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Pale_Guy 25M
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12/3/2018 12:43 am
Phone numbers

Alright, so to preface this question I have a short story to tell. I was recently talking to a couple on here- things were going good and we were talking about meeting up for a short meet and greet before possibly moving on to more than that.

If things had gone well then this would have been my first time taking part in a threesome, so as I am sure you can imagine, I was pretty excited. However, that is when things turned somewhat sour. You see, they wanted to trade phone numbers before meeting but I wasn't comfortable doing that. I never give out my phone number until after I meet someone in person and confirm that they are who they say they are. My reasoning being that a phone number is far too easy to abuse.

And so I offered to instead talk over various free chat apps which are much safer to use before meeting. They didn't budge though, so that ended there. This whole experience made me curious about when other people here prefer to exchange numbers and whatnot.

So, with my little story out of the way- when do you prefer to exchange phone numbers with people you meet here?
Any time, I'll freely give out my number if asked.
Once we have talked a bit and feel like I have gotten a feel of the other person.
After meeting and getting to know each other in person.
Never, my number is private and is going to stay that way.
Other. (Feel free to explain in the comments.)

Pale_Guy 25M
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12/3/2018 12:44 am

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dabrown33 45M
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12/3/2018 1:06 am

I suppose getting a burner phone might be a slightly safer alternative.

Nowadays they even have phones with 2 (or more) SIM slots, so you can have 2 numbers. Just use a prepaid in one of the slots.

Me, my phone number isn't linked to my name- at all. But I still wouldn't give it out.

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Beeyourbuddy 58M  
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12/3/2018 2:42 am

What can happen if they get your number? You can block incoming calls if they abuse it..Just never give out real name..stage name until you meet up and have things in common..I say number is ok..Signed...I would do you!

BiggLala 47F  
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12/3/2018 7:02 am

I wouldn't have given them my number either. Like you, I prefer to use the chat apps first, but even after meeting them it's not a guarantee I'll give them my number. I have to get to know them fairly well to give out my number.

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Pale_Guy 25M
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12/3/2018 5:42 pm

    Quoting Beeyourbuddy:
    What can happen if they get your number? You can block incoming calls if they abuse it..Just never give out real name..stage name until you meet up and have things in common..I say number is ok..Signed...I would do you!
A phone number can be VERY easily abused. Just because you block someone doesn't mean that they can't call from another number, or give your number to trolls on the internet, or even use your number to sign up for various telemarketing schemes or spam numbers and whatnot. It really isn't hard to make someone's life hell with no more info than a phone number. And there are plenty of people out there who are petty enough to do just that. With all that in mind it is just much easier and more secure to chat using an app instead. Since it usually takes no longer than a few minutes to make a new profile on those such things if you really need to.

CoMoMale 52M  
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12/4/2018 2:47 pm

Get a Goog.le Voice number and I would even be careful giving that out. Did you video chat or voice verify via an app to make sure that there is a couple on the other side? Everyone on here is subject to getting burned. Your life can become hell giving out your number. Guys will post ads giving out your number on every site they can. Other stupid guys will call it convincing themselves a woman was dumb enough to post her number. All you can do at that point is get a new number.

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sphxdiver 69M  
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12/4/2018 7:28 pm

Not right off the bat !!!

Take the time to try and get to know someone, get a feel of where they're coming from.

It's usually the scammers want to exchange numbers on the first message,

Best bet---have a throw-away phone to use on site's such as this.

TravelingMan524 66M  
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12/4/2018 7:57 pm

I am a cheater and my wife uses my phone some so the answer for me is never.

deepdang 34M
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12/6/2018 11:54 am

nice post

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12/8/2018 11:15 pm



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