My Mental Dancehall
"I am a dancer. I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living.... In each it is the performance of a dedicated precise set of acts, physical or intellectual, from which comes shape of achievement, a sense of one's being, a satisfaction of spirit. One becomes in some area an athlete of God." ~Martha Graham, c.1953

Come in...hear the music swirl...hear the beat of souls coming and going...all of us sharing in the life - both dark and light
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If you have to ask the answer will always be no.
Posted:May 16, 2019 12:14 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2019 9:52 pm

When I was a sophomore in high school we were required to take this class called “Interpersonal Communications” as one of our core classes for graduation. We all looked at that as a “bird course”...something you just fly through, because it was so easy and had little homework.

The class taught us about reading body language, about the nuances of non-verbal communication and about focusing on people, places and things beyond ourselves.

On the first day of class I remember Mrs. Miller asking us if we knew what interpersonal communication was. Of course we were all one big shrug. So she says “It's about paying attention to the clues that people around us give that shows how they feel.” Then, to get an unruly and disinterested group of high school to pay attention she says “How do you know when someone wants to kiss you?” The class went dead silent for a moment...fidgety...and then one boy said - “You can see it in their eyes.” Suddenly the entire class was hands in the air offering suggestions...”Their breathing changes”...”They lean in”...”They hug you first” on and on we offered their interpretations and suggestions. She said, “That's interpersonal communication.”

Now before you get all excited, this class was more geared towards making us masters of the universe in a VocTech sort of way than it had to do with boy/girl stuff. There was much discussion about marketing and selling and consumer related things that drove us to pay attention to and customers when we finally got the that place in our life. It was a sort of fun class in some ways. We learned all sorts of things that semester, but it was very passive learning. We learned to read each other in big and small ways. We learned to pay attention. We learned that we really knew a whole lot of it already...the class just made us aware of what we already inherently knew and why we reacted the way we did to non-verbal communication.

I have had dozens of these sorts of classes over the years on a business level. Teaching and learning how to understand the nuances of body language. Learning how to focus on people and see that their responses are important and not just random movements to be ignored – usually geared towards making money, tbh, but at the heart of it all it's about......paying attention.

That was then.

Now we have “rules of consent.”

No longer do we have to actually pay attention. Now we are supposed to ask permission for every little thing (especially those that are into god), get signed forms and not think for ourselves or be aware of another's actions. No longer do we actually accept personal responsibility for our behavior with we can just abdicate it completely and ask permission for every movement – who needs focus?

My problems with the way we discuss consent these days is that it is cold...distant...lacks concentration or intensity and is completely devoid of true interpersonal communication. It instills the fear that if one doesn't ask permission for every movement that the “receiver” of said movement is one step away from yelling violation, abuse...or worse yet, the r word (since everything is, dontcha know).

It weakens our connections to one another as humans. Fear replaces empathy and application of self...promotes safety over reciprocity. The blatant need for, particularly spoken/written, consent takes the responsibility of awareness away. “Well, she said it was okay” is the call, even when every nuance of their being was screaming that it was not.

Proponents of consent will tell you that this is focusing more on the individual's desires, because then they have the ability to own every single movement in their sphere of bodily control. I disagree...I think that consent becomes about the giver protecting themselves more than it is about the receiver accepting such. How many people, especially women people, will say yes to a direct question about hugging, touching or kissing just to not be thought “difficult?” Rather than reading their body language and accepting such – let's put people in uncomfortable situations of having to agree or reject the offer. Rather than making the person important and focusing on them...make it about “you.”

And let's face's mostly about women's consent no matter how much the consent police bark otherwise, men are largely ignored in this picture and the people that “they” are trying to teach no-no-bad-touch to aren't paying attention anyway – and won't.

I personally wouldn't want to have anything physical to do with someone that had to ask me if they could touch...hug...kiss me. All that tells me is that they aren't focusing on me at all and that they want to be fed information rather than glean it for themselves. We here on TV TS Dating like to talk about it in the terms of sexuality – why in god's name would I want to scene with, have sex with, engage physically on any level with someone that was so unaware of the nuances of body language that they have to ask if they can do such? We're not talking about checking in with someone mid-scene and feeding off the energy they give back...we are talking about someone turning every aspect of the act itself into being about their safety – not mine. “Are you okay, is this okay, can I do this...are you okay with that?” would make me just recoil eventually and end it...the coldness, obvious lack of focused awareness, lack of dominance (or submission for that matter) driving away the sensuality and heat. It kills intensity and it's beyond not sexy into the damn near dangerous zone.

I think some of this insistence on consent, beyond the political, comes from the prevalence of casual scening (though I question that even in my own head) over dynamic led relationships – and possibly that we spend way too much time staring at screens of one sort or another instead of people. We now struggle with interpersonal communication simply because we have less of it. Insisting on consent takes away the ownership of connection given to another, or taken from another. It kills empathy. It takes away the twining focus people should have on each other (particularly if it's sexual). Imo, it takes away the right to dominate given to Dominants and the right to submit given to s-types. I believe it is stymying our ability to even try to see people. It weakens our natural flow of humanity between each other. It renders the recognition of body language and the divinity of self as almost a moot point.

It might be a good way to jump on bandwagons and sell books and seminars.

End of the day, I don't really care what the newest craze or buzzwords of popular behavior are. I don't care what seminars you've been to that tell you that you must ask before engaging. If you're in my world I will pay attention to you, focus on you, not ask you to sign a consent form (nor give you one) and expect your focus in return – because I see you, think you're important and I want you to see me too.

I won't ask you if I can kiss you...

...and if you have to ask to kiss me the answer will always be no.

Be good to each other,

*~In the eye of a storm(y) one


> I understand this is considered very out of the box, anti-herd thinking. I don't block people and all opinions are welcome, but disrespect and ugliness will be deleted and noted openly. Manners are a thing, yo.
Rock of Ages, The Final Chapter
Posted:Feb 4, 2019 11:58 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2019 12:10 pm
My mouth widens as the giant flared hard, yet rubbery, tip enters my mouth. You are so big that there is no way that I can keep my teeth out of the way, so I use them in my hunger to drive you higher…grazing my teeth over the sensitive flesh as you press deeper and deeper still into me. The blows rain on my already red, puffy pussy lips, the sounds that try to shove out of me muffled as I begin to gag and choke on your enormity. Tears run from my eyes as I see that I haven’t even taken in a third of your length, but nothing stops me from seeking more…my hunger won’t allow it.

Your fingers again slip into me…three this time… and I feel you pull at my pubis bone, MAKING me arch and then holding me in that arch as my lips glide and caress, my tongue lavishes and delves, my teeth graze and my soul hums and sings around you as my always pronounced oral fixation takes over and I lose myself in my ravening need for your body. The growl and snarl of your desires roll violently around me with the power of a vortex that yanks me toward an inevitable place…and how I crave the flight into The Zone – that place that only you can take me.

You lower me and those talented, treacherous digits begin to move over the throbbing and pain laced velvet smooth flesh of my labia, eventually sliding between those lust slicked lips and finding that spot, that core, that center of pleasure that seems to narrow all the nerves in my body to one place. You tap, tap, tap it with one finger and I arch, pull and jerk at the bindings at the soft intensity…my rapaciousness accelerating, forcing a harsh, guttural gasp from you as my mouth works the magic that you so love.

The fingers begin that swirling dance that you know I crave and while the tears of lust and hunger and forced-ravaging roll down my cheeks, as I cry and gurgle and choke and reach for the beauty of the taste and feel and worship of my only, they stroke…and glide…and circle around that hard little peak. Fast and slow…slow and fast…I cry out begging with only garbled sound for the release that my body screams to reach…even as I fill my mouth again and again with an intensity of hunger that has you grunting for control of your own body. Bound by your ropes, bound by your words, bound by your ownership…we are still lovewarring for the supremacy of giving pleasure…one to the other…each wanting so badly to win…each knowing there is no losing.

Fingers swirl faster and faster, mouth suckles and pulls and moves quicker and quicker and soon as my tears fall and Your howls rage I hear THE word…the word that has trained my focus and hungers to respond instantly…yelled and echoed in the clearing. Your beautiful Beast meat begins to pump the sweet hot fluid into my mouth and I gulp and gag and swallow as if this is the only nourishment that I will ever receive and I’ve been starved for an eternity…the word and your howled yells of primal joy combine to create a massive explosion within me. It seems to start from the soul and moves outwards and I choke as I swallow.

The world goes black as I scream my ecstasy.

With a possessive scream of your own…that which mirrors the shriek of a panther calling to its mate in the jungle…half terrifying and half arousing…you leap to your feet and straddle my body. Though I seem barely cognizant of the world around me, for I have grown quiet as I struggle for breath…my lust glazed eyes watch every movement. You stand over me…both hands moving on the core of your manhood. With a mighty roar you cum again, spraying and marking my body with the acid hot juices of your body – one to the other we become joined as WE rise. I cry unreservedly at the emotional crest that I surf…the perfect animalistic nature of us…the perfect wild erotic rage of us. I scream as those tears flow, fighting the bindings for my need to touch has reached peak proportions.

You jump from the rock to quickly undo the bindings to wrist and foot and then again join me on its warm surface. Stretching out alongside of me, both of our hands stroke the other, Yours smoothing the liquid from you into my skin, making me glisten in the sun. The hunger has still not abated. The sky is beginning to attain that pre-dusk cast as we two cats, barely cloaked in human form, drape ourselves over that rock and around one another…soft growlpurring is the only noise heard in that little private enclave for the longest time.

Eventually, you rise…gather me in your arms and begin walking toward the house. My hand is on your cheek, my cheek on your shoulder. You just whisper “That was three.”

For a half a second I wonder what the person who finds my swimming suit bottoms at the bottom of the pool will think.

Your mouth takes mine and we kiss as you stride and for the second half of that second there is no thought at all.

Rock of Ages, Chapter 6
Posted:Feb 2, 2019 12:14 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2019 6:15 pm
I watch, a low growl rolling in my throat as you climb up onto the rock. At first you stand tall and seem to almost dance over and around my body as you step and circle me, looking down on that which you possess. Your feet step over and between my thighs, next to my torso, around my head and back again. I struggle against my bindings, even knowing it is a pointless endeavor, as you prowl.

You move so that your feet are straddling my body just above my bound upwards shoulders, facing my feet, and then move downwards until your long, wide open, strong legs are straddling my face as you kneel. I immediately turn my face and sink my teeth into your left thigh, biting down hard and marking you with a shebeast snarl. I hear you hiss out an involuntary “bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and slap my tits to get me to let go. I yelp, but let go and hiss back at you…smiling wickedly at the mark left behind, unable not to.

You lean back so that You’re resting on your heels and your hands go to my face, one hand on either cheek…you forcibly straighten my face and make me look at you. I look a bit backwards and up, which makes me look almost wide eyed, and again you bite out the barest sentence, “You will behave.” I curl my lip, but just nod my obedience. You know that’s all that is required to keep me wild and yet obedient…I have been well trained. Letting go of my face, you rise up again on your knees and widening your thighs even further begin to lower your body to my mouth.

Your velvet balls hang right above my mouth and no matter how much I writhe and wriggle and arch and reach I can’t quite attain the feel of those ripe plums against my lips. I am so focused that my entire world becomes about that sensitive flesh that dangles from the body that I ALWAYS crave. You shift and lean on your hands that have been placed on either side of my hips and look back up my body, watching me struggle as I try to reach for the taste of your lust heated flesh. Swaying your hips so that they swing lightly, now it is you teasing me until finally…FINALLY…I growlwhispermoan out a begrudging plea…”pleasssssssse.” Fuck pride, I am entering the zone where all that matters is the control by you and the gift of worshipping your body.

Those strong thighs widen and lower your core still further until your body is in reach of my face and my growlpurrs of hunger begin again as the swaying ballsacks move across my lips, chin and cheeks. My body arches and my strong muscles flex and fight the bindings that hold me down. My hands clench and unclench with the rampant urge to touch and caress. My head angles back and I open wide, my tongue licking a wide swath from the base of Your cock, over balls and around the puckered skin of your ass, before returning to suckle your left nut into my mouth. Just as I begin to start to pull the round sweetness between my silky soft lips I feel two of your fingers begin to sliiiiiide into me…it makes me gasp and pull you in more quickly, Your fingers mimic the actions of my mouth – filling me, as I suckle you. I can hear the liquid flesh on flesh sound from the wetness showing my desire.

The game begins.

While you began by showing me that your fingers would follow the actions of my mouth, I can feel the subtle shift in command somehow…not a word said. As your thumb begins to circle and caress the nub of my clit, my tongue curls around the testicle that has taken up residence deep In the heat of my mouth. My writhing grows more frantic, my mind completely fuzzy as subspace begins to lick at the edge of my consciousness. I become sex…lust…movement…I ape each of your movements in a mindless frenzy of passionate need.

Your thumb rubs, my tongue swirls…your fingers slip in and out of me, I suck and push the nut in and out of my mouth…you move from one finger to two to three to two, my mouth moves from one ball to the other and back again...when one of your fingers begins to push into my ass…spreading my juices and then entering me so slowly, my mouth releases its hold on your balls and my tongue travels to your ass with a long whimpered moan, lapping and licking and teasing that most sensitive of flesh, that one place that has “belonged” to no other before me. I tug and shift and squirm as much as the bindings allow, presssssing against the fingers within, gasping and aching and reaching for the orgasm that is denied again and again…almost crying in frustration.

Your hand is quickly pulled away from me and I feel achingly vacant…my feral screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” echoing in the clearing. I swear I would attack you if I weren’t tied down…my hunger is great, my primal in full glory, as I growl and hiss along with the begging and pleading. I do not sound pitiful, I sound starved and aggressive and it just makes you laugh wickedly at my plight.

Again you shift, Your hand moving to press Your huge cock downward and pushing it against my lips. You hold it there…not quite entering my mouth, my tongue flickering at the tip and dipping into the hole…teasing and taunting as the blows again begin to fall on my cunt lips with a sting and a wet slapping sound.

I open my mouth to scream and you press inwards, reducing it to a gurgle and my mouth imitates the violence of the blows.

This time it is your growls that roll around the clearing as my mouth ravages you hungrily…

Rock of Ages, Chapter 5
Posted:Feb 1, 2019 2:39 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2019 4:53 pm
You release me for a moment and I just dangle in the water. Floating on my back, I arch, my head and feet draped beneath the water, neck arched and bared to my Beast…tummy and breasts pointing at the sky. It’s a languid lazy seductive floaty feeling. My body burns as I hang there almost as if your hands are supporting me. I pull my head from beneath the water and breathe the scented air deeply – all I can sense is lust, hedonism, eros. My breathing is a gasping whimper and my need is still crashing through me…I see you watching my chest rise and fall just as yours does and for a moment we both just let the coolness of the water return our breath, if not our sanity, to us.

My Barracuda curls under the water beneath me. I can feel the wash of the current as you do a quick swim from one end of the pool to the other, stretching lithe muscles and then come up underneath me so suddenly it makes me squeak in surprise, even knowing you were there. As you rise up, you cradle me in your arms and begin to lift me from the water. I curl myself against your chest, fingers pressing and touching all of those glorious muscles, my mouth buried at the pulse in your throat. My hunger has not abated, my sensual cravings have not ceased and I am hoping that you will take me to the nearest soft surface and make the longest slowest love to me. I hope, pray, as my eyes close and I just feast on your skin…each grazing of my teeth making you shudder as you walk slowly into shallower and shallower water and then finally begin climbing the steps out of the pool.

I feel the water cascading from our bodies as you walk up the steps. It’s as if we are merfolk that can live on land or “sea.” I barely notice my surroundings – intent only on the feel of you against me, the taste of you on my mouth, but as you walk our naked forms through the gate I pause and look around and then back into your eyes. You don’t look back at me. Your glittering diamond black eyes are focused on something seemingly in the distance. I begin to cling more fervently to you…curious and animal-wary as you stride into the trees carrying me. I feel a frisson of fear roll over me, safe but not safe in my Lover’s arms…inquisitive, yet almost filled with trepidation as I perversely crave whatever you have in store. My hedonistic seduction never leaves me as I curl around you…my mouth continuing to move over your neck and shoulders as you carry me, Your enormous cock bumping my ass. I am a mass of conflicting want and need…desires and hungers…love and lust. I feel our bodies slick against one another as you walk…finally coming to a halt in a clearing beneath the trees.

Peering around with interest, my brow furrowed slightly in confusion, I look around seeking something, anything, that will tell me what we are doing here. All I see is nature – trees, grass, vines, greenness with a giant rock off to the side of it all. My eyes glance back to yours, but you still will not look at me as you pad barefooted and panther silent to the huge rock and lay me on the day-warmed surface.

Still watching you cautiously, I shift a bit, the nature in me comfortable with the platform and just naturally finding a comfortable place upon it. I love the feeling of the warm rock beneath me and the sensuality of the day continues to roll as I stretch out on the surface…looking up through the leaves of the trees overhead into the blue sky beyond, feeling long and languid and purry. I hear your growling appreciation as you watch me adjust and stretch. I tease by opening my thighs a bit more wanting you to see the effects that you have on me…that you ALWAYS have on me. As my thighs spread the growl deepens and becomes ever more feral.

The lava that still rolls through my veins competes with the warmth of the surface of the boulder. My eyes close and I hummmmmmm with the pleasure of what I feel until suddenly my wrists are grabbed roughly and I am partially dragged along the ragged surface of the rock. My eyes fly open and I look about with a sense of panic, arching my head to look back up over myself you.

I hadn’t counted on you having prepared anything in advance. Fuck.

You are holding the end of a long length of rope in your teeth and your eyes have become focused and intent. I can feel my body shift into fight or flight mode and I try to twist and pull away, but that is a fool’s mission for as strong as I am you will always be stronger. You hold my hands in one of your large mitts and take the rope from your mouth with the other and begin binding my wrists together over my head.

I hear the faint “chink” of metal as you pull that rope and stretch me out, fastening it off to something out of my eyesight. You move in your silent way…male-graceful and athletic…dragging your hand over the property that you own – rock and woman – while my hips twist and legs squirm as I fight the sudden bindings and shift in the feel of the day. Sensuality is gone, and not gone…our primals have arrived…and I am now growling at you as much as you are at me. I will once again marvel later, if I’m capable, of how fluid we are and how fast our quicksilver moods can change.

A strong hand grips my right ankle and I kick out at you, hearing a soft grunt as I connect with your arm, for the majority of my strength is in my legs and I pull no punches with you…ever. You become rougher…merely grabbing the offending foot with a snarl and yanking me down harder…pulling me against the rough surface of the rock. The fact that you get first one ankle and then the other bound and tied with not more than another kick or two landing is a testament to your athletic quickness and ability. The fight of it all leaves us both snarling, growling, panting and heated with the animalistic passions that always rage in each of us. Panther to puma, we are matched, albeit unevenly, in all ways…even in our primal fight. I am tied down tightly…legs spread wide…teeth snapping…jade eyes blazing at you as your black eyes glitter at me.

The first blow falls.

Your hands begin a calculated series of slaps, pinches, strokes and proddings as you move around me on the rock. Softer slaps to my breasts that are so responsive to you, leaving them moving on my chest, the pain flashing through me and my nipples belying the growled cry of pain that is wrenched from me. Harder slaps to my inner thighs and pussy lips which always crave more abuse at your hands. On this day it IS your hands, no toys to enhance, just the intensity of skin to skin…Beast to beast…imagination to imagination…hunger to hunger.

The blows continue…my screams echo in the trees.

There is precision…sometimes quick taps to hard nipples followed by soft suckling that makes me cry out as loudly as the slaps. Strong, hard, swift taps to my clit and lips…making me cuss your name…before you begin to stroke softly, too softly and then fill me with long strong fingers that massage my g-spot from within long enough to take me to the edge, but always pulling back before allowing me flight. I curse your torturous existence even as I scream my love and worship of you.

You growl…chuckle…purr as you continue the teasing dance around me. The slaps and moans and my whispered whimperings are the only sounds heard in this tiny oasis that should be so quiet. I have not yet begun to beg, but I know it will begin soon. I will not be able to stop it forever as the all too knowledgeable hands rain possessive oppression down on the body that only you have ever controlled so fully.

Our passionate battle rages…for the animal in me knows that’s the moment that you await…and I will not go easily.

You would be far too disappointed.

Rock of Ages, Chapter 4
Posted:Jan 31, 2019 12:31 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2019 4:53 pm
I begin to push off into the water a bit, but your patience is on the wane and you want what you want. As we move into the deeper water, you grab me by the throat and pull me up to your mouth. My body wraps around you like an eel, pressing your cock down so that it comes up between the legs that twist around your waist, my hands tangling in your hair. With one hand around my throat, the other on my ass and your mouth firmly planted on mine you take us beneath the cool water.

It would be quiet beneath the surface of the silky medium if it weren’t for the roar of the blood pulsing in my ears. The kiss lingers as the bubbles from expelled air dance around our faces. You press upwards and we break the surface of the water with a gasp, but the kiss continues as my oiled and slick body slips and slides against yours. The air around us is filled with the scent of chlorine, the scent of jasmine, the scent of pheromones, the scent of lust…the scent of US.

The kiss grows hungrier.

As our tongues dance and …as teeth nip and lips caress…as purr and growls meet and harmonize, our bodies continue their dance. My strong thighs start to flex and I slip back and forth on that hard cock that almost suspended on in the water. One hand releases Your hair and reaches back playing with the head of the cock that protrudes behind me, curling my hand over the head – rubbing – as I pull it up tighter against my ass. My throat makes an “uh uh uh” gurgled sound as I rub myself against you, my so great…your hand at my throat blocking most of the sound, but the power behind the possessiveness increasing my desires. We are both raging with raw energy and seductive power and it’s shivery and beautiful to feel.

But not ready to run yet…I still want you to feel the almost sadistic level of hedonistic sensuality that rolls through me…sadistic in its to prolong everything until the intensity is almost painful. It’s such a glorious trip.

I arch back from you and curl back into the water. You allow it, even as you continue to reach for me. I don’t go far, but curl back around and slither around your legs, blowing bubbles up around your balls and cock and ass…looking up at you from beneath the water and grinning as I see your cock bounce and feel the vibrations of your growls.

I come up for air behind you, my tongue dragging along your spine as I emerge from the water. I feel a full body shiver take you as I slide back beneath the coolness and my tongue travels down your body as I go. Clinging to your butt cheeks…wrapping my legs around your calves to hold me under…my tongue curls and dances along all that sensitive puckered flesh. Again and again I rise for breath…again and again I descend and savor. Tongue flat licking, bubbles blown, tickling, flickering and then eventually slipping into you, pressing my face as tightly to You as I can, my hand reaching around and circling the base of your hard cock…shaking it in the water, letting the caress of the water thrill you as my tongue goes where no other’s has ever travelled. I feed on you…and then suddenly mouth, hands and legs are gone as I dash away from you to catch my breath and otter, and tease.

I begin to breast stroke away from you and you reach out your hand and tangle it in the silken threads of my hair, pulling me back to you. You drag me by my hair into water that is chest deep on your tall frame and keep me floating on my back. Your head bends and you kiss me deeply…one hand staying in my hair, the other sliding down my body and tugging off the base of my swim suit as you growl against my mouth. I kick out of it and it sinks to the bottom of the pool, forgotten in our rush of lust. Your fingers slide up and two immediately invade my slick wet core…deep and held there. I am kept afloat by hands at either end of me as your mouth begins its exploration.

You go from my mouth to throat to breasts. Lingering as you feed, biting and suckling and growling as you taste water and the hint of jasmine oil and me…down and down your mouth kisses as it travels until you are at my core. We are still wordless…so in sync I no commands, for I simply know what you want and expect. I widen my thighs, gasping and moaning before a thing is done. Your fingers are wiggling and stroking deep inside as your mouth descends and begins to ravage my pussy. You bite my lips, tugging and pulling, suck, lick, nip my clit. You tongue returns the favor that mine just performed on you as you blow bubbles, tickle, suckle, flickering until you finally curl your tongue into me along with the fingers. I am thankful for the hand in my hair, for I arch and cry out at the ecstatic feeling…the hand keeps me above water.

I gasp…I can already hear myself begging with every whimpering moan.

Quite suddenly, you tip me and I struggle to get away, to touch you more, but you grab me beneath the armpits and raise me up and begin to lower me onto your cock. I whimper, as I so often do, at the enormity of you. Even as slicked up and ready as I am, it’s always a lustful shock as you spread me open and take what is yours. You press me down, down, down and hook your arms beneath my thighs so that I cannot control any of the movement. When you are so deep in me that I am objecting with my whimpered moans of pleasure pain, You get a wicked sneer to your mouth and begin to walk us into shallower water. I grow “heavier” and your cock goes deeper and my moans and attempts at thrashing grow wilder.

My nails claw into your shoulders…my head flies back and you begin to pump…arms holding me wide open, hips jackhammering into me…pushing and ramming and FUCKING me with the hunger and abandon that has risen in you. You are growl gasping and rising hard and fast…I can tell because you get even bigger, even harder and my body objects even as it craves more.

You SHOVE at me…RAM at me…your head bends and your teeth sink into your spot at my neck. I cry out as you scream against my skin and explode your acid seed into me…the mixture of hot seed and cool water delightfully sinful feeling. I TRY and try to move and hump back, but you don’t allow me to move. You dump everything you have into me…then you lift me off of you and curl us together and once again sink beneath the gleaming waters, kissing.

When we rise up again…both swallowing air in big gulps…you say the only words that have been said between us so far:

“That’s one.”

I just tremble.

Rock of Ages, Chapter 3
Posted:Jan 30, 2019 1:34 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2019 4:55 pm
I jerk out of my trance state with a start when I hear my phone ring. Dropping my book I reach for the phone when I realize that there is a shadow falling over me. I gasp a little and blink behind my sunglasses as I look for the source and then breathe a tad more easily when I see it is you standing over me…holding Your phone in your hand, calling me.

My look turns into a lazily wicked smile as I ignore the ringing phone and roll over onto my back, stretching out long…bare, and now hard-nippled, breasts in full view of you. Not a word is spoken. My head doesn’t move, but my eyes cruise Your body and I see you are still dressed from work, your cock is already growing and jutting like the monster it is against your pant leg and I can feel the eyes behind your sunglasses moving in a caress along the length of my body. You just turn your phone around and show me the picture that I sent to you. I grin and stretch like a lazy cat, arching my back upwards which makes my breasts move on my chest. You just growl at me.

I cover my breasts and roll up to a sitting position on the chaise, then swing my legs over the side and stand. For a moment I just stand there, looking up into your eyes, clad in only my pink bathing suit bottoms with my hands holding up, but covering (ish), my breasts. Your growl continues to roll in your throat and you are frozen just as I am for the moment…both of US devouring the other with our eyes. loving the way Your cock thickens and jerks beneath your pant leg.

As if in slow motion, I release my breasts and feel the weight of them on my chest. I reach and take your phone from your hand and set it next to mine, then move back in front of You and reach for the first button of you shirt, just as your hands raise to cover and lift those my heavy globes you love so much.

I can tell you can feel my sensual hedonism rolling, for you remain silent and I know you are not going to require I ask permission to undress you for you are feeling the same hungers. I begin the hungry dance beneath the hot sun.

While you stand holding my breasts, rolling the nipples and causing me to hum and purr, button by button I undo your shirt - taking my time, letting my long fingernails graze your flesh as it’s exposed…gnawing at my bottom lip as I see that beautiful hairy muscular chest appear. I slip my hands flat against your chest beneath the shirt and begin to slide them over your pecs and head for your shoulders. You, begrudgingly, release my breasts and allow me to slide the soft material off of your body. I move in, seemingly accidentally brushing my chest against yours as I move the material of the shirt. We both know it’s no accident. Finally the shirt is off of your shoulders, arms, hands and I reach out and drape it over a nearby chair.

When I turn to face you, your hands rise to again reach for my breasts, but I move to my knees at your feet. Your hand caresses my hair as I remove first one shoe and sock, then the other, as each foot is lifted for me one by one. Each sock is tucked neatly inside of each shoe for now and I set them up on the chair where they will be safe from the pool water.

I look up at you from my position at Your feet. You are so tall and strong and male. Now barely clad…skin glistening slightly with sweat under the hot sun…cock so hard I know that the clothing is starting to irritate you. I move upwards a bit and reach for the belt of your pants. Slow, slow, slow…I want this to feel like the most erotic dance…our tango next to the pool. I find myself singing the song that’s been rolling through my head all day, in a deep, nostalgic whispery voice, as I remove the belt, loop by loop from your pants:

Stars shining bright above you.
Night breezes seem to whisper, 'I love you,'
Birds singing in the sycamore tree.
Dream a little dream of me.

Say nighty-night and kiss me.
Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me.
While alone and blue as can be,
Dream a little dream of me.

Stars fading, but I linger on, dear,
Still craving your kiss.
longing to linger 'till dawn, dear,
Just saying this:

Sweet dreams 'till sunbeams find you,
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you.
But in your dreams, whatever they be.
Dream a little dream of me.

I toss our belt onto the chair along with Your shoes…and humming the sexy little song, I move up and grab the button placket of Your pants with my teeth and pop it open. Tonguing the zipper tab, that goes in my teeth next and I begin a slow, careful drag downwards with my mouth…humming a soft breath against Your skin as I pull the zipper all the way down to the bottom. I can hear Your chuffing growl, feel Your hand still on my hair, but nothing else besides my singing is said. We are both swaying with the seductive dreamy, sensuality of the moment – even though I know the Beast is here…and hungry.

I sit back on my heels a bit and my hands rise up and hook under the waistband of Your pants…dragging them downwards. Slowly, but not TOO slowly…my hungers are heating up. My eyes caress every inch of your body as it’s exposed – the long throbbing length of your cock, inch by inch, particularly. My fingertips graze your hips, then the sides of your thighs and I duck as I move down to your calves and your cock flies upwards as it’s released. Again, you lift one foot and then the other as I remove the last of your clothing…tossing the pants over the chair with the shirt.

I look up into your eyes, scanning the body of my Lover…my God of Eros…so manly and big and beautiful in every way. I lower first my eyes and then my body and move into a slave kneel at your feet. My wild sun and pool styled hair is a tangle around your ankles…my mostly naked body is in obeisance below your totally naked form. I hold the position long enough to hear your breath hitch in your throat and then push backwards, rock onto my heels and reach up for one of Your hands to help me stand.

The big strong hand is held out to me…I slide my hand, which though long fingered and bigger than most females, seems small in comparison, into yours, and I rise….not even touching you with my body, for I know that the dance is tease enough for the moment. I reach my full height in front of you our eyes lasered into each other’s. My other hand reaches for your free hand and as they join I begin to walk backwards, to the steps of the pool, lightly pulling you with me.

You follow more than willingly…and I walk down those stairs backward...You forward…and I repeat my first entrance to the water. Bit by bit, step by step…the waters swallow us…

Rock of Ages, Chapter 2
Posted:Jan 29, 2019 9:41 am
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2019 2:05 pm
I pop the lid on the top of the oil with a little “snick” sound and tip it on end. The sun has warmed the bottle as I swam and I feel the warmth of the silky liquid as I spill it into my hand. The air is suddenly redolent with the sweet summer smell of jasmine and I am reminded again that you gave me permission to plant the beautiful vines at will on the property…I file the thought away in my brain to take out again later after the sun has set. For now I just want to feel like the sensualist that I am…my only care in the world is what time will you finally arrive back home to my arms.

I begin to coat myself in the oil, beginning at my right calf and working my way up over the long length of my leg. I massage and knead as much as spread the precious liquid, imagining it to be your hands, and I begin to feel a glow begin at the core of my being and spread outwards. I finish one leg then move to the other and then laying back to do arms…chest…tummy…sides…reaching limbs outward in a lazy exaggerated stretch as I do so. When I finish I feel like a golden glistening statue…no matter how I look in reality, that is the impression in my mind. I set the bottle down and stretch out on my back…arms reaching up and dangling off the chair over my head, one leg long the other akimbo. I take a long slow breath and sigh it out and begin to dream a little dream of you.

It isn’t long before the sun has baked me dry and I know I must move or burn to a crisp…the sun will be harsh on the white triangles of my breasts and it will spoil my Lover’s fun for the night. Since I have no wish to spoil your (or my own) fun for the evening, I rise up off the chaise and head back to the pool. A sudden impish grin crosses my face and I take a couple of quick running steps…LEAP into the air and a cannon ball into the deep end. I shoot back up out of the pool, tossing my hair and blowing at the water that is splashing like a tidal wave around me…laughing like a , remembering all the silly little tricks we used to do as thinking ourselves so clever. I imagine myself getting out again and again to do variations of that cannonball…one legged…backwards…the famous fake out. I laugh and amuse myself ottering about for a bit before again walking out of the pool, wringing out my hair and heading back for my chaise and my book.

I look down at my skin and see the water beading on the thick coating of oil and smile…suddenly happy that I remembered my phone so that I can send you fuckwithDaddy pics as you toil away at work. Again, I stretch out on the chaise…elongating my body…tossing my head back – I raise the camera phone over my head and a picture, then hit the send button and grin wickedly at the anticipated results. Setting the phone down, I clip my hair up out of the way…roll over on my tummy and pick up my book. not really in the mood to read, but it is important for storms to be directed, otherwise they create havoc to all in their path. So read I do.

No matter how hard I try to concentrate on the book…and it’s a good one too…all I can really feel is the sun on my back, the occasional caress of breeze on my skin, the rustle of plant life, the sound of birdsong, the smell of jasmine – god, that smell. I am a creature of the senses and today it is overwhelming me. I can’t seem to stop it…though in truth not trying very hard. I purrrrrrr in a long exhalation of hedonistic delight…wondering for the forty-eleventh time when you will be home. My brain goes back to daydreaming even as I hold that book.

It isn’t long before I am trancing out…feeling like one single entity with all that’s around me, thinking about what I would do to you if you were here…right…now……..

**pic not of me**
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Rock of Ages, Chapter 1
Posted:Jan 28, 2019 11:53 am
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2019 9:35 am
It’s been a long hot summer and You, my Beast Lover, have taught me a new appreciation for baking in the sun. I don’t do it as often as You would wish maybe, but today I find myself having grown bored with chores and You being away so much because of work and I end up just wandering down to the pool with Pellegrino, smelllikesexallday oil and book in hand.

I toss my stuff on one of the little tables and walk slowly into the pool, luxuriating in the feel of the water as it caresses each part of my body slowly, like hands, rather that the quick shock of a dive. Today I to feel…just feel. Today I sensation and awareness of those sensations and nothing else. Today I hedonism. So, I walk and the water swallows me bit by bit.

When I reach waist depth, I stop and do a dolphin curl into the water…half playful and half graceful, my body arcs under into the coolness as quietly as a sigh. I feel the silkiness of my hair drift along my back as I push through the water in a lazy underwater breast stroke, twisting and coming up on my back. I can literally hang in the water this way, and I do, head back under the water, feet dangling down from bent knees, breasts pressed prominently toward the sun. I straighten up, tuck my knees a bit toward my chest and just float…hands swirling in the water for a moment…eyes scanning the bright blue cloudless sky.

It’s a Saturday and I feel totally alone in the universe this day. There are no workers due here to work on the house, no landscapers to work on the yard. You were called in (albeit it growling) to work. I smile a little to myself and think “Fuck it, alone, who’s gonna see what I do?” I cant myself and stand in the shallows, look around once more to be sure alone and then untie and shed my pink barely there bathing suit top…grinning to myself as I think of My Beast’s description of the “postage stamp” top that always makes You growl. I toss it up onto the side of the pool and it lands with a wet splatting sound.

I suddenly feel even more free, somehow even sexier because I am half “dressed” (if one could wearing a bathing suit bottom” dressed”) than I would feel if I were completely naked. Again, I curl into the water and wriggle playfully until I reach the side of the pool. I do a powerful push off. I LOVE the way the water rushes across my body when I shove off from the side and even when I am doing lazy laps like I am now swimming, those push offs are always filled with all the power of my muscular legs. I always reach, elongate my body, push back through the bubbles that my approach to the wall has left behind and feel the bubbles tickle as the water glides across bared skin before I again begin whatever stroke is my whim of the moment. I swim back and forth for a long time…just swimming because I can, because I love the feel of the water, because my muscles enjoy the tug and pull and stretch and work…this time I swim not for the command, or the exercise, or the necessity, but just for me. Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth…long hair trailing in my wake.

Eventually, I reach the end and I walk as slowly out of the water as I did into it. Walk out baring my half naked skin to the brutal summer sun and loving the feel of it on my tan and not so tan body parts. I wring the water from my hair, but make no attempt to dry off. I pick up the bottle of Pellegrino, condensation dripping on the outside of the bottle and onto my skin drinking deeply before curling down onto the chaise and picking up the bottle of oil.

I pause for a moment and just breathe in the smell of this ambrosia for the skin…

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