Humpback Whale freed from fishing gear  

bitchkitty2017 66F  
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4/16/2019 2:04 am
Humpback Whale freed from fishing gear

Two hour rescue seen the whale released from fishing gear that would have surely been its demise.The whale's plight was reported by several media groups before someone had time enough to actually try to get the gear off of the whale..the animal was dehydrated and starving and ad a lot of injuries because of the entanglement ..The incident was reported to have taken place off of Loreto , Baja California Sur. Staff from the environmental Protection Agency Profepa and Loreto Bay National Park freed the whale from fishing buoys and ropes off Nopolo Beach ..they said the whale was lean and suffering from injuries caused by the gear it had been dragging for some time.The gear contained a tag bearing the name of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife..Cudos to those who rescued the whale and to those who were diligent in helping report the incident...
Its kind of ironic tho to me personally as to how the whale was tangled up in gear which actually belonged to the Fish and Wildlife Department ..hmmm the Department should be making a donation to some of the groups that actually risk their lives to save these creatures probably would help the next time the Fish and Wildlife Department loses gear and ends up around a marine animal..

bitchkitty2017 66F  
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4/16/2019 2:06 am

Just an observation from an old gal./lol

Looknfind18 66M  
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4/16/2019 4:56 am

it was a good observations, thanks

bitchkitty2017 66F  
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4/16/2019 6:24 am

thanks glad you read this..have a good day !

scoupe42 55M  
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4/17/2019 8:20 pm

My friend, we can learn a few things from your blogs.

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