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It takes a long time to grow up. Some never make it.

Coming up on valentine day I will speak of a different love. Between children and parents. The rebel years of the teens often puts strains on the relations between parent and child. There is a hard line to draw between trying to protect the young person from bad outcomes, and being too much of a control freak. Slowly feeling your way seems to work best from my experience and observations.

Parents who try too hard to be a friend and not a parent lead to a Lindsey Lohan type disaster. Parents who are too involved can create other bad problems.

One time I asked my son why he liked being with a particular friend. He truthfully answered that he liked his house because they were totally unsupervised! That gave me a pause, but nothing terrible happened so I accepted that freedomwas needed as well. This friend's parents divorced and they gave the kids computers, video games and comic books instead of family time together.

Back to the big picture. I miss my parents who have passed away. But I also had to learn how to accept them for the fallible people they were. I learned how to forgive them, and forgive myself for the short comings we had and shared. No one is perfect and I know that is true of me and my relatives... So lets love and forgive the all too humans we are.

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I was lucky as my folks were better off than some and we had food, a roof, and lots of toys and books and other opportunities so we were able to thrive. So considering the stress and chances we did well.

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