My Belief  

Scormxon 32M
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3/15/2019 11:32 am
My Belief

This My belief i it infiniti and its pretty much the combination of all Polly religions and all mono religions with all persons places and thing in. I have a strong belief in magic and in all forms of energy both physical and spiritual i belief in 13 magical elements dark light fire water earth air soul time space mind body spirit and love with the 14 element the combination of all of the others called chaos i belief in science too i believe evolution was only half of our creation the building blocks i would say and the creation stories from Christianity was jut the blueprint to life. My belief contain almost all others beliefs as well if i agree with them is. So if you have read this tell in this blog what you believe in? for example i believe my spirit animal is a dragon and i what people who are gifted in the spiritual arts a chaos-manncer witch means i use all the magical elements when it comes to casting spells i also have been able to cleans corruption from the souls of the dead and convert corruption into positive energy i also tend to absorb negative energy from people around and convert energy also into positive energy.

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