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Viruses...Man they suck: Pt 1
Posted:Jul 12, 2019 7:02 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2019 9:28 pm

The door bell rings...that can’t be right. You weren’t expecting the IT repair guy for at least another hour. You’ve been having issues with your computer lately, and your friend recommended this company to you. She said that he owed her something, so there would be no for him coming over to help.You hurry to dry off. Your hair is still wet from your shower and your body is still steaming. You reach for your silk robe. You know how it makes you look, but you put it on anyway. You pull it over your breast, but the lace at the top barely covers your nipples. The bottom of the robe goes from lace to shear just below your smooth pussy. You know you should be wearing more, but something in you just won’t let you.

As you approach the door, you pull back the curtain to see an attractive man. You do a quick scan and then open the door.

“Hello maam. Your friend Sam said you could use some of my expertise.”

As he says this, you notice that he looks you up and down, but he manages to keep things professional.

“Sam said you were having issues with you computer. What seems to be the problem with it” he asks.

”It seems to be running extremely slow” you say as you lead him to your bedroom where the computer is set up. “It used to be pretty quick, but lately it’s been taking a long time to load web pages.”

“This normally comes from malware that get into your computer from websites you have visited," he states. "Have you been to any questionable sites lately that might cause this?”

The question startles you. You know that you have been all over porn sites, but if you tell him that, he will know who you really are. “No, not that I know of,” you reply.

“Well, there are a couple of free virus programs that I can download and run a scan on your computer to remove any potential spyware or viruses. Are you ok with me doing that?” he asks.

“Yes, that will be fine. Thanks for your help.”

As he sits down in front of your computer, you lean over to help him log on. As you enter your password, your breast push against the lace on your robe. You see him, of the corner of your eye, glance down your robe, but you don’t mind. It’s been a while since a man has touched you like you want to be touched.

As he opens up a browser and downloads a program to your computer, you tell him, “I’ll be right back, I’m just going back here in the bathroom. You got here a little earlier that I had anticipated.”

You head back in the bathroom to put on something else, but then he calls again…

“Maam, I’m going to need you to put in your password again. The computer won’t let me install this program without it.”

You look in the mirror and think, “I wonder if he wants what I want...there’s only one way to find out.” You loosen the tie on your robe and adjust your breast so that your nipples are right on the verge of popping out. You notice that, just thinking of the opportunity that may happen, has already started to get you a little wet, but you don’t care.

“Sorry,” you say. “I should have just given you the password in the first place.” You lean over the computer making sure that your nipples are clearly visible this time. You want to make sure that he gets every view he is wanting. This time out, out of the corner of your eye, you see him take it all in. It as if he is wanting you to notice that he sees what you are doing.

You stand back up and go back in the bathroom. As you walk away, you see in the mirror that he hasn’t taken his eyes off you. He goes back to work for a couple of minutes...

“Maam, I’m sorry, but this virus scan is going to take some time to run. Is there anything else I can help you with in the meantime?”

You bite your lower lip. You know what you want to say, but he is wearing a wedding ring that looks like it hasn’t been taken off for years. “I don’t think so...unless you can get this knot out of my shoulder.” you say sarcastically with a devilish smirk on your face.

He hesitates but then replies, “I’ve been told that I’m pretty good with my hands. I’m willing to give it a try, he says to your surprise.

He sits down on the end of your bed and asks you to sit in front of him facing away. As you sit down, you cross your legs causing the seam on your robe to spread open barely covering your freshly shaved pussy. You know that this might just push him to the point of no return...

He takes his hands and starts to massage your shoulder. You wince in pain as he finds the knot that has been bothering you.

“There it is.” he says, as he starts to massage all around the knot. His hands slide under the collar of your robe. You feel your breast enlarge with anticipation. “Is he going to really touch me like I want…”

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