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just a start..
Posted:Feb 24, 2019 6:46 pm
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2019 3:21 pm

I want to see comment on this story I plan to finish it late but want to see what you guys have in mind. For this scene.
When you're tired you don't always take stock of what's around you. So I never thought anything of the red leather cuffs or rope hanging on the side of the bed. You had some work to do in your office, so I took a hot shower. I came in gave you a kiss told you I was going to lay on the bed and read. I woke up to fine my self in the middle of the bed. Cuffs on my wrists above my head tied to the head board.

Okay now what comes next let me hear your ideas.
Posted:Jan 21, 2019 10:15 pm
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2019 6:54 am
I hope you liked this... leave me some good comments Please.

You knock on my door. I answer in a tight emerald green teddy and thin robe. You have a couple packages for me. The UPS guy got the wrong house again. I smile at you I've always had a crush on you. I ask you to come in. You do humm I ask if you'd mind taking the packages into the bed room for me. You give a warm smile and follow me to the bedroom. "Where would you like me to place your packages?" you ask me. I ask you to put them on the bed. "Would you liked to help me opening them?" You sit on them bed with me opening the four boxes. With some fun toys in them. Vibrators a rabbit, 5" more traditional one, a small vibrating butt plug, some flavored lubes and batteries. "Would you like to help me test my new toys?" You think for a minute and give me a warm wick smile. You've always thought I was sexy. You pull me close to you and kiss me softly. So what sure we with first????
First you to caught up to me, so you take you jeans and shirt off. You come back to bed and lay me back on the bed. We start to kiss and explore each other. You strong hands slide over the soft silk teddy, gently squeezing my breast. Making my nipples stand out hard, you tease them with you finger tips. Before sliding your hand down between my legs. You smile then kiss me as you finger tip touch the wet silk panties. You like that, don't you....
You slowly side your fingers under my panties. You know we may not the lube. I asked you to stop, so we can undress. Now naked we can have more fun. You tell me to lay down on bed and be a good . So I lay down, spreading my legs for you. My shaved wet pussy ready for you. Laying down next to me. You place a drop of the cherry favored lube to my left nipple you chose the white vibrator to start with turning it on low you start teasing my nipples with it. Your warm wet tongue starts to tease my right nipple then you mouth closes around it. I purr softly for you. Then you switch and take my left nipple between your lips. You stop sucking my breasts and start moving the toy down my body resting it on my lips. I reach down I wrap my soft warm hand around your hard cock. Stroking you as you gently move the toy over my wet lips slowly teasing me. You start to spread my lips and see that dripping wet. You turn the vibrator up and tease my clit. I stroke you faster as I start to wiggle around. You smile as I squirt all over your hand. You tell me stop and to get on all fours. Like a good I do as told. I get on all fours my dripping wet pussy ready for you to use as you please. You choose the butt plug next. You rub it in my juices making it nice and wet then slide it up and down my ass. You decide to use a little lube. Slowly push it into me gently working it in and out. Before pushing it all the way in, you turn it on low. Before slide into my wet tight pussy. humm you feel my tight pussy hug you cock tight. Slowly we move to together. Each time you thrust into me you seem to push the plug in deeper. Humm it feel so good, you turn it up a little. As you start to pound me harder.... I can't help but start to cum. My pussy grips you ever tight trying to milk you hard cock...One more good thrust and you cum hard for me. We clean up before moving on. Now we're laying on the bed side by side in the 69 postion. I start first by gently tease your cock and balls with my tongue. Before I taking the head of you cock into my mouth you moan softly, slowly I take more of it into my hot wet mouth. I start getting wet I feel you rub the tip of the rabbit up and down my wet pussy lip. My tongue dancing around your cock, I gentle rub your balls. I listen your soft moans, grow louder. You slip the toy into me and turn in on low. one of your hands bushes my hair telling me to keep that rhythm. You match my the rhythm with the toy. I purr softly for you causing a slight vibration around you cock. I know your close I can feel your balls tighten and your moans are getting louder. I keep my rhythm, so do you. We explode together. Swallowing every drop, licking the tip clean. Or we could do this....
You don't want to want into my tight ass. So you tell me to stop which I unhappily do. you roll me over on my stomach spread eagle toy still in my pussy. You rub a little lube on your cock before slipping it in. Your not going to last long so you pound me hard and faster. We both still cum hard together.
music on a rain night pt3
Posted:Jan 19, 2019 6:47 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 4:59 pm

We need to get out of these wet clothes, into a warm shower then we can get comfortable. Once there we go down to your landry room slowly strip each other clothes, after throwing them in the washer. As we ran up to the shower. Your eyes glued to my sexy ass and pussy.We step into the shower. I feel you start getting hard as you gently hold me as the warm wet washes over us. I reach down between your legs as we deep kiss. I wrap my soft warm hand around your cock. I gently stroke you, as your hand squeezes my ass. You whispers in my ear that you want me to suck your cock. I drop to my knees, slowly teasing the head of your hard cock before taking it into my hot wet mouth. I feel you hairs bush my hair as I take your cock deeper into my mouth sucking and stroking you. You reach down gently pull on my hard nipples. Then you pull me up to kiss me. Holding me close you lean me back against the wall. Kiss your way down my neck. Over my breast sucking on my nipples. Then back up to my mouth, when we broke you say "I want your hot tight ass!" Oh really..... you bend me over and slowly slide into my tight ass gentle. You slowly fuck me until we both cum. We finish our shower. After we go down stair and throw our clothes in the dryer after we go in the living room. I ask you to light the fire place while I get us something warm to drink. We cuddle up on the couch have our drinks, watching the fire just wearing towels. I see that look in you eyes. What should we do next?
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music on a rain night pt2
Posted:Jan 19, 2019 5:00 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2019 9:59 am

You wrap your arms around me and pull me closer as "Shut and kiss me." comes on the radio so you do. Gently you lean in and kiss me, warm soft kisses. Mmm you start kiss neck, I let out a soft purr, as you whisper in your ear. "I am thirsty and would love a taste of those rain drops on your soft breast". I purr softly in your ear just one word "please". That's all the answer you needed you start moving your way slowly down to my breast. Licking the rain drops off my breast. You stop long enough to peel my wet top and bra off. As soon as the cold air hits my nipples get hard. Your hot wet lick slowly circle my right nipple as your warm hand gently squeezes the other. You start gently suck on them. I purr softly for you. Soon your other hand started moving down between my legs. Where you feel a different wetness. I feel you smile against my breast and you say you'd like to taste the wet drops there. You tell me to lean back against the door, hike your skirt and spread your legs. You lean over gently lick my sweet wet lips. I feel your hot tongue licking down one lips and back up the other. Then right down the middle,spreading my lips with your tongue. You start to softly suck on my clit until I squirt you lick up all my sweet juices. You come back up and kiss me letting my taste my juices on your tongue. You look into my eyes and tells me walking in the rain is so romantic but fucking in the rain is the best. So we get out and climb into the back of the truck. I take your cock out and let it catch the rain so I can lick it all off. I hear moan as I start licking and sucking you cock. Then you have me lay back slide between legs. Feeling the soft rain on us as you slide your hard cock into my wet pussy.Mmm yes slowly we start to move together. There's an engery in the air. As we heard the thunder rolling in. I purr softly in your ear as I wrap my legs around you, wanting you to slip deeper into me. My pussy hugging you cock tight as you start to fuck me harder. I'm getting close to cumming all over you beautiful cock. When you start to slowly down again. You know if I cum now I'll make you cum too. Your not ready to yet you want to enjoy the feeling just a little longer. I pull your close, giving you a long deep kiss. Please don't stop I beg you. You decide to give in and fuck me hard again. We both cum hard. Time to get out of the rain.....Who place is closer your or mine?
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music on a rain night
Posted:Jan 15, 2019 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2019 9:58 am

It was raining on the night when we meant at small little bar. Someone on stage singing " Bed Of Roses" by Bon Jovi. Almost actually sound the him. I sat at the bar and ordered Sex on Beach, when you at sat down next to me. As the song turn into "In these arms" by Bon Jovi. Your smile as I start softly singing along and ask me if I like song. I smile back, blushing a bit and tell you yes I use to have these ablum. We talk for a few minutes about music. Yes I grow up in the 80's/90's and listern to rock band of that time. Also I'm a country music fan. You tell you're favorite band and music. We have a couple more drinks after you ask me if I'd like to get out of here. I think for moment then ask where you'd like to go..... You tell me you truck has a kill sound system and there's a really pretty river close by. Okay let's go... You know it sucks trying to climb up a tall truck in a short skirt. And when you're not panties it sucks even more. I manage to climb up by side you in the truck. You put on some old country...and caught me sining along as I shake my shoulder length red hair down. I caught you looking at how my wet tank top clings to my breast. My wet hair sent rain drops down my breast. It's raining harder once we get to the river we find a nice out of the way place to park. I can see how excited you are. You move closer to me, I smile at you. You actually think you're going to get a little. huh???
my older profile
Posted:Jan 12, 2019 9:28 am
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2019 8:23 pm

How to describe myself I'm 5'3" in bare feet, hazel green eyes with light shoulder length hair. To put a fine point on it I'm fat(yes I know it, no I do not need to be reminded) , busty (44 DD with small pale nipples which will not be touched by clamps thank you) with a nice shaved pussy. I like role play, oral both ways (yes I do swallow and I do eat pussy), very, very light playful bondage and spanking can be fun. I tend to have a submissive side in the bed room. Anal if I'm in the right mood for it and you are gentle about it. Sometimes when I cum I do squirt. I write well, and am able to hide behind my creative mind. In person I am shy, nervous and unsure. Sometimes need someone to take my hand and lead me. I'm the type of girl who like to cuddle, snuggle up close to someone. Touching softly rubbing your back for no reason. Just because I need to touch you. Making someone feel good, wanted and needed I enjoy that.
couple big PS's: I don't have a car, don't drive. so you'd have to come to me. I have cats...
Thinking of how can I make this any simplier. Okay here we go.I have my submissive side and am looking explore it farther. If you looking for someone who you can push around that's not me. I've been through the mental abuse before, the verbal abuse before. I NEVER WANT TO AGAIN. I want to be with someone I can trust not to hurt me. I need to feel safe when I'm with you. I AM NOT INTO PAIN OF ANY TYPE ,OR HUMILIATION at all. I'm looking submit to a man who make me feel the desire to just drop to my knees and do as I'm asked. Man who will asks not tell. To me submission is caused by my desire to please. So give please me a reason I should drop to my knees for you.
Question for bbw out there
Posted:Dec 13, 2018 6:16 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2019 6:47 am

I the only big girl who gets a little gets a little uneasy when theses Athlietic, Slim/petite, Average type guys message you?
Maybe it's just me...
After all these are the guys who looked through Me when I was in School. Hell they were the one who made fun of me when I was in school. When they were dating skinny girls.
(M/F) teacher, student
Posted:Dec 2, 2018 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Feb 5, 2019 2:52 am

Teacher: I teach history at the local college. You're in one of my spring classes. In the first couple weeks, you have noticed that I look at you more than the other students. I was very intrigued when make an appointment to see me during my office hours. I put a chair by my desk to be sure you don't sit at a desk which might block my view.Which you notice as you come in. I close the door behind you & lock it. I motion you to the chair where I want you to sit. I slowly look your over.
Ivy: I feel your eyes move over my body. Noticing how my low cut green tank pulls against my breasts as I breath and my short plaid skirt raises above my knees when I sit down. I ask for this appointment because I needed to find a way I could make up the couple classes I missed last week when I was sick. I really want to get good grades in you class. There a smile on your face as lean over (giving you a good look down my shirt) to tell you this.
Teacher: I get a real good longingly & lustfully look at your cleavage. Thinking damn this girl has done her homework, somehow she knows how much I like short pleated, plaid skirts. Even though it could also cost me my job I really would like to touch and taste them. I take a few minutes to strip you with my eyes. Before coming back to why you are here. I say "A little extra credit work and some hard studying. You should do fine" In the back of my mind I'm wondering if this is a set up.The air bout you seem pure sexual. I do so love it when a girl isn't afraid to show off her body. I can't resist seeing if you are offering something else in return for a good grade.
Ivy: I feel something in the air in this room. I bite my lip alittle I know I can bring my grade up with hard work. I'm a good student I've noticed how my much you watch me. I wonder it you notice how badly I want you.
Teacher: So I say "Of course if you would help me in some, let's say, private research . That could be counted as extra credit work as well. But it would involve some late-night work and a bit of commitment, you would need to work closely with me"
Ivy: I try to purr at thought of late-night work with you.
Teacher: Now I stand up, walk around my desk so I can stare longingly at your lovely legs, and that so enticing skirt. Of course as I walk around behind you it also gives me another great opportunity to look down your shirt. I really can't help myself, I NEED to Know this. I lean in to smell your hair. I rub my dick a bit an then squeeze it hard, while I'm still behind you. I want you so much! I know I'm losing it, my lust for you is trying to take control. I so want to touch you, softly and slowly & softly at first. . . And I've dropped the hint, at least as much is I dare too . . .
Ivy: Again I'm a very good and willing student. I'm getting your subtle hint. "Where and when can we meet for this extra credit work, Sir? I really do want a good grade in you class." I purr. I know you looking down my shirt. Enjoying the view of my white lacy bra so I lean back to give you a better veiw. You're standing so close that you smell the strawberry shampoo I use. "Sir, is there anyway we can start on tonight?" I ask you in a soft, hungry voice. I'd just need to run home and grab my things....
Teacher: I'm can a hunger in your voice. I quickly go back to my seat to give you an address where to meet.
Ivy: I squeeze your hand when you hand me it. Before I leave a lean over and give you a soft kiss on your cheek. We both know, what may happen tonight. I go back to my place and grab two bags. One with some clothes and toys in it, the other has my books just in case I'm wrong. I drive to the address on the paper a small no tell motel. I knock on the door to room 69. I nervously knock on the door.
Teacher: I can scarcely believe my good luck when I open the door and see you standing there. So many times I have thought about you, daydreamed about you, yes and even fantasized about you. Number of times I've raced home from work thrown off my trousers and masturbated while thinking about you. "Please Come in" I say. Then I notice the two bags in your hands. "What's in the bags?"
Ivy: I tell you I wasn't sure what we'd be doing? I brought my books just in case I was wrong. You smile at me for a minute. As it never crossed your mind that I might have a crush on you.
Teacher: I tell you that we don't need the books. "What's in the other bag?" I ask. You just give me a little wick smile as you walk past me. I tell you to sit down, anywhere you like. There are two chairs by a small table, and one double size bed. You choose the bed. I still can believe this is for real. I think I'm going to be able to at least in part, get to satisfy my yearning for you. "Do you still have on that beautiful bra you had on earlier?" I ask you as I walk up to you. Your smile says it all place my hand on your shoulders, slowly moving them down. Your body until I get to the hem of your shirt. You just let me strip it off you so I get a good look. I go to my knees on the floor spreading your legs as I do so that I can get in between them in perfect position to nuzzle your tits. My Hands find the hem of your skirt and slowly deliberately slide it up . I'm rubbing, feeling, propane, every inch of your legs as I go.Teacher: I wonder if you can hear my heart pounding as I get more and more intimate with you. I need your tits I need them NOW! I move my hands to your bra an freeing them I pause, lean back to look at them and all their glory. I'm going have to take my time because I don't want this to end. I could stroke my cock while looking at such beautiful breast. Instead I move in cupping your magnificent titties in my hands. My dick is getting so very hard that it's bulge must be showing. I know drops of pre cum are ozzing out. I feel that small part of my jock where the tip of my cock is, getting wet. But I don't take my eyes off of you long enough to see if the wetness has seeped through my purple shorts to wet my pants. You are so my type of girl. Have you noticed how I always turn to look at you as you leave class. I love looking at you from behind. I move in to kiss you softly at first, then harder my tongue enters your mouth.
Ivy: I kiss you back letting you slip your tongue between my lips. I gently suck it.
Teacher: I don't linger in that wonderful embrace to long before I start sucking on your breast. I hear you let out a soft pur when my lips touch your soft breasts. Gently squeeze them as my tougue makes slow circles around you small nipples. Your purring starts to get louder as I take your now hard nipple into my mouth genlty sucking. I move my hands down to your legs again and move them up slowly till I can wrap them around your butt. I must have you more than once because there is just to much I want to do to you! It feels good be touched and tasted. okay before we do anything I need you to run to the store. We'll need some drinks, honey, whipped cream.
Ivy: Alittle disappointed you leave but you make me promise that I'll be here, ready and waiting for you. When you get back. While you are gone I take a shower making sure I'm nice and clean. I call the front desk to asking them to sent us some extra sheets and towel as well. While you're gone I unpack my bag. I set up my toys, a couple small vibrators, a very small, thin anal plug, a bottle of favored lube. A blind fold, cuffs and some restraints. I take out a cheap shower curtain liner. Strip the bed to place it under the fitted sheet. I know I get very wet. It also give me a chance to set the restraints up. If we use them. When you get back I'm laying on the bed in an emarld green teddy with matching panties.
Teacher: While I was gone...Oh damn you've been busy. You look great, am I drooling. I try to focus as I look over all the stuff you have laid out. "What do you plain to do with all this? " I ask you. I know I'm liking your choice in toys.
Ivy: That's up to you, Sir.
Teacher: I smile my most wicked smile and look you all over, up and down a few times. I even walk around the bed looking at you from all angles. Looking at you here dressed like that laying on the bed my arousal is coming back. Getting very very hard I mean quickly. I think I need to take a quick shower. I tell you to get that pussy ready for me.
Ivy: While you do I set the bed up put a couple towels down I slip my panties off. Slip the blindfold on.
Teacher: You've been a very naughty girl teasing me. Now it's my turn. I start to grab the cuffs but notice the restraints. Damn girl do you know what I like or what. Oh yeah I'm going to have fun with you. I tell you to laid back with your legs spread wide for me. I place the restraints on you.
Ivy: Nervously I do as I'm told I let you place the restaints on me. You start with the ones at feet then I feel you body naked body against me as you place the ones at my wrist. You lean over and whisper in my ear. It's okay baby. No pain just pleasure.You start teasing my breast with you tongue, before sucking on them. I can feel you finger tips tracing their way down to my shave wet pussy lips. Mmmm I can feel you sliding one between my lips and gently rubbing my clit you hear my soft purrr. You slide another finger into me.
Teatcher: I can feel how tight you are. I love your little purr and how it grows louder as I finger your pussy. As much as I'd like to feel you cum I'm afraid I just can't let you yet.
Ivy: I feel you fingers leave me wanting.
Teacher: I see the disappointed looking on your face but know you will enjoy what's coming next. I move between you legs, postioning myself to enter your dripping wet pussy. Slowly teasing your clit with the tip cock. Feeling you get even wetter before I slowly enter that warm tight pussy. Damn girl you're just so nice and tight. I'm trying hard to go slow and enjoy how your muscles just hug my cock tight. It's hard when I hear you making those soft little whimpers. I want to give you what you need a nice long, slow comfortable fuck.
Ivy: I feel you move on top of me, soon I feel the tip of your cock bushing against my wet lips. You tease me by rubbing the head of you cock on my clit. You can feel my shiver under you, arching back as my pussy start to drip all over you cock head. You slide into me slowly let my tight muscle swallow you cock inches by thick inches. I can hear you moan softly, before you slide back out of me. You're teasing me. I have no choice but to let you.
Teacher: I slide almost all the way out of you hot dripping pussy. Then slowly slide back in feeling you shiver under me. "You're so close to cumming aren't you baby?" I ask. you let out a small but deep moan it's the only answer I need. I want you to be a good girl and cum on my hard cock. I slowly bury myself deep inside you. oh yes it feels so good like being in a finger trip. I try to pull back out alittle but you just have me locked in tight. I'm stuck until you're finished cumming. oh yes it's hot I can't help but pound you pussy faster I want feel you do that again. Soon I feel that shiver again and bury myself in you again. Oh damn girl you do that one more time and you'll make me cum so hard for you. When you release me this time I just pound you hard.I'm close when I feel you shiver again, oh yes this time I cum too. Feeling you hot pussy milk every drop out of me. I'm done I slow pull out and laid down next to you.
Ivy: Can feel you leave me, my body still shivering. You laid down next to me breathing hard. After what feelings like hours I feel you move off the bed.
Teacher: We're not done yet little girl. I get up and grab your toys. Oh how very sexy you look now. Pussy dripping wet with our mixture. Mmm so yummy looking. I place toys on the night stand before climb back into bed with you. I slide my finger cross you pussy lips and watch you jump. Good still sensitive.... I put my finger to my mouth mmmm yummy we taste good together. I offer you a taste.
Ivy: Jump as you fingers brush my sensitive clit. You tell me to put my tongue out then brush you finger tip against it. mmm Yummy.. I taste our mixture. "You like baby?" you ask me. "yes Sir " I answer back.
Teacher: I smile down at you for a minute, before picking the small white vibrator. I lean down and kiss you sweet lips.
Ivy: mmm I kiss you back harder. I want more.....
Teacher: So much more... I turn the vibrator on moving it in circles slowly around you nipples. I watch you wiggle a bit. You are just so sexy I lean down and take you right nipple into my mouth. Sucking it gently, listening to you soft purrs. I move my lips to your left breast and the vibrator to you right. I love the way your body reacts. The shivers, soft kitten purrs turning into low whimpers. As I trace the tip of the toy down your luscious body.
Ivy: I can't help but shiver under you as you tease me. When you get close to my wet lips I let out a little gasp followed by a low deep throaty purr. As you slip the toy over my clit.
Teacher: I love that noise you just made. I want heard it again. I slowly tickle you wet lip with the vibrator on medium. I'm getting so hard between watching you try to wiggle away and those moans. Oh I'm going to have to fuck you again soon.... But first I want to watch you cum. I move down between you legs then slowly tease your clit. Watching your pussy muscles quiver, mmm seeing how those muscle tighten. Oh I can't take it any more. I mount you sliding in deep. Ohhhh yes just as you start to cum.
(FMF) teacher, student, principal
Posted:Nov 24, 2018 6:02 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2018 7:52 am

Miss Kelly our principal is a very beautiful woman who's breasts are best described as succulent, her long legs are silky, smooth, and she's got this perfectly shaped, tight little round ass. My English teacher ask me to stay after school to talk about my grade on our last test. By now you know that story and what I had to do to get my good grades. Miss Kelly walks in the room, caught us. She looks at what we are doing with a hunger in her eyes.When she asks us "what in hell we are doing?" you can hear the excitement in her voice. You try to explain that I need to be punished for not doing well on my last test. She looks at you and says "this is not how we deal with bad grades." There's something in her voice that tells you're not in trouble. She comes over closer to us. She trying to hide a smile as shes says "Young lady you will report to my office after school tomorrow." She then looks at you, "You as well. Now I think you done here for today." Your want to say something but know better, she could still fire you. You slide out of me and back way. "Eva go get cleaned up now and go home." she said. I do as I'm told. Before you could pull you pants up she drops to her knees and grabs your still hard cock. Smiling at you she licks my juice off and starts to suck. She know how close you were to blowing your load in me that she not surpised at how fast you came. She tell you she has a fun, naughty plan for tomorrow.
After school again...
I nervously walk into the office. Miss Kelly sitting behinded her desk. You on her couch. "Eva come in have a seat." she said. Pointed to the chair next to her desk. "Now what you two did yesterday is not how we handle grades around here. Eva you will retake the test and you will be place into another English class. Is that understood?" she asked. "Yes Miss Kelly." I answered. " Now you both need to be punish for you misdeeds yesterday. That being said tomorrow you both well meet me here after school." She handed us a card with the of a local no tell motel. "Yes Miss Kelly" we both said at once. "Now go both of you."
Until tomorrow
The motel room two twin beds one with a nice collection of toys on it.
Miss Kelly greet me at the door. "Come in, strip and take a shower." she tell me. I do as I am told. When I get out she hands me a school girl outfit to put on. After she has me sit on the floor in front of her and pulls my red hair up in pig tails. "You are a good little submissive girl aren't you." She tells me as you knock on the door. Miss Kelly greet you at the door with the same instructions. When you come out she has us both sit on the bed. "You're here because you need to be punished. For what I walked in on in you classroom." she pauses then goes on to say."Today I own both of your asses." She points at you and tell you to sit in the chair next to the bed. She cuffs your hands behind your back. Then turns to me "Eva bend over his lap, place you hands on the bed." I do she tells me. She come up behind and slides my skirt up over my hips. I feel her soft hand bush my bare butt, then all of a sudden there's a sharp string. I let out a small wimper. "Shhhh take you're spanking like a good girl and I'll give you a treat." she said. She gave me two more hard spanks making my butt nice and red. After her hands turn soft again gently rubbing my bottom.
She runs her hands down to my pussy to feel if I was wet. "Spread your legs wider for me Eva." I do as I'm told, spreading my legs. I feel her finger tips trace my pussy lips. My juices on her fingers tips she presses them to your lips. You lick her fingers clean. She walks over to the bed with toy on it. She choses the smaller blue butt plug, some lube and walk back over to me. "This may hurt." she warn me as she drips lube down my butt crack. Then slowly pushes the butt plug in place." Good girl. Now I want you to stand up then go lay down on the bed." So I did. She turns to you with a smile. She uncuffs you and has you bend over the same way. She walks back over to the toy bed and picks up flog. She pulls you towel off , then tickles your bottom with it."You get this because you're older and know better." She give you three lashes with it then takes her soft hand and runs it over you sore bottom. "Spread you legs." You do as your told, spreading your leg wider. You feel her reach down between your legs and rubs your hard cock. "Sit back in the chair." she tells you. She cuffs your hands behind your back again then straddles you. Her wet pussy slowly sliding down on your cock. " Does that feel good?" she asks you. You tell her yes. Slowly she rides you untill you're close to cumming then she gets up off of you. She walks over to me with a smile. "Come here Eva." I come to her.
She kisses me softly on the lip then tell me to turn round and get on my knees. She lays on the bed and tell my to eat her pussy. She lets me take my times. I softly kiss her soft thighs, then lick her outer lips. Purring as I taste her juices and dive in. Making my tongue flat I lick her pussy slowly. Licking her outer labia, then her inner labia. Traveling up to suck on her clit. I listen to her moan her hands at the back of my head pulling me in closer. Which most mean I'm doing a good job. I hear her let a down a deep moan and can feel her shaking as she come for me. I lick her until she tell me to stop. She sit up with a smile on her face. "Very good girl. Come lay down on the bed." she tell me. I do she put the restraints, then looks at you. "You enjoyed watching that, didn't you?" she asked you. You smile at her the say yes. "So what should we do with Miss Eva now? She's been a very good girl she should get a treat."
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moving to the music
Posted:Nov 20, 2018 6:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 5:29 pm

You're working late. So I deside to take a shower then listen to some music. You get out early and come home you figure I'd be in bed. You come upstair and you walk in to see me naked on the bed my eyes closed and head phones on. Which brings a wicked smile to your face. You start to undress watching me as I start to move to the music. Watching my body's movements ones you know so well. Ones you cause so very well with just the touch of you hands. You just watch wondering whose voice is in my ears is causing this reaction. Are you jealous? Feeling the need to remind me who's surpose to be the one causing these reactions. As you watch my hands slowly move over my soft warm body. Watching as I massage my breast making my nipples stand out nice and hard. then you watchm my hand slide down between my legs... You move closer watching as I pet my freshly shaved wet lips. Do you feel the need to touch? Or are you enjoying the show, waiting to see how far it goes?

so tell me what happens next.... do you watch me play or do you you join in...
home alone
Posted:Nov 16, 2018 6:48 pm
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2018 3:11 pm

I got home from school to a empty house. So I went up to my room and just couldn't help it. I felt the to "relax" myself. I closed the door, laid naked on my bed with my head phones on, eyes closed, fanantizing some boy I like. My hands busy rubbing my wet shaved pussy. You get home from working early and come upstairs looking for me. You knock on my door, but don't get an answer. So you open the door, you see me rubbing myself. Does what you see turn you on? Or are you mad at me for touching myself, for being a bad girl? How long did you stand there watching me, ? When did you decide that you just needed to touch me, taste me? I was so lost in the feeling that I never full registed the fact you had sat down on the bed next to me. I feel your hand slide up my inner thigh to my pussy you push my hand out of your away. How different your fingers tips felt brushing against my sensitive wet lips. Oh it makes me feel all warm inside as you slide one finger in between my lips. I let out a low soft purr and ache my back as you gently rub my clit. I start feeling warmer still.Then you stop, I feel you move, you're between my legs. I feel your warm lips softly kissing my thighs. Your mouth is on the move gently kissing my pussy. I throw my head back into the pillow. When I feel you hot wet tongue on slide between wet lip and tickle my already sensitive clit. What different sensation all together. I could feel is my body starting to feel hot, feverish, shakey. I purrr louder now and start to wiggle away. I feel your hands move to my hips pulling back down to you. You can tell that I can't take much more but you don't want to come just yet. You start kissing your way up my body. I feel the tip of your cock bushing against my wet lips and try to wiggle away from you. No baby girl, you grab my hips and pull me back into place. You rub the head of your cock gently over my clit making my pussy wetter and easier to enter. There is still a small bite of pain as you entered me my tight pussy my whimper. You stay still if a minute enjoying the feel of my hot wet tight pussy hugs your cock. Then you move slowly, gently doesn't want to hurt his baby. It's a whole new sensation my body start feel feverish, as if about to burst into flames. Under you feel my body starts to shiver, shake and as you I move with you. You start to move faster the fire in me grows hotter. My body moves on it's own my legs wrap around your back letting you in deeper. You could feel my pussy muscle shiver they grow tighter around you cock. Feeling as if it's trying to milk you. My body can't take any more...the fire in me release. Oh yes I can feel you shake to shiver too. A whole sensation come overs my world burst into flame. I can your release pumping deep in side. We both hit our high... You slowly move away after laying down next to me. I can you breatheing slowly down as you lean over me. You take my head phone off and pull me in tight.
So you I get punish for touching myself? Or rewarded for give my my virgin pussy?
hello again...
Posted:Nov 13, 2018 8:38 pm
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2019 12:6 pm

I do invite those of you that read my stories to be creative aswell. I sometimes do two or three parts sometimes but if when you do comment. Feel free to add on your ideas as to what could, would or should happen next...Thank-you and I hope you do enjoy my stories
night at the bar part 2
Posted:Nov 13, 2018 8:33 pm
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 9:18 pm

I agree to go with you. As I clean myself up you tell our friends that we were taking off. You right about showing true natures. My submissive side to you dominant side.Your whole big, bad, tough guy ego gets dropped as soon as we hit your room. In here you're soft, gentle, but firm. You smile at me warmly giving me that come here look. You pull me into you and start kissing, touching, tasting each other. We slowly undress each other. As we continue kissing you slowly walk me back until we hit the bed. We lay down, your lips move down to my neck. I let out a soft pur when your lips touch my breasts. You gently squeeze them as you tougue makes slow circles around my nipples. My purring starts to get louder as you take my nipple into you mouth and suck. You hand wanders down between my legs. You fingers slowly stroke my pussy lips open. You slide a finger into me and now it your turn to pur as you feel how tight. You slowly finger me as you move to my other breast. Then your mouth slowly move down to my hot wet pussy. You lick me slowly taking your time making me cum for you over and over again. I gave I'll be good please just fuck me... You come kiss your way back up to lips. Sliding in slowly, gently... barely moving at first. My pussy just hug your cock tight. Feel so good as we move together. We have a good rhythm going and I feel you trying hard not to cum fast. I wrap my legs around you waist letting you slip in deeper. I can't take much more I give up and start cumming all over you cock.
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