Best attribute?  

abcdeannamac 47F  
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6/10/2019 12:51 pm

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6/16/2019 3:59 pm

Best attribute?

What’s my best attribute?

jtwrigleyville 40M
270 posts
6/18/2019 12:52 am

This is quite possibly the most difficult question I've ever been asked. I'd need to see them all up close to answer.

hostler6969 63M
2 posts
6/17/2019 6:05 pm

I like swollen puffy pussy with an oversize clit and long dangly labia ti nibble on...

tpro5 59M  
86 posts
6/17/2019 7:30 am

Honestly all the above!!

hirajind 37M
41 posts
6/17/2019 1:57 am

nipples looks yummy

jaywalking2017 57M  
16 posts
6/17/2019 1:12 am

All of the above, of course. But the eyes are what make you really very special. Revealing them after removing the blindfold will be delicious 😋

Acuplovin 49M
12 posts
6/16/2019 9:37 pm

Tongue wants to,live there in that phenomenal perfect ASS

1hardcock00 55M
11 posts
6/16/2019 6:22 pm

It all looks good

simplyme1074 44M
1 post
6/16/2019 5:41 pm

Love the eyes but that is a really nice ass

diliphai1 38M
18 posts
6/16/2019 3:44 pm

B all want all n it’s difficult to vote fr one. Plz make it milti option vote

shogun_269u_II 57M
78 posts
6/16/2019 12:14 pm

Impossible to vote for just 1 I want it all

cc7576 42M/43F  
27 posts
6/16/2019 12:01 pm

All of the above. Pure sexy ass hell.

mike1958773 61M
177 posts
6/16/2019 11:08 am

dificil desicion pero que culo tan hermoso y todo lo demás

bonehard6999 53M
14 posts
6/16/2019 9:03 am

All beautiful but I ticked as because its peachtastic xxx

OldTatted 60M  
52 posts
6/16/2019 4:10 am

Well since I would look into your eyes first, I voted for them but no matter what someone chooses they can't be wrong. All your features are the best in one great fantastic package.

sissysummer9 56T  
8 posts
6/15/2019 9:55 pm

Beautiful eyes

hunting4real 61M/52F
28 posts
6/15/2019 9:16 pm

The eyes capture your attention then everything else is the benefit

pacnwlover42 50M
6845 posts
6/15/2019 3:30 pm

All of the above!

Funny women are incredibly sexy!

vagatariun 62M
19 posts
6/15/2019 12:07 pm

And that’s a fair question?? Honey, I’d indulge in all your attributes top to bottom, face up or face down would be the hardest choice

Sexczy69 64M
1194 posts
6/15/2019 10:24 am

Like all your attribute. They all look so good but your eye are what I be looking into if I was on top////

topjimmy2015 45M
11 posts
6/15/2019 9:23 am

voted for your eyes as that sets the tone... but the rest of you incredibly sexy... would love a chance to see it all in person

Orallove804 55M
3 posts
6/15/2019 5:06 am

So damn sexy, I want to eat you for hours.

Poolboy3368 51M
14 posts
6/15/2019 4:09 am

I liked your ass but the whole package is hot

Ineeedfukbuddy 48M
17 posts
6/15/2019 12:13 am

You do have beautiful eyes sweety. A Magnificent Ass! Perfect pussy! And Amazing TiTS!

SuckMy8Plus 53M
189 posts
6/14/2019 9:52 pm

I'd Love to Lick and Finger Your Beautiful Pussy.

Dadcurious 43M  
1 post
6/14/2019 9:42 pm

Without a doubt, it’s the ass for me. Could play with a nice one for hours

swfla56 63M
66 posts
6/14/2019 6:51 pm

They are all . But that pussy is just so yummy looking , smooth , clean and pink very lick & fuckable

milesdeep13905 57M
686 posts
6/14/2019 6:33 pm

I. Opted for your cute ass . But your eyes are mesmerizing.

phxmn4u2 57M  
20 posts
6/14/2019 6:25 pm

i wanted to vote for all . you are beautiful all around

illtrynow 52M
49 posts
6/14/2019 5:58 pm


CumsDeep 58M
54 posts
6/14/2019 4:48 pm

I say all of the above should have been an option ...amazing beauty.

fwb_n_nwa 53M
15 posts
6/14/2019 4:10 pm

love the eyes....they lead me to everything else

Jamesgoots1 35M
4 posts
6/14/2019 4:02 pm


381stcomsq 51M  
56 posts
6/14/2019 10:01 am

my dick gets hard looking at that ass...and...thinking about that pussy.

Luekin4 44M
1 post
6/14/2019 5:31 am


rohit_1611 38M/43F
19 posts
6/14/2019 5:05 am

you hv expressive eyes

needitnow69nks 48M
31 posts
6/13/2019 1:38 pm

All of the above!!!

MidnightBlue645 55M
60 posts
6/13/2019 12:57 pm

I kinda agree with all of them

117 posts
6/13/2019 12:34 pm


Cuminmyass80 38M
21 posts
6/13/2019 6:42 am

It’s hard to choose all look amazing

AnUncommon_lover 52M
22 posts
6/13/2019 5:43 am

All Of The Above...the total body is exquisite

fahrenheit451x2 56M
44 posts
6/13/2019 3:21 am

I love them all in the way that they come together but the eyes are the first thing you see.

proteus_2a 53M
6831 posts
6/13/2019 1:32 am

All of the above ?


MrHoughmagandie 53M  
20 posts
6/13/2019 12:13 am

Parts are parts. Gorgeous parts,all. But parts nevertheless.
It's how the parts fit together into the whole that counts.

UrIceCreamMan69 65M
51 posts
6/12/2019 10:59 pm

Your eyes. In a normal situation that is what I would see first that attracted me to you - and you are pretty.The rest of you is stunning, nice total package.

4FunPlayfriend 40M
22 posts
6/12/2019 9:58 pm

Pussy although the rest is very beautiful!!

Dirkk2019 32M
29 posts
6/12/2019 3:58 pm

I like them all but I’m a titty guy love a big set of tits

BootsnJeans85ks 34M
7 posts
6/12/2019 1:14 pm

Unfair choices. You are gorgeous!

dexthemax 44M  
2 posts
6/12/2019 9:14 am

All of it but had to vote ass.
Perfection knows no bounds!

Chescorp 51M
11 posts
6/12/2019 7:21 am

Everything is amazing total package!

hrnybkr 54M
155 posts
6/12/2019 6:29 am

All are great but nothing like a nice firm round ass

Ltnoman42 53M
71 posts
6/12/2019 4:56 am



Kanatacock 49M
26 posts
6/11/2019 6:41 pm

Wow the eyes are fantastic. They would hook me and the rest of your fantastic body would drive me to the edge

BulldogGuy13 43M
59 posts
6/11/2019 6:41 pm

You are beautiful and very hot as a complete package but I had to vote for that tight ass.

illtrynow 52M
49 posts
6/11/2019 5:35 pm


Meomy60CRNY 59M
57 posts
6/11/2019 5:24 pm

Eyes then other attributes

BlakStallionMTL 26M
10 posts
6/11/2019 12:26 pm

Ass definitely 😍 wow

SilverTippedGriz 56M  
2 posts
6/11/2019 12:16 pm

It always starts with the eyes.....

aimtoplease1033 58M
19 posts
6/11/2019 11:53 am

All of your parts are awesome, but that is one fine ass

JohnInNebraska 59M
151 posts
6/11/2019 10:55 am

They are all terrific!!

ItownDL791 39M
166 posts
6/11/2019 10:19 am

Definitely absolutely all of the above ...

lucasteel78 40M
27 posts
6/11/2019 7:57 am

mmmmmmmmmmm sexy

mancave33 54M
21 posts
6/11/2019 7:27 am

perfect mmmmm all of above

allnitelong2063 55M
151 posts
6/11/2019 5:19 am


want2explore215 53M  
34 posts
6/11/2019 4:57 am

you need all the above

69LoverLx69 51M
13 posts
6/11/2019 4:02 am

everyting... perfect

stezy_ 35M
10 posts
6/11/2019 12:38 am

eyes all day

gemhunter1958 60M  
22 posts
6/10/2019 11:29 pm

You have a very hot bod all of you will do great smile

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 57M
302 posts
6/10/2019 10:35 pm

Hello, Darlin! I voted Eyes...That woulda been the first thing to catch my eyes...but you have a great package...from the pictures. I would love to meet you sometime for coffee or something? I'll be in the Seattle area soon...

Crystal_Lake 35F  
444 posts
6/10/2019 10:14 pm

Your brain doesn't seem to be on the list! Unless you had a frontal lobotomy in grade school.....🧠👀

My cup runneth over
Like blood from a stone
These stand for me
Name your god and bleed the freak
I like to see
How you all would bleed for me

Gentlesmile1968 50M  
1 post
6/10/2019 8:04 pm

Well its the whole package.. Sexy sultry smart funny... And a vpice to match. Eyes that pierve ypur would, lips that beg kissing, a body that inspires exploration... A piece of heaven

FixxerDerek 36M  
39 posts
6/10/2019 7:37 pm

Definitely your ass! Very nice!

aki0804 33M  
72 posts
6/10/2019 7:33 pm

your eyes are beautiful but ass the once that matters most

Bones4523 62M
14 posts
6/10/2019 7:05 pm

Your eyes because everything else will follow.....

Desir4Fire 44M  
1767 posts
6/10/2019 5:38 pm

After reviewing your profile, I want to vote for one that you did not give a selection for.
Your eyes and smile are amazing, so voting for your face is a sure bet!!
Your breast look so delicious, I would love my lips around them!!
Your ass is an onion, one worthy to cry for!!
Your pussy looks so yummy and juicy!!! I would enjoy many of hours eating!
But what I want to vote for is your kinky mind. That is where all these amazing body parts become kinky and erotic!!

uninhibited14fun 57M
19 posts
6/10/2019 5:37 pm

Such a tough call! Close all the way around but that ass of yours is just gorgeous, although I would love to bury my face between those sexy thighs of yours to lick your sweet looking pussy 😛

Fuklikedogs 48M
1060 posts
6/10/2019 5:29 pm

You have it all, made me pick but my pick is all

gottafat4u69 44M
17 posts
6/10/2019 5:22 pm

tasty and wet.. say no more

nh3iscool74 45M  
4 posts
6/10/2019 3:49 pm

Can I vote all of the above!!

silver3474 46M
184 posts
6/10/2019 3:36 pm

Voted and had to pick one, but honestly all 4 attributes look amazing

6449 posts
6/10/2019 3:20 pm



masseuse19679 67M  
40 posts
6/10/2019 3:01 pm

You could be the most perfect woman I have ever

Leegs2012 46M
40321 posts
6/10/2019 2:59 pm

Your sexy Butt!! Very nice!!

14 posts
6/10/2019 2:32 pm

That is a really tough question!

forgotforgetting 52M
6221 posts
6/10/2019 2:31 pm

No "All of the Above" option?

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

ltrskr 71M  
3260 posts
6/10/2019 2:27 pm

The're all great, but the eyes says it all pretty lady!

looking4u69ca 58M  
466 posts
6/10/2019 2:00 pm

The pictures could have been larger. I voted for your eyes but your ass is great.

Kyguy568 51M  
46 posts
6/10/2019 1:49 pm

I didn’t vote because I like all of them. You’re just sexy anywhere you look at you.

RavenGB 58M
852 posts
6/10/2019 1:43 pm

Nice eyes, but a woman's best attribute is what is between her ears.

ares2k17 29M
1 post
6/10/2019 1:39 pm

Lovely ass, lovely face, lovely all

maybejustrex4 51M  
2697 posts
6/10/2019 1:36 pm

I would say it's your ability to ask dangerous trick questions.

Stay beautiful, baby.

bucknaked50again 58M  
54 posts
6/10/2019 1:32 pm

Beautiful eyes, and very very pretty. However, I was born an ass man and I cannot override my default setting. Oh and great pussy and boobs too, thanks for giving us the opportunity to scrutinize!

bitchkitty2017 66F  
3966 posts
6/10/2019 1:23 pm

awwww geez what do you think the guys on here are gonna say ? lol funny and cute at the same time..

Danny65432198 30M
68 posts
6/10/2019 1:06 pm

You are beautiful what you doing tonight where you from

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