He doesn't make it easy...  

amy_G_dala 36F  
1033 posts
12/7/2018 12:51 am
He doesn't make it easy...

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amy_G_dala 36F  
904 posts
12/7/2018 12:52 am

I swear to Odin that man smelled like fruit, flowers, cotton candy and sex...

ajax085 44M
9 posts
12/7/2018 2:03 am

By Thor's hammer... I think you've got something there!

Paulxx001 61M
3875 posts
12/7/2018 4:44 am

Hmmm... You're describing a very interesting and electric vibe! ⚡🔥 No warnings... no advice... you're a grown woman who knows what's going on. I can feel it from here... is all I'm saying! 😶 Yep.. 🔥🔥🔥

Words are like meatloaf- they can be sculpted into any shape you choose.

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