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Well there you go Folks !
Posted:Aug 23, 2019 11:24 am
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2019 12:03 pm

The FBI in the USA have charged 80 people and arrested in the largest online fraud ever .This is the largest scam in US history and is welcome relief to those people who were scammed ..All are Nigerians ( Go figure ) lol The charges are anywhere from laundering , online victims scammed of large sums of from online dating and romance ..The procurement is a staggering $ 46 million operation...The that were arrested were in the Los Angeles area and a few other cities in the USA.
The initial investigation began in 20 with a single bank account and one victim said Paul Delacourt assistant director in charge of the FBI"s Los Angeles office.The suspects used a variety of ways to milk from the elderly, individuals seeking romantic relationships and small to large businesses.the suspects convinced them all to online...The Director for the FBI says its a big step in shutting some of these scammers down.
One of the victims only known as F.K in court papers was obviously extremely depressed and very angry about the hugh loss ..The victim F.K is from Japan and she started an online romance with a fraudster named Terry Garcia claiming to be stationed in Syria for an International social network for digital pen pals.They communicated through emails she had to use a translator provided by to turn his English into her Japanese..A couple months into the conversation he claimed he found a bag of diamonds ..Then he disappeared and a representative contacted her saying Garcia had been injured and was in a Red Cross Infirmary and he had given her contact to him and Garcia had given this Red Cross rep the bag of diamonds..
Lomng story short , she was asked to to for Garcias many mounting bills and she shelled 30-40 payments ,receiving anywhere from - emails a day directing her to the to several accounts and was threatened to be arrested if she didnt...Total loss $ 200,000.00 and bankrupt..she had to borrow from family to off to the fraudsters..
******Ok i dont know if some of these people are very smart to to people they dont know or never met but i wont even give to my family that i grew up with ..My Mom needs i would definately do that but the rest of my family not on a wing and a prayer...been there done that and never again...But now when i stop and think about it , sorry but some women and men must be some ever desperate to do that ...glad i am not that desperate , i much rather stay single and miserable
Why should we thank Gawd its Friday?
Posted:Aug 23, 2019 6:31 am
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2019 6:43 am
Hmmm ever wonder why we should? Its the weekend of course and thats People pull all the stops most times to celebrate the end of a long week doing what the work place expects of you and once the hump has been bypassed then its a " working for the weekend " kind of anticipation yes?
Here is a little randomized bunch of memes and other raucous shit to help with the transition of work clothes to shorts

Ohhhh more fun! Cure all for ED!
Posted:Aug 22, 2019 9:08 am
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2019 3:09 am

Marie Furchgott the billionaire founder of Viagra recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show talking about an all natural alternative supplement is supposed to be way more effective than the old stand Viagra and the best part its supposed to be an all natural product. Yaaaay for all the horny drop dick men out there...
About 90% of adult males over the age of 45 suffer from Erectile Dysfunction at one point or another of their lives..and Marie's new product may be just the cure they've been looking for. Marie's product differs from her first product , Viagra in the fact it is all natural.These innovative supplements use natural ingredients to im prove and boost libido. increases stamina and improve the size and duration of the erections.Patients used in the test study cured their erectile dysfunction completely.The name of the supplement is called Testo Drive 365...and has already shared samples of the product with profile clientele ...yes even big shots have
There are numerous amounts of testimonies from satisfied customers and they crow about its effect.some are :
" Best and quickest hard on i have had in years"
" The product has produced the libido and size of my cock and my wife is Satisfied finally more than ever"
" My husband took the pills and in less than an hour he woke up with the hardest cock he was rock hard."
********So there you have it folks now can we count on having more people on the site here screwing and less complaining ? lol How can anyne who has the ED problem keeping themselves from having the perfect ride ?
Testo Drive 365 Enhancement Formula.....get a free trial and come back and tell us ..we are all ears and sweat drips down our thighs in rivets waiting for your results..Claim your free trial and cure all your ails,,,Not sure but the trial is closing soon ...
Stampede!!! lol
more funnies and giggles!
Posted:Aug 16, 2019 6:19 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2019 3:21 am
have that laugh that makes you feel good
Friday !...gotta wonder how Friday got to be Friday!
Posted:Aug 16, 2019 5:12 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2019 12:14 pm
I think people need to lighten up and accept things as they are ..because in this world things could always be so much worse..When i was in rehab to learn to walk after my accident and losing my leg i seen people who struggled way worse than i did ..My heart goes out to those people on the planet whose life has been turned upside down much the same as mine was..
People complain about a few things going on in their lives that is so trivial that they dont stop and think .." hey this could be so much worse" I was married to a man for 28 years ( by choice ) that always worried about tomorrow and was in constant turmoil about things that could not be controlled, so day by day it got very upsetting to hear that sentence, " I wonder what tomorrow is going to be like?'" I am a person who lives today and dont worry about tomorrow, its called living for the moment..
I see so many people on here stressing about how things work and its not like i dont have some sympathy for them but I come on here to chat with people , write blogs, read blogs and just do what i feel is best for me...but lately its like i dont stay long when i get here because of the steady stream of complainers...The blog posts are not fun to read any more and the A/L is way out of control..people need an outlet for their problems but i dont think here is the place for that...good bloggers dont post any more because of the bickering...Some sadly have left here and of course its not only because of the back biting some because of the scammers, whores , hookers , cam gals and bots....
So i guess my point being , " it always could be worse " what life has to throw your way , come over and walk a mile in someones shoes who is in living hell if i am going to complain you can be sure its for a worthy cause and not trivial shit...So lighten up people...
Look at the old gal in the meme real close , " things could always be way worse " lol
An added bonus!
Posted:Aug 9, 2019 12:52 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2019 5:28 am

Nope its probably not what you are thinking...unless you are local and not a scammer or fake This is just an added post to the Scammer one i posted and its a list i have compiled to let people know what to look for when someone messages and you think they may not be real or getting into scam mode. Feel free to add whatever you wish and maybe if we can help just one person from going through the agony of time wasting , fake ass , no good for nothing scammers .
First thing most of them say is : Hello pretty, I was going through your profile and i like what i see..I must say ...etc etc...
I keep a real close eye on their profile because they put their eye color as black...there is no such thing as eye color black...Dark brown may be misconstrued as black but i dont believe that they even know that there is no such thing
They also play 20 questions and avoid at all costs your questions...some are : Do you work and what is your work? or if you are retired from work , what did you do before you retired?
Do you own your place or rent?
Do you have and do they live with you or do you live alone?
How long have you been on this date site and what are your experiences here?
Can we text away from this site give me your number , or they give you an email or cell number right away...saying they are not on the site much or its their last day ..
They most generally list their job as : engineer, contractor , Military or Supervise multi million dollar contracts Internationally ...
They most generally have young no matter what their age ..always the Mother died in childbirth or in a car wreck and his parents are dead and his or are ;living with an older Aunt , who is sickly and not able to get around much.
They talk about falling in love with you and ask you how much you trust in love at first is the major word for them because thats what they want you to believe....
I am sure there is way too much more i am missing but you get the idea ...all i am saying is the way to avoid them is to play it cool...dont fall for all that because youi be the one digging the biggest hole because they dont have anything to lose .....
Scammers looking for money
Posted:Aug 9, 2019 6:34 am
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2019 4:58 am

Ok so this story came across google on my phone lately so i did read before posting on here ..seems that scammers are choosing dating sites more and more these days looking for a slick way to send or transfer money , laundering for illegal purposes ..
There are lots of boxes to tick off these days on most date sites that one has to go thru so that way your preferences dont get misconstrued ...Gay, hetero,tall, short tolerant ,beard eye color there is another box popping up that you can tick off the rising trend for suitors to check " mule " the latest trend now is finding someone who wants to be that mule ...laundering money or run drugs for those who dont want to get hands dirty by doing it themselves..Growing list of scammers are looking for those who are looking for romance .
What a better way of scamming someone than the ones looking for romance , love , intimacy or just sex..
There is an online Crime Complaint Center run by the FBI who has been dealing in large numbers of girls and boys who frequent date sites just trying to fins these mules who have lost in love and romance ..they will chat you up and make you feel like you are the only one on Earth just to hook and crook you into believing that..the bomb is dropped very subtly about helping them out with money problems..and of course promising you love and devotion forever and if you truly love them you would do this for them...
In 2017 there were 15,000 complaints filed with the FBI alleging that they were victims of romance crimes and reporting a staggering 211 million ....that count skyrocketed in 2018 by more than 70% and over 18,000 complaints filed.a reported 362 million in losses..Regardless of age the scammers have no specific choice as to whom they try to scam.Mostly widows, widowers , seniors/elderly are targeted..
First thing on the scammers agenda is to romance and show unusual interest in the victim and then they earn the trust of the intended victim ..people fall for this so easy most people who frequent date sites are lonely and feel that they have hope when the scammer tells them what they want to they fabricate a story about money as the scammers whole intent is to make money no matter how long it takes ...the story most generally involves an inheritance and the only way they can claim it is to pay a lawyer to travel to where the inheritance is stored safely in a pretend bank..but they dont have the money to ay a lawyer ...they ask for money telling the victim that they will pay double or triple money back..
They also need to make a bank account or have you make arrangements to transfer that inheritance into your account and send them that back of course you keeping the amount they promised in the first place....
**** Personal note here and opinion...
I been on several date sites over the last year and a half and have had numerous conversations with men who are money scammers..They are from all over the world and some put places on their profile that is near to you...but dont live there ...heard the same stories and when the money bomb drops i cut all ties ...I dont feel as if i have to pay for romance even if the guy is real...I did on one occasion give one guy my cell no..and that number was hacked by him and my computer was hacked ....only thing he didnt get which was way more important than anything was my banking info...It cost me 350.00 to get my computer cleaned and my phone back to rights...So i caution you if that special someone asks for money report them are being targeted
From the best seller , things to do to creep people out!
Posted:Aug 8, 2019 4:06 am
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2019 6:44 pm
This story is like the stupidest thing
Woman Hospitalized after posting a pic of her with an octopus on her face..
When a Washington woman Jamie Bisceglia met fishermen who hooked an ocoopus she couldnt help herself from stopping for a photo..Jamie was in Tacoma Narrows on Aug 2nd for a fishing derby and saw an opportunity to get a pic for a contest she was considering entering .The photo contest was in the derby so she placed the octopus on her face and made ready to catch the thing on her camera.she said later upon looking back i probably made a big mistake...well duh!
After she placed the octopus on her face it grabbed hold with its suckers and drove its beak into her chin and bit her hard let go and then bit her harder .
She says it was the most intense pain she ever felt ...well duh again...but !what she didnt know was the thing injected venom into the bite after it dug its beak into her face..Unaware of the damage it was causing Jamie continued to fish for two days and by then the pain was so intense she finally had to go to the the staff really laughed at this one ...I am on three different antibiotics and the swelling can last for months as doctors warned herThe Marine Bioligist says it probably was a small red version of a Pacific red ocotpus...they have powerful beaks and can crush shells and the venom is used to paralyze their prey.
Jamie says the experience has taught her a very important lesson "That was a stupid idea and I will never do that again."
******Hmmm next time Jamie debeak the thing before you stick it on your face or better still dont use an octopus , use a puss that doesnt bite or inject venom , you be safe then maybe join TV TS Dating and make a video about that very thing ..good luck Jamie in your deep sea adventures..

Hmmmmm, I wonder, I wonder!
Posted:Aug 6, 2019 11:33 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2019 4:40 pm
Ok i am very curious /Inquisitive , one or both ..Maybe guys can answer this , couples as well from a guys perspective would be ideal gals chime in add the two cent coin as it were..
Why when someone makes their profile to attract a potential mate, partner playmate etc people show pics or videos of them in various sex acts or just plain sucking and fucking ? I am not asking to be a smart ass or judge anyone as its their right to put whatever they want on their profile...But does it attract who you want or does it not attract anyone? Now this is from a woman's point of view but again not being a judge of anyone or anything...when i view profiles or have someone contact me message or whatever , i am not a big fan of videos or pics with the guy screwing another woman this is not a jealousy thing if you can understand what that means....when i view a mans profile i want to see him not what hes capable of or how he does what comes natural...its a preference nothing else.....
I admire the human male body and would much rather see him and really much rather also judge for myself what hes capable of in person..we all know sex is a wonderful thing and between two people its amazing to feel , and touch that body..Curious minds would like to know...I am not looking for any experts or critiques ...just maybe explain as best you can..thanks
The rise of the Satanic Temple in Canada
Posted:Aug 5, 2019 6:31 am
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2019 2:31 pm

I guess according to the people who practice Satanism we the general public dont actually know or realize what the practice stands for and so just in case we want to know or understand what it all means i will try to explain in simple lay mans terms dont get me wrong to each his own beliefs and practices and i am not affiliated with this practice...
It was a Wednesday evening in Ottawa and around two dozen people had gathered for the biweekly meeting of the Satanic Temple. Some were there in secret fearful of getting fired from their jobs or being shunned their families for associating with such a .
Instead of an actual Temple or place of worship the congregate at a place known as The Koven which is a heavy metal bar downtown adorned with skulls spikes and drawings of the underworld. Some ordered beer whist others ordered off of the menu of types of poutine...which included the Devildriver, and Cheesus Krist , lol here..
When Nicholas Marc started the sect there were four or five attending members now there was about two dozen ppl in attendance and its happening all across Canada ..Since starting the Chapter in 20 Marc has overseen all of the activities and meetings as he has seen fit as the leader...He is a Retired Military having served a decade ..he says he was searching for a new purpose in life...Lol ..Most members were from devout Catholic households .
The new literature declares they do not worship the devil. huh? While his Ottawa is the only official chapter of the Satanic Temple in Canada , the friends of the Satanic Temple have been popping up all across the official sound important doesnt it ..?
Will do another post soon on this wonderful revelry of words make up the Official rules , regulations and fancy footwork of the New Order of Non worship of Satan which is known as The ( Satan) ic Temple..Wow! I am confused !.
Cats do the darndest things !
Posted:Aug 4, 2019 5:26 pm
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2019 4:12 am
Just some funny cats doing some kind of funny , so they think so..we are slaves our pets! want add the of the Orangutan its cutish funny and the with the and t rex's lol

lol 911 what is your emergency?
Posted:Aug 4, 2019 4:44 pm
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2019 6:59 pm
These are just a few of the crazy calls the 911 dispatcher answers over the run of a month..

Like wtf just happened? lol
Posted:Aug 1, 2019 4:34 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2019 4:32 pm

Man things keep getting , I can't say weird but sure get confusing on this site..Been talking off and on to a seemingly nice chap who said he was viewing my profile alot, and i seen he was almost every time i was on here ..Said he was a bit shy , and i dont mind shy . I don't altogether trust many people on here especially guys who show too much enthusiasm and have to continually ask personal questions and too focused on sex. Hey come on there is way more to a woman than sex...she likes to at least hear that and there is nothing wrong with decent conversation...
Now this guy is local and i totally was pleased with that , so cool finally...and he said he read my profile which specifically states fwb because of my disability..Now sure i realize most men do want a woman who is complete and whole ..I been around awhile and am not a dummy when it comes to the whole scene..I am not a first draft pick and my age and disability is going against me ..sigh!
We chatted and he said he was cool with me and what i was asking for..He kind of hinted that if we met and clicked he did want sex right away ...Told him i couldnt promise him that right away , he said ok i figured he was ok with that , now at this point i had no face pic of him he said he wanted to meet without that aspect..told him i wasnt too keen on that but we could meet...So today was the day we set to meet at 1 pm near town
Woke up came on here and the message read as follows.." sorry to have to do this on such short notice , but i have to meet someone in Halifax and i wont be able to meet you because this other meeting sounds promising..I hope you meet someone that is right for you.."Like wtf? I left a not so nice message back...and i am not a poor loser because the fact i said i couldnt make any promise i would jump between the sheets, hoping he would get whats coming to him and not in a good way...called him an asshole and dropped any messages ...Now if his " new meet " works out he has to drive prob an hour as opposed to 20 minutes..Fuck head? yep major one indeed..
Thanks for listening.

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