is staring at my cunt, with his cock still hard, he lifts me up. throws me on the couch, open my legs, he starts eating my pussy, while pinching and pulling my nipples real hard, his mouth feels so good on my pussy, his tongue swirling inside my pussy, the pleasure is so intense, I start gasping for air as I having my orgasm, he does not stop eating my pussy, he keeps his tongue inside my pussy, sucking my juices, with tears of joy, I am trying to push his head away from my pussy, telling him to stop, while I am laughing and telling him, that you are killing me, when he lets my pussy go, he tells me to open a bottle of wine, I am laying on his lap, with his hard cock between my legs, he is kissing my nipples while I am drinking, his mobile rings, he tells me that he is my husband, his son, he is talking to him, while I am stroking his gorgeous cock, he them, your husband wants to talk to you, while I am talking to his son, he lifts me up a open my legs and drops me on his cock, pushing his cock all the way inside my pussy, I scream AAAAAAAH! my husband ask me , what happened, I tell him, that I fall with my legs open, and I heart myself, I tell him I am OK! now I am siting very comfortable now, my husband ask me how is his father doing, while his father is pulling me up and down on his cock, his balls slapping my clit, my tits bouncing around wildly, I am telling him that he is doing very well, and he is eating a lot, He is fucking me so hard, I start moaning and gasping with pleasure I am having an orgasm again,, his cum coming out of my pussy onto his balls, I get up kneel in front of his father, and start licking clean his cock and balls swallowing every drop of his sweet cum, my husband, is asking me if I am all right, I tell him, that I am having pain between my legs when I fall, and I think, I need to put some cream, or It will be more painful later, he tells me to do that, and he will phone me tomorrow again, my father in law, tells me to bring the cream, I am going to need It, when he fucks me in the ass, we drink some more wine for a while, we chat, he wants to take me shopping in the morning, I am striking his cock, he gets hard again, he turns me around, he very slowly starts putting cream on my ass, I am giggling with pleasure while he is putting the cream, he grabs my hips, and starts teasing me with his cock touching my asshole with his cockhead, now I am mad with desire, I am begging him to fuck me in the ass, he starts slowly, I am shaking my head, telling him to go all the way, He says OK BICH! he grabs my hips tighter and rums his cock all the way inside my ass, I start screaming with joy and pleasure, he starts slapping his balls on my ass, he starts pumping my ass full of his cum, when his done, he collapses on the couch, and tells me, to take a shower, he tells me I smell like a use condom, Sunday, we go shopping, and by 6 we were in bed enjoying each other, but in a more relaxing way, at 10 my husband phones, I am tiding his cock, foe the third time, he asks me how is my pain, I tell him that is getting worse, I tell him that every time I put cream, It hurts again, he asks me to talk to his father, I tell him to phone him on his mobile, because he is in bed resting,, as soon as I switch off my mobile, my father in law tells me to suck his cock while he is talking to his son, his mobile rings, he talks to his son for a long while. I am taking my time enjoying stroking and sucking his cock, then he says we will see you tomorrow around 10, we sleep 4 hors, we finish having sex around 5 ion the morning, My husband found up about us, after a few weeks,, we went to Paris, for an other dirty weekend,

Posted:Oct 20, 2014 4:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2018 7:14 am
My husband likes me being use by other men. it all started, when I met Said, and his Turkish friends, I knew, he love It, but we only talk about It, when David's wife, stop coming to the boutique, ( for health reasons,) and I decide to suck David's cock, and I started, delivering dresses to men staying at the hotel. ( dresses they bought for their wives.). read my BLOGS to enjoy my promiscuity with men and women.

Posted:Apr 18, 2018 1:25 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2019 4:55 am
A few weeks after I started working in the boutique, I haven't had sex with a man than 3 months, David's wife, would not let the clients take to dinner, near my house there was a kebab shop, I stop a few times for a take away kebab, that they my husband phoned me to tell me, he will be late, It was a hot sunny day, so I decide to eat at the kebab shop, I sat in the small room at the back by the big window, That I could see the garden, I pick up a Turkish newspaper, an old Turkish man serve me, when he saw me reading the newspaper, he ask me if I was Turkish, I say yes! from Istanbul, he told me, his name was Said, he was from Kayseri, from a small village near the city, when he told me the name, I laugh, saying my parents were from there too, he ask me my family name, when I told him, he started to laugh, saying he new my parents, he ask me, if he could join me after for tea, I say, you can bring the tea now, he started telling me how he came to London with 4 friends, that they knew my parents as well, he then started telling jokes about his friends, no speaking good English after so many years in this country, he started making fun of the village women, he was making me laugh a lot, he ask me if I would like a glass of rake ( very strong Turkish drink, that, we drink with water, ) after the first one, we have an other one, he took me to the garden, very nice hot evening, He kept making me laugh with his comments and jokes, He ask me if my husband was Turkish, ( he saw my wedding ring ) I told him, my husband is English, then my husband phone, he ask me if I was home, I say not, I am at the kebab shop with a friend, he tells me, he will get home later than he thought, I told him OK!, ( I realise, I did not say female or male friend,) He tells me his wife divorce him, more than ten years ago, I was on my fourth glass of rake, felling a bit to happy and comfortable, a bit horny too, ( To long with out sex with a different man, he was charming, he was making me laugh, I was having a good time, instead of being home, waiting for my husband, ) I ask him what happed, he tells me, he can not tell me, I take his hand calling him, by his name, Said, please tell me, I move my chair closer to him, letting my skirt go up, he looks at my legs, telling me his wife saw him, watching her grand daughter naked in the shower through the door key hole, I started laughing, asking him, how old was she, he tells me 16 years old, he tells me, she had very nice tits, while he starts preparing two more glasses of rake, he asks me how old am I? I tell him, 26 years old, married and right now horny, I ask him his age, he tells me he is 76 years old,i tell him he looks very good for his age, all this rake we were having, was making me hot, I tell him that is hot today, he say, a bit to hot, and he starts opening his shirt, I was a bit to drunk and to horny, I unbutton my blouse, and let him see my tits, He closes my blouse, and tells me, to come with him upstairs, to his flat, to see pictures from his village, as I stand up a bit to quick and I felt a bit dizzy, but by the time we get to the stairs, I feel ok again, he steps in front of me to go up, I tell him, ladies first, take my panties off, lifting my skirt up and start going up, with him behind saying NICE! VERY NICE!, he tells me he needs to take a shower, I tell him that I need a cold one, he tells me, there is an other shower in the other room, By the time he comes out, I am laying naked on his bed, ( KING SIZE BED ) he tells me, he is a very lucky man to have such a good looking Turkish whore on his bed, I tell him, You have a very big nice soft cock, , and I started taking pictures of him with my mobile, he takes his mobile and starts taking pictures of me, I tell him to come to me and give me a big hug and to hold me tight on your arms, he holds me very tight for a long time, pushing me up slowly, till his face is between my tits, I start playing with his hair, telling him to take his time kissing my tits and sucking my nipples, I started calling him, my sweet buyukbaba, ( GRAND FATHER IN TURKISH ) I am enjoying so much and making him so happy, I start telling him what my grand father and I Telling him, how he lick my pussy and how good I felt sucking his cock, after a while I push him away very gently, going down to suck his cock, as I start sucking his cock, he ask me, what I am going to do, I tell him, I am going to suck your cock, my husband phone, I tell him, sorry darling, hold a minute, I am talking to the waiter ( we had been talking in Turkish all the time ) In Turkish I ask him, if I am the first woman to suck your cock, he says yes! I ask my husband, if every thing is Ok, he tells me he will be very late before ha comes home, While he is talking to me I am sucking Said's cock, making very pleasing sounds, my husband tells me, It sounds like you really enjoying your kebab, I tell him, the best Turkish kebab I ever had, I put the mobile on the floor and start sucking harder taking his whole cock inside my mouth said starts gasping and moaning as I suck his cock, after a while he holds my head turns me around pressing my face down with his body, as pushing his cock inside my mouth, his balls hitting my chin every time he thrust his cock inside my mouth, more than two hours later, I am still sucking his cock, we both were enjoying so much, we could have go on all night, I start thinking, if he ever eat pussy before, when I ask him, he tells me not, he tells me, he can remember when was last time he had sex with a woman or with his wife, I sit against the headboard of the bed, open my legs, grab his head, I tell him to open his mouth and take his tongue out, I pull his face between my legs, not long he starts holding my ass pushing his face harder on my pussy, his tongue moving inside my pussy, I am so fucking horny, my pussy is the first one he enjoys and probably the only one, after we lay side ways on the bed me sucking his cock him eating my pussy, we both forget about time, while I am still sucking cock, I pick up the phone, to check the time, the phone run out of battery, It means I forgot to switch It off, and probably my husband was listening ( GOOD JO B< WE WERE TALKING TURKISH AKK THE TIME, ) I take his head off my pussy and ask him the time, he tells me 2 am, we been eating and sucking each other for more than 6 hours, It look to us like we just stated, I ask him about his friends, he tells me that, they are real Turks, they don't speak good English real rough men, what about women, two of them are married, their wives fat and ugly, the other two I don't think they ever had a woman or if they did, must be cheap ugly whores, I tell him perfect, tell them about me and what we did, today is Tuesday, on Sunday I want you and your friends here for a bit more fun. I got home around 3 am, my husband comes a bit later, while I am having a shower, he tells me, I left my phone on, he tells me he listen for a while, but you and some guy were shouting so much and the Turkish music so loud, I switch It off,

Posted:Mar 2, 2018 11:46 am
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2019 5:05 am
The title I gave this affair with the big chief, sounds a bit funny, what he did to me, It was my fault, for being to curios, ( they say, curiosity kills the cat, worst day of my life,) two weeks after the gang bang with the Greek boys and one week after the gang bang at the boutique, all the girls were back home, Sude stay with me, she told her mother, that she was taking a year off, before starting University, saying, she has lots to learn, and she wanted to travel, ( learn and travel she did, and never alone,) I was alone, the Chief walks in, I had an affair with him, 4 month after I started working at the boutique, an ordinary day, the big tall black man comes in,( At least 1.90m tall, with a big round tommy and very black ) David and his wife, they call him chief, and they knew him very, he ask them, if I was a new girl, they introduce us, telling him that I was Turkish, ( he was all the time giving me cheeky looks and winking an eye to me, I was enjoying his attention and I was smiling back,,) after a while, he was leaving, he ask David's wife, if he can take to dinner, she said to him very nicely and with a touch of amusement, she ask him, if he did not have enough with 5 wives, and that I was married to a very nice man, he said that they were all fat an ugly, not slim, young and beautiful like me, he left laughing, afterwards, David's wife, takes me in the office, she tells me about him, he is a muslin, with 5 wives, and the girl, that she used to work before me in the boutique, they believe, that girl had a one night stand with him, and after that every time the chief came in the boutique, she will go to the office and not come out, till he was gone, I was to young and stupid, so after what she told me, only make more curios, the next day, two of his wives, came to have two of the dresses he bought, to be altered, So I had to take the dresses to the work room, down the road, were our fitting room was, as I was coming back, from the work room, a young black boy, stops me, and gives me a piece of paper, saying, is from the chief, saying, he wanted to see me at the room number on the note, the rest of they day, part of me wanted badly to go the room, but I was thinking, what excuse, I was to tell my husband, for going home very late, so I phone my husband, telling him, that, I was going to be late, I have to wait, in the boutique, for the work room girls to finish altering a few dresses, for this very good client, to deliver them to her room, as soon as we close the boutique, I walk to the underground with my boss and his wife, they went to their line, I turn around and walk back to the hotel, I was very careful not to be seem going to the room, the young boy was waiting for me by the door, he open It, and told me that he is inside, waiting for you, he is siting on the side of the bed, wearing a big loose white tunic, he was drinking whisky, he told me to have one, saying, you going to need It, giving me a very morbid look, I should walk out now and then, but curiosity, is very powerful, so I started talking, he cut me off, telling me to undress, that I did like, I undress very slowly and provocative, ( That was a mistake) he started licking his lips, he was getting very excited, drinking more whisky and telling me to have an other one as well,( I hate whisky) he told me to turn around, so he could see me and enjoy the view better, after turning twice, I started feeling a bit dizzy, and a bit drunk, while I was turning, he started telling me, how beautiful I was, and he loves my naked body, I was feeling good and please that he like so much, I started showing off, touching my breast and asking him, if he like them, he say That I had gorgeous breast, he started talking about my legs, his glass was empty, I ask him, if he like more whisky, he say please, he told me to pour one for me, this time I fill the glasses up, for him and for me, while I was pouring the whisky, I was shaking my ass very slowly, making him very horny, the truth is that I was a bit to drunk and doing anything to please him, ( I did not see it coming, he was working me up,) as I was taking the whisky to him, I ask him, why you era not naked yet, He drunk his on one go, and he took his tunic off, First, I liked what I saw, big teddy bear with a very nice round tommy, very black shining skin, his pubic hair, short, curly and greyish, It took me a few moments to take the size of his cock in, I was sock and amazed to see his huge thick hard cock pointing straight at me, he started talking to me, asking me if I wanted to touch It, I turn around and pour an other whisky, he is telling me to come closer, opening his big thick legs, stroking his fantastic big cock I swallow the whisky in one go, I started moving slowly and in a very provocative way to him, making him more excited, I end up between his legs, with his cock between my legs, my pussy on top of his cock, he starts moving my body forward and backwards rubbing his cock on my pussy, I start moving my hips on his cock, my mobile rings, MY HUSBAND, I answer the mobile, nearly drunk that I am, I answer, with a very sexy,soft voice, I tell my husband, call me later, I am very busy with the chief, he asks me who is the chief, the chief starts sucking my tits with his big mouth, I moan loudly, as I say I love It, they fit perfect, in your mouth, my husband, tells me that I phone you later, you sound very busy, I drop the phone, I tell him, I want to suck your huge black cock, he tells me, NOT YET, you are my bitch now, I tell you want I want and when, he starts kissing my mouth, his tongue deep inside my mouth, he lips me up in front of him, he starts kissing my pussy, pushing his tongue deep inside my pussy, I am moaning very load, telling him, how good feels his big pink tongue rubbing the inside of my pussy, I start having a very intense orgasm, telling him not to stop and to push his tongue deeper inside my pussy, the pleasure is so much, I am yelling, saying TES! YES! harder, harder, He starts saying, I am happy, you came to my room, I am going to fuck you so hard, you will regret coming, he tells me to suck his cock, I get his big cock with my hands, telling him, It is to big, be gentle, He tells me FUCK THAT! open your mouth BITCH, he grabs my head, pushes his huge cock inside my mouth, heating the back of my mouth, squeezing the head of his cock trying to go deeper down my throat, he puts his big hand on my head, pushing harder, complaining, that my throat is to tight, and I am hurting his cock, his cock is splitting my mouth and throat, hurting me big time, he manage to reach the back of my throat, with his cock, he holds my neck, and starts squeezing, he is masturbating himself using my throat, I am looking at his eyes, he has his head backwards, screaming with pleasure as he pumps my throat with his cum, he takes his cock out, calling me useless bitch, he helps himself to an other whisky, while I am coughing his cum out, I tell him if you hurt me again, I will leave, he tells me, you know where the door is, and them he says, holding his huge cock, I am going to fuck you all the way with my 14 inches black cock, he finish his drink looks at me, and tells me WELL!, Are you leaving or staying, I say nothing, I go and pour me an other whisky, I call him, dirty, degenerated pervert, as I walk to him, he tells me, to shut up, he sits on the side of the bed, and tells me to open my legs,, I say, where is the Vaseline, he tells me he does not have any, he tells me where is the fun using Vaseline, he tells me he likes It rough and raw, It will hurt me more, he turns me around splits my legs telling me to stop complaining and, sit on It, I had to stand on the bed, so I can hold his huge cock and start driving It inside my pussy, my pussy starts stretching, my skin around my pussy, pulling my skin inwards, I start screaming again, the pain is excruciating, as his cock goes inside deeper and deeper, He is holding me up, making sure that I don't finish taking It to quick, he tells me the lower the better, It will hurt me more, he grabs my legs lift them and push the back on the side of his body, I fall forwards, he gets up pushing my legs towards his body, and pushing his cock harder inside my pussy, I tell him to fuck me faster, the pain is to much, he sits up again on the bed again, pushes me down on his cock ,I am screaming and shaking like a rag doll, he puts one hand on my mouth, telling me to shut up, an arm around my body holding my back tight against his, and falls back on the bed with his whole cock inside my pussy, I am bending backwards on his tommy, he is pulling me backwards and his huge hard cock inside me pushing me forward, I am punching the bed with my hands, on both sides of me, he is asking me If I am enjoying my self, while he is pushing his huge cock upwards deeper inside my pushy, I never feel so much pain as I was feeling that day, I wanted to kill the bastard, He starts pushing up harder, as he start pumping me up full again, telling me how much is enjoying himself with me, I tell him to let me go, he tells me not yet, he is not done, when he lets me go, I step on my mobile, then I remember, why my husband did not phoned me, the phone run out of battery, I tell him, he tells me, he probably was listening to us, NOW I really need a double whisky, I tell him, I have to go, he tells me, why! I tell him, he was listening, he tells me, what's the point, to go now, he knows, and I have not finish yet, I tell him to FUCK OFF, he laughs and tell me to relax, phone him after the mobile is a bit charge, after a while I phone him, he tells me what happened to my phone, I tell him, It run out of battery, the chief starts rubbing his cock on my ass, while I am telling him, and wont be late now, I am nearly finish, I am talking to my husband trying to find out, if he was listening, he sounds like he knows nothing, The chief lifts me up his hands on my buttocks kissing my tits, and trying to place his cock in my asshole, and start pushing his cock inside my asshole, the pain is even more excruciating, my husband asks me if I am ok! He tells me, that I sound, a bit like if I was drunk and in pain, I tell him that I twisted my ankle, and I am taking the day off tomorrow, he tells, he is going to bed, I tell him that I will be home soon, I hung up, I know he knows, the chief throws me on the bed, spreads my legs, holding my hands pressing them on the bed, since you are in a hurry, I will speed things up, he rams his huge cock inside my asshole, again, I start screaming with excruciating pain, as he enters my asshole, with out any care for me, he presses my face on the bed, telling to shut the fuck up, I am feeling my asshole opening to Its limits, my skin around my asshole is on fire, he keeps ramming his cock in and out at his leisure, every time he rams It inside my ass the pain increasing, and the fucking bastard, takes a very long time to cum, It looks to me like an eternity, he lets my ass go, telling me he is not fucking me again, ha says, that I am not good, I dress up as I am going, he tells me to take the packet by the door, I tell him, Fuck off, I don't do this for money, he laughs, telling me that is no money, and when are we doing It again, I tell him no before three months, When I got home, my husband was sleeping, I took a very hot sower, and during the night the pain in my body got worse the next day when he came back from work, he acted like nothing happen, I have to say we make love, and he was very good,( that's how I met the chief,) and now is back in my life, he told me that he open business in New York, and he is being going to New York, but now is back for a while, I told him, that I have my very young niece with me, he tells me, who is the degenerated pervert here, He tells me he never forgot that, and every time He thought of me, he had an smile on his face, I tell him, you did really hurt me, I cold not walk straight for more than a week, I told him I like to see you this weekend, He say, with your niece, I gave him a very cheeky look.

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Posted:Apr 22, 2018 11:46 am
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2018 3:21 pm
T next day, I went to see sais, I ask him, to call his friends next Saturday again, I did that for the next two weeks, all ways telling my husband, I was going to stay with my friends to plat Turkish games, after I stop seeing them, but during the following weeks, I use to go for a kebab, one day after sex, Said and I were laying in bed, I told him that, my fantasy was to do belly dancing for men, he tells me that, his back room is to small, the following day, he calls me, to tell me to come on Saturday to meet a friend of his, on Saturday, I meet his friend, we have something to eat, his friend tells me that, Said told him, I wanted to do belly dancing, and he maybe able to help me, smiling I tell Said to bring rake, ice and water, after a few rakes, he tells me that he has a private coffee room, only for Turkish men, he asks me how good I am at belly dancing, I hold his hand, telling, Said that, I need his flat, to saw this gentleman, how I belly dance, in the flat, I tell him to sit down, I play, Turkish music, I start belly dancing, in a very provocative and sexy way, he tells me that, I am very good, I tell him, he gets better, and slowly undress my self while dancing, for the next ten minutes, I am belly dancing naked, shaking my hips and tits and winking at him, getting closer to him, till my pussy is in front of his face, he is dazed looking at my tits and pussy, I grab his face and pulled It on my pussy, he grabs my ass, and starts licking my pussy, ( not very good, ) I let him take his time, Before I kneel and start taking his trousers and underwear off, after an hour or so, the old man and I come down, I tell Said, after two Saturdays, I am belly dancing for a few of his friends, ( he told me all about his private coffee room, just for his friends, they play backgammon and drink Turkish coffee and tea, and they are all retired men. ) that night, I could not sleep, thinking what dress will I wear, I looked to every dress I have, I went to john lewis, I could not find anything, then, I saw my weeding dress, I remove the underlining and now was a see through dress, back to John lewis to buy gold beads, which I stich all around my waist, I took It to Said, to ask for his opinion, I wore the dress, he ask me, what dress, I can see every thing, we both started laughing, I ask Said to come with me, he tells me, he better, because these men are very rough, ( ex waiters, and ex chefs that worked in Turkish kebab shops ) I ask Said, are you trying to get me more excited, Friday night, I tell my husband I will be late tomorrow, I am going to a Turkish weeding, ) I tell him to phone me often, Saturday after work, go home, pick up the dress, go to Said, we get there, Serkan is waiting for us, he takes me through the back into a small kitchen, telling me that, there are more than 12 men inside, I ask him, if they been drinking, he say Yes, and they are paying for It, he tells me to be good to them, and not to disappoint them, said says he is going to dim the lights, Serkan to tell them that I am here, before Said goes he gives me a glass full of rake, telling me that,I am going to need It, When Said dims the lights all the way down, the start wishtling and shouting, when the lights go up, ( I can see is a very big room, with tables at the back, ) with the music very loud, I start belly dancing, they all get quite, watching me, looking very excited and please, when the song stops, they start getting up and throwing money on the floor at my feet, offering me more rake, I start feeling enthusiastic and very happy, I tell Said to keep the music going non stop, by the end of the second song my body is sweating and I am feeling a bit drunk I start dancing between the tables, ( they can see my naked body under my see through dress, ) by now they are a bit drunk lime me, some of them, start touching their private parts as I dance in front of them, soon they start lifting my dress, and I start feeling hands all over my body, witch makes me very horny, Said comes with my mobile, telling me that is my husband, I answer the phone, laughing, telling him that I am sawing my friends how to belly dance, I am laughing, because one of them, is taking my dress off, and as I am talking to my husband, he grabs my tits from behind kissing me on the neck, telling me how beautiful I and, his cock pressing hard on my ass, ( every body is talking in Turkish, ) two more take their cocks out, and they start rubbing them on my body, ( I tell Said to take my phone and hold It to my ear, I kneel down and start pulling their trousers down, telling my husband, they like my belly dancing so much that, they are throwing money at my feet, soon I have lots of cocks on my face, and I am so fucking horny, I started making loud sucking noises , I am eating Turkish weeding cake and is so good and tasty, I am sucking my fingers, he ask me how my friends are doing, they are very happy and we just started, I tell him, phone me later, they are all asking me to dance more and have more cake, they put two tables together, lay me on my back, and just let my self go, I decide to let them do what ever they wanted, I was the only one naked, they all have their cocks out, said, gave me an other glass of rake, they treated me like a sex toy, most of them they lick my pussy, all night I felt having two orgasms, they fuck me in the ass, no less than two at the time, I felt my throat swelling all night, my husband, phones me again, Said, answers the mobile and holds It to my ear, my husband starts asking me, how is the party going, I am UMMM! UMMMMMMMMM! with my mouth full with two cocks, Said tells them, to take their cocks out off my mouth, saying that, her husband, wants to talk to her, My husband, asks me what am I eating, I tell him I am eating MATURE TIRKISH SUJUK, and It tastes fantastic, ( MY HUSBAND KNOWS, WHAT SUJUK IS,) I ask him, what time is IT, he tells me 4r o'clock in the morning, I tell him, I think, they all have enough, they will be finish soon, I got home around 7 am, nearly drunk, weak and very tired, he took me to the shower, I told him, to make some coffee, I did not want him to wash my body, Is was very sticky with cum, cum still going down my legs, I put the weeding dress, my blouse and my trousers in the washing machine, after good 40 minutes, felling much better but still a bit to drunk, he started asking me questions about the weeding cake, and how mature the sujuk was, I told him, I was sorry, I could not bring some for him, I told him that, It was very mature and tasty, He took me to bed, I notice, his pussy licking and love making was improving a lot, ( maybe he thought I was having sex with one man,he could never Imagine that, I was gang bang by so many men ) I kept belly dancing for the men every 3 or 4 weeks, depending on how horny I was felling, till David and I started working alone in the boutique.

Posted:Mar 6, 2018 9:38 am
Last Updated:Oct 29, 2018 2:47 pm
The next Monday, after the Greek boys, I took, Esra and Sude to the boutique, they went shopping, I open the boutique, an hour later David arrived at the boutique, , around 12,30 pm, Esra and David, were vey happy to see each other again David,, look at me asking, who is this beautiful young lady, while they were shaking hands, I told him, Sude, Esra's daughter, David, with a very nice smile, tells Sude. I hope I can get to know you, as intimate as I did your mother, sude, tells him, I did not know, you knew my mother, looking at her mother, with a surprise look, ( Sude did no know about David and her mother, ), a client came in , I tell them to go to the office, and let me work, after nearly an hour after, with the client gone, I open the office door, the 3 of them are naked, they all moaning, David siting on the couch, Esra kneeling and sucking his cock, Sude standing on the couch, holding David's head and rubbing her pussy on his face, I watch them for a few minutes, before I close the door, (they did not notice me ) after a while, I open the door again, Sude, siting with her back on David's chest, ,David's cock, inside my niece asshole, her mother holding her legs wide open, with her tongue inside her daughter's pussy, this time David and my niece, they both see me, my niece smiles at me, David blows me a kiss, with a very happy face, I close the door, A couple comes in, I spend nearly an hour with them, After the couple left, I open the door again, mother and daughter on the floor, my niece with her arms between her mother's legs, pushing them apart, while she is sucking her mother's pussy, David ramming his cock inside my niece pussy, as I am about to close the door, my niece starts moaning lauder, she is having an orgasm, David keeps ramming her till she collapses beside her mother, as David's cock comes out of my niece pussy, he drops on top of the mother, he starts sucking her pussy, Esra grabs his cock and she starts sucking his cock, they role over, on their side, they both start moaning, I close the door, around 5.30 pm, they come out of the office, all dress up, like nothing happened, as soon as we close the boutique, Hussein comes in, I introduce my niece to him, he tells us to have dinner with him, during dinner, I tell them about Seray and gull, ( they both have sex with Seray, but they don't know Gull, I tell David and Hussein, that they are all leaving next week, Hussein ask David, if we could have a good bye party in the boutique office next Sunday, David looks at me, I tell him, is going to be to much work to empty the office and move every thing to the front and, Hussein, cuts me saying he will take care of every thing, I say Ok! after dinner Hussein wanted to take us to the office, I told him, that we were very tired and we needed to sleep, Sunday, we arrived at the boutique around 5 pm, the office is empty, music playing, there are 3 big couches and two armchairs, and the big office table in the middle of the office, every wall is cover with them, we are all wearing our short nighties only and high hills, first David arrives then, Hussein with two Iraqi friends, then, Tony, the Italian restaurant owner, with 3 Italian friends, then, Patel with 3 Pakistani friends (this Patel, is a real pervert, ) we are 12 of us, we are all talking and drinking champagne, looking at each other, ( They a bit slow, It was because of the 8 mem, that they did know us, ) after a few drinks the men start holding our arms as they talk to us, every body is waiting to make the first move, the door opens, my husband and my father in law walk in, and every thing starts moving very fast, my husband introduces himself to the new men, he takes my hand, and he helps me up on the office table, I drink my glass in one gulp, and start dancing very slowly and sexy, lifting my nightie up, all the men can see my butt and my shaved pussy, Sude my niece follows, we start dancing very close and start kissing and touching each other my father in law gets naked, and starts pulling Esra, Seray and gull on the table, we are all dancing ( in Turkish we want to get fuck, ) lifting our nighties,, bending, exposing our asses to them, I start feeling hands all over my legs and ass, some one is fingering my pussy, when I look down, Patel and his friends are all around me, naked and with their cocks hard, Hussein and his friends pick Sude up and they take her to a couch, Sude is shouting as she disappears under them, I can only see her legs sticking out between the men, The Italians grab Seray, Seray holding two Italian cocks one on each hand, while Tony is trying to fuck her in the ass, Gull, is on her back on the table David, holding her legs up very tight while ramming his cock inside her my husband siting on one armchair with Esra ben sucking his cock, while my father in law is fucking her asshole, I end up, lying across the table with my head down on one side, a Pakistani thrashing his cock in and down my throat, my legs dangling in the other side, Patel between my legs pushing a bottle of champagne inside my pussy and drinking from It, then, he start pouring and drinking champagne off my pussy, his two other friends doing the same, now Patel is squeezing my pussy sides together, and he starts fucking my pussy with his tongue, I am stroking, the other two Pakistani cocks, while they are sucking my tits and nipples, the music is very loud, all the girls are screaming with pleasure, men grunting and moaning, I was nearly 4 hours being use and fuck by the Pakistanis, every man took turns with all the girls, Patel, and his friends will not let any one else touch me, by the time my husband called a day, our bodies were again wet with sweat, full with purple marks, dripping with cum,

Posted:Oct 10, 2017 7:17 am
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When I was twenty, I met a lady in Ibiza, when she came back to this country, I came with her, she tool me into her house, after a month, I met m y future husband, while I was going out with, I decide to find a job, I fond one in a club as a clock room attendant, I was very happy and the money was very good, my first day, I saw that It was a hostesses club, after a couple of months, the girls and the staff, were so nice to me, that I felt happy, I became very friendly with the staff, I started to go out for a drink with them, after work, we use to go to this private bar, that It open at around 4 am, only for the people working in the catering business, one night the club manager, he told us that we were going to his flat for a drink, so there I was with 7 boys, 2 mature men and 5 young waiters, I started dancing with them, they started turning naughty, I had a few drinks, when I was dancing with the manager, he started pulling my dress up. while kissing me on my neck, I started kissing him on the mouth, I was so into his mouth, that I did not notice, one of them was taking my panties down, soon I was on my knees, sucking cocks, my mouth dripping with their cum, they wanted more, but i told them, that I have to go home to my boy friend, I did go a few more time with the boys, till one day, I went to work and an other girl was doing my job, the manager told me that, the club owner, wanted to see me in his office, I went to the owner's office, when I came in a very good looking, well groom man, got up, he took my hand and asked me to sit down, he ask me where I was from, he asked me lots of questions, he make me feel relax, soon the questions, became of the private nature, I ended up telling him, about my boy friend, I was very surprise, and I could not believe when I told him, that I was a virgin, I even told him, about my grand father, my uncle and the 3 other men in my life, he then told me that he was going to offer me a job as hostess, but he asked me to have dinner with him, during dinner, he started asking things about my life, all the time I was wondering, why this man was being so nice to me, after dinner he told the manager to take a bottle of champagne to his office, after he took my hand and took me to his office, he told the manager, no matter who! he is not here, as soon as he close the office door, he sat down on the couch, he told me to stand in front of him, and lift my dress up, very slowly, I lifted my dress up, I did not stop till my dress was off, the front of his trousers were getting very big,, I had a few drinks and I was really excited to be there, in his office with him, he asked me to take my panties off and sit on his lap, he ask me to tell him about my grand father, my uncle, he wanted details, as I was telling him about my grand father and uncle I unzipped his trousers took his big cock out, we were both enjoying the moment very much, me telling him, about my grand father and uncle, he asked me how It happen, I started whispering in his ear, if he wanted me to saw him, how I suck their cocks, he was so excited, he grab my head and started shouting and calling me fucking Turkish whore,, to saw him how I sucked their cocks, I started kissing and sucking his cock head, sliding my wet tongue up and down his big cock, slowly I started pushing my head down till his whole cock was deep inside my throat, then I started squeezing his cock with my throat, till I felt his hot cum going down my throat, I kept his cock inside my throat Till I was sure, I swallow every drop of his cum, he then grab my hips pull me up, my pussy to his mouth, holding my waist, with his head between my legs, he started licking my pussy, his tongue inside my pussy sucking my sweet juices, He was doing such a good job, I started screaming with pleasure, telling him not to stop, It was the first time, I had such an intense orgasm, I gave him a glass of champagne, he told me Nural, tonight you not leaving this office a virgin, I said to him, |I hope no, I started opening my legs an d going down on his big cock, he told me to relax, and It will be less painful, slowly very slowly his big cock is going inside my tight pussy, as I let my body slide down on his cock, I feel my pussy walls opening and stretching, he is holding my back while kissing my nipples, I can feel his hands going up on my shoulders, He looks at my face, he smiles, and pushes me down on his cock, the sock and pain, is so intense, that for a moment, I look at him, not believing what he just did, I started screaming and slapping his face and chest, calling him fucking bastard, he now holds me tighter, and starts pulling me up and down on his big cock, I put my hands around his shoulders, holding him tighter telling him to stop, he asks me, if I really want him to stop, I tell him, you hurt me, and still hurting me, but do not stop, It feels so good and smooth with all the red stuff of my virginity, inside me, I tell him I want to keep his cock inside me for a long time, Both of us had two orgasms by the time I stand up.my legs give away and I have to sit down, my pussy and legs are sticky with my red stuff and his cum, his cock, balls and lap are red with my juices and his cum, his pubic hair is stuck to his skin, I start stroking his cock again, , he puts me on the carpet me on top of him his cock in my mouth my pussy in his mouth, we start licking and swallowing each others juices, we leave the club, he takes me to his flat, we spend the next 3 days in his flat, after 4 weeks he starts introducing me to his best punters and mates, for the next for months, I worked for him as his lover and his best hostess.

Posted:Sep 26, 2017 5:31 am
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I was in my very early teens, when I had my first sexual experience, with my grandfather, which I enjoy very much, After I was married, I stared working in a small boutique, run by Jewish couple, for a year, while I was working in the boutique, I had lots of offers to have dinner with most of our clients, but , I all ways refuse because of David's wife, she was very strict, in let me go out with our clients, but after a year she stop coming to the shop, and David the husband, and I were the only ones working there, when, Paul, John, Tony, Patel, started coming very often to have coffee, they use to say, that they were coming, mainly to look at my gorgeous legs, ( While David's wife was there, I had to wear trousers all the time ) I was still coming to work, wearing trousers, but in the shop I would wear short dresses or a blouse and short skirt, ( I did not wanted, my husband to notice the change ) one Saturday two weeks later, we had to do the stock, so we close the shop at 3 pm, That day I was wearing a short dress,, while we were counting the stock, I notice, David's eyes were on my legs and back side all the time, around 7 pm, we were nearly finish, we were close to each other, looking at the book, when I told him, that It was hot, I unbutton the top of my dress, so David could see my tits, we carry on looking at the book, when I star feeling his hand touching my back side, I looked at him, and I smile, after he saw me smiling, he started touching my back side, while looking at my tits, telling me that , I have a very nice ass, and gorgeous tits, I turn around, opening my blouse, asking him, if he would like to touch and kiss them, David, hold my head and started kissing me with real passion, while he was sliding his hand inside my panties, and fingering my pussy, after he undress me while kissing me and having his hands all over my body, he gently push me down on my knees, I started kissing and sucking his nice big erected manhood, my mobile started ringing, I tell David, that is my husband, I started talking to my husband, while I was sucking , I told my husband , I am going to put you on speaker, I have my hands busy, I tell him to say hello to David, while I finish with what I had in my hands, while they are talking, David can hold It, and he start pumping my mouth with his semen, when I finish swallowing all his semen, I pick up the phone, I tell my husband, sorry, I was eating a big banana, and you know, I don't like talking with my mouth full, he tells me that, he sounded funny, I tell him that, he is 67 years old he was trying to lift a box full of papers, I tell my husband, I am going to lay down for a while, so I am laying down on the table with my legs wide open, David moves the office chair closer to the table, grabs my legs, pushes them wide open, and starts kissing and licking my pussy, David made a lot of noise moving the chair, my husbands ask me, what was that noise, I tell him, It was David moving the chair, and now he is sitting down , I tell him, he is eating something g that looks delicious, and he has no spoon, so he is being very messy, I tell him, we will finish around 9 pm, I ask him, to come to pick me up, I say ,I see you later, David is doing a very good job on my pussy, I had a long and very nice orgasm, David, tells me to bend on the table and open my legs, opens my legs and enters me in my ass and starts pushing his manhood in and out real hard, I like What is happening , David is getting confident and aggressive, He takes his manhood out of my ass, grabs my head, and he pushes his manhood, down my throat, He tells me to lay down on the floor and open my legs, he lays on my back, he enters me again in ass, and he is going wild, entering me harder and harder, he tells me, he is enjoying very much, he tells me, he can remember, when It was the last time, he had so much pleasure and fun, after he finish, I phone my husband, to tell him, to come 11pm, while I am sucking his manhood, with real pleasure, by 11pm We had a fantastic working day,

Posted:Nov 22, 2018 8:26 am
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It happen after a few weeks I send my husband to his mummy, I just close the boutique and I decide to relax and have a glass of champagne at the hotel bar, as I was leaving, some one call my name, I turn around and there he was, the old Nigerian man that he wanted me to have dinner with him when I just started to work for David and his wife, I was very surprise and excited to see him again after such a long time, he tried to sake my hand, I just gave him a big hug and kiss him on the cheeks telling him, you haven't change much, he ask me ! were was I going, I told him, I was going home to have dinner, he ask me to have dinner with him, I grab his arm saying, It will be my pleasure to have dinner with you, after dinner he tells me he will be coming to the boutique tomorrow to buy some dresses for his wife, I tell him, I can open the boutique for you now if you like, in the boutique he tells me, I am not here to buy dresses am I ? and we both start undressing, as soon as we are both naked he lifts me up pressing my naked body against his and we start kissing, his big black cock between my legs, we can't stop kissing his tongue playing inside my mouth and his hands squeezing my ass, he takes me to the changing room, is very small and tight for the both of us, pressing me against the wall, he lifts one my legs and rams his big black cock deep inside my pussy and he start fucking me very hard against the wall, I LOVE IT when we both started having an orgasm, I started screaming with pleasure telling him to fuck me harder which he did saying, he is been dreaming fucking me in the boutique for a long time, we end up in the office, he sitting on the couch me kneeling sucking his beautiful black cock, I took a long time sucking his cock very slowly to make him last before he explode his sweet cum deep down my throat, after a while I was on the office table facing the big mirror seeing his face while he was fucking my asshole and pussy, I was in PARADISE watching his face and his big black hands holding and squeezing my hips and ass while he was ramming his cock inside my asshole and pussy, It took him a long time to pump my asshole with his sweet cum, I did have two orgasms while he was busy fucking me, around 4 am we went to his room for more, I went to his room for the 3 days before he left for New York.

Posted:Nov 10, 2018 4:30 pm
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It all started with my grand father, then I met Mr Altan, he use to pick up his daughter from school, his daughter and I were friends and most weekends from Friday I will stay with her in her house, his father was never around in the evenings, every Sunday after noon he use to take me home in his car, one Sunday, I ask him, your daughter tells me, you are a business man, he tells me, he owns a restaurant, asking me if I would like to have dinner with him next Friday, I said YES! a bit to quick, laughing and with his hand in my leg, ( first time I had the feeling, telling me anything he wants) he notice I like his hand on my leg and he started squeezing gently and driving his hand under my s mini skirt, rubbing a finger on my knickers, I was enjoying his finger so much, looking in his eyes I open my skinny legs, he stop the car and sliding his hand under my knickers started fingering my pussy, telling me I will pick you up next Friday, I realise we were park in my road in front of my house, the next Friday when he pick me up and once I was inside the car, I took his hand and placed It in my skinny tight pussy, ( I was not wearing knickers ) telling him, I had been looking forward to have dinner with tonight, giving my pussy a nice gentle squeeze, he told me to behave and wait for tonight, the restaurant was a restaurant night club with belly dancing, I realise he was a serious and respected man, he introduce me to a lot of mature men, in the night he took me to a hotel and we both enjoyed very much, he told me he will respect my pussy virginity but my tight skinny ass is going to make him good business, the next other weekends he make me a very good cock sucker and told me how to behave with men, Pussy power and men will do anything to get between my legs, telling me he will make sure my virginity will be respected, ( I believe him, I found out how tough he could be ) after a few weekends I was every other weekend entertaining mature men at his club, I learn the rules, we had rooms at the back, if a man put 250 lira in my breast, he was to play and lick my pussy, 500 lira in my mouth blow job, 10.000 lira I was to go to a hotel, I was a very busy girl, Mr Altan was very happy with me, ( He bought me a fur coat, It was rabbit, but to me was a fur coat,) for nearly two years I worked for him, them I left to Ibiza, MYSISTER MERAL, a very unhappy woman with her pig of a husband, she new he was having an affair with a Rumanian woman, so when she came to see me and I introduce her to my friends at the boutique, I did not take much to turn her into a sex maniac, SERAY MY NICE AND MERAL'S DAUGHTER, she had a few young boy friends, but she really embrace her new life style, when she met, John the Nigerian man, MY SISTER IN LAW, married to my brother, my brother cheated on her, she was very upset and really hurt my brother was fucking a younger woman, she now is a bitch and a big whore, SUDE MT NICE AND ESRA'S DAUGHTER, very sweet girl and very naughty she does not talk much, but she is very active, ALL I DID PROVIDE THE MEANS AND CREATED THE SITUATION, LIFE IS HARD, ONLY IF YOU MAKE IT, SEX THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING HUMAN BEINGS CAN MAKE, GANG BANGS ARE MUCH BETTER.

Posted:Nov 2, 2018 10:09 am
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The problem with my husband only got worse, so after a few days, I decide to send him packing to his mother, I was so angry and pissed off, in the evening I went to the kebab house to have dinner with Said, when we were having dinner, he asked me, if everything was ok, I started crying, telling him about my husband, he hold me in his arms, telling me, my husband was a moron and I should be happy to be rid off him, I started to smile, telling him, he was wright and thanking him for being such a good friend, I asked him to hold me in his arms, while we were holding each other, Said's hands end up squeezing my ass and whispering in my ear, to suck his cock to celebrate my new life as a single woman, I told him, It will be my pleasure to suck his cock all night long, he takes me to his flat on top the kebab house, while we are both naked, his cock in my mouth, his mouth in my pussy, my husband phones me, saying he is sorry, asking me if he can come back, I tell him, Right now I sucking Said's cock, to celebrate being a single woman again, telling him, I will call him if I decide to take him back, Said ask me if I going to take him back, I said, Fuck him and FUCK ME HARD, after a night of very good sex and before I go, I ask him to call the boys for tonight, telling him to call as many as he likes, around 2 pm that night, he is waiting for me, (The kebab shop is close ) before he takes me upstairs to his flat, we have a few glasses of RAKI I ask him, how many? he tells me there 13 Turkish men drinking RAKI, you will not be disappointed, before I go in the flat I take my cloths off and I walk in naked with open arms and wearing my high hills, telling them, I LOVE TURKISH MEN WITH HARD COCKS, after that, I did not stop sucking Turkish cocks for a long time, swallowing every drop of their cum, after that Said took me to the bedroom, throws me on the bed, opening my legs starts eating my pussy, telling them to fuck my mouth while they wait their turn to enjoy eating my pussy, after every one had his turn at eating my pussy, ( FUCK THEY WERE GOOD, I HAD 5 VERY INTENSE ORGASM ) Said turns me face down on the bed and he starts fucking me in the ass, telling them, this Turkish whore likes It in the ass, take your time with her ass, I was not surprise when they started turning me around and having cocks in my mouth, ass and pussy, ( WICH I ENJOY VER MUCH, HAVING 3 MORE ORGASM ) I woke up late in the afternoon with Said beside me and a big headache, the next few days I kept my self busy entertaining Irina's associates and business partners, a few days later, my father in law comes to see me, I open the door with my see throw nighty, I started crying throwing my self in his arms, saying, how happy was to see him, he ask me why was I crying, I told him, I was crying of happiness to see you, he ask me , if I was going to take his son back, I told him NO! He said! good! my son is a fucking Idiot, He tells me, I look better and very sexy with my nighty, I tell him to take out to dinner, after dinner, we walking home, me holding his arm, once in the house, he tells me he loves me very much, I tell him, I love you very much too, we started kissing taking him to the bedroom, undressing him, him undressing me, in bed we started kissing again, with my leg on top his body, he ask me to marry him, I smile, saying I thought you never ask!YES! I will be very happy to marry you, going down on his cock and started sucking his cock, After lying in bed holding each other, I started crying again, saying how happy I going to be with you, he ask me, how is It you enjoy so much being with mature men, I tell him, It was my grand father, I love him very much, he was very nice to me, mature men they enjoy very much being with me, I was very lucky to have my grand father as my first lover, he open my eyes about mature men, how much they appreciate a young woman sucking their cocks, my husband to be, asks me, if he is still alive! I say, YES! and I would like him to have all of me, he always respected my virginity, I say, he is to now, I say, he must be over 80 , my husband to be, he yells me, we could bring him to stay with us for a couple of weeks, he tells he will take care of It, the next day, I phone my sister, telling her, about grand father, she tells me nobody knows how is he, after 4 weeks, my grand father and my sister are home, my grand father looks very good for his age, after I tell my sister all about my husband and my husband to be, laughing she tells me, she hates me for being such a lucky woman, after dinner I gave him the pill, my grand father and I we take a shower together, in bed we start kissing each other, he is telling me how much he missed me, slowly I start stroking his hard cock, taking his whole big cock inside my mouth, while I sucking his cock, he tells me, how much better job I doing now, I taking my time with his cock in my mouth before I slide my pussy down on his cock, he starts moaning with pleasure, grabbing my tits and pulling me down to kiss me in the mouth, while he is pumping his cum inside my pussy, when he is done, with his cock still hard, he tells me to lay with my back to him, holding my tits he rams his hard cock inside my ass, telling me, he remembers the first time he fuck me in the ass, saying my ass was much tighter those days, two days later my husband to be comes home with an 8 inches dildo, telling my sister to wear It on and fuck me with It, my sister looks at me them looks to our grand father, saying, she needs a few drinks, my grand father and my father in law start shouting at her, ( IN ENGLISH AND IN TURKISH ) to get on with It, I start undressing my sister and help her to wear It on, after I am down on my fours my sister starts slowly pushing It inside my ass, soon she hold my hips and starts thrashing the dildo in and out off my ass, calling me fucking whore, shouting you really like It In the ass, my husband to be stands in front of me fucking me in the mouth, our grand father grabs my sister, his grand daughter's head telling her how much he wanted to do that to her, while fucking her mouth, for the next few days till our grand father went back to Turkey, my sister and I make him a very happy grad father.
Posted:Aug 25, 2018 11:33 am
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2018 3:29 pm
After a week, my husband was still very upset with me for having sex with Jeff and his friends, I was fuming, I decide to let him know that I was the one to decide who I fuck when and where, not him, I phone my sister Meral to come to London for two weeks, explaining to her what I was going to do, after a week my husband was very happy to see my sister, they spend the next two days sleeping together, Saturday we have dinner at home after dinner around 11pm my sister and I we started to play while he was watching us, slowly we started to tie him to the armchair, He looked very excited and please, I put my panties in his mouth and tie It with a cloth around his head, I told him, we were to get ready and we will be back in a few minutes, we let him there tie to the armchair well over 10 minutes, Meral and I came back naked, wearing high hills and them Jeff came in the room smiling with his big thick cock hanging out of his trousers, telling my husband, he was going to fuck me and my sister, and he is going to let him watch, my husband look at me with fire in his eyes, I just turn around grab Jeff's cock, stroking his cock very gently while we were kissing each other in the mouth, moaning with pleasure telling Jeff, how much I enjoy last time with him and his friends, Meral starts undressing Jeff, Jeff naked standing in the room Meral and I sucking his cock, Jeff telling my husband how good we are at sucking his cock,my husband is very quiet, just looking and not moving, Meral and I we push Jeff down on the coach, Meral sucking his cock, I standing in front of him his head between my legs, I opening my pussy lips for Jeff to lick and suck my pussy, Jeff moaning very loud as his tongue goes inside ,y pussy, I shouting with pleasure, saying how good It feels his tongue inside my pussy, I hold Jeff's hands moaning with pleasure, I start having an orgasm, Jeff starts moaning, he is pumping Meral's mouth full with his cum, Jeff's is holding me very tight pushing my pussy very hard on his mouth, his tongue still inside my pussy, Meral grabs my head and stars kissing me in the mouth, unloading Jeff's hot cum inside my mouth, my husband's is moaning, his cock is hard and throbbing, I grab his cock, I start stroking his cock very gently, asking him, if he is enjoying, before he can say anything, I squeeze and twist his cock real hard, making him to jump with pain, I tell him to keep watching, Jeff and Meral are laughing,, Meral and I bending on the coach with our legs wide open, Jeff asking my husband, who he should fuck first, he starts ramming his cock inside Meral's pussy and them in my pussy, Taking turns on each of us, ramming his cock so hard, our bodies keep jumping forwards every time he rams his cock inside our pussies, Meral starts screaming and moaning, having an orgasm, Jeff grabs her hips tighter fucking her harder, Meral screaming HARDER, HARDER, Meral collapses on the coach well satisfy, Jeff grabs my hair takes his cock out of Meral's pussy and rams his cock inside my mouth and down my throat unloading his hot cum and asking my husband, if he is enjoying the show, I go to my husband, take my panties off his mouth, I start kissing him and dumping Jeff's cum on his mouth and face, while I am doing that, Jeff rams his cock inside my ass lifting me up, opening my legs Tells Meral to eat my pussy, Jeff grabs Meral's head and hits the wall, Meral holding my tighs, moaning with pleasure,sucking my Pussy her teeth biting my clit very gently, Jeff pushing his cock very hard inside my asshole, I Grab Meral's head, pressing her head harder on my pussy, Shouting to Jeff to fuck me harder, my body starting to shake, gasping for air, I am having such an intense orgasm, Jeff wont stop ramming his cock inside my ass, Meral wont let my pussy go, they keep going for a while, Jeff let me down on the coach after they realise, I was completely exhausted, With my eyes half open, I see Meral jumping on Jeff, Jeff lifting her and dropping her on his cock, Meral started screaming, I open my eyes, Meral is holding Jeff very tight and shouting HARDER, HARDER, Jeff is banging Meral against the wall they both are screaming and having an orgasm, after Jeff left, Meral and I started sucking riding my husbands cock, making him cum twice, around 4 am we went to bed, leaving my husband on the armchair,


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