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Cock-Spit- it’s a web of desire
Posted:Apr 20, 2019 3:17 am
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2019 5:40 am

I’ve made plans to meet a man for the pre-sex interview...the sniff test. Do we resemble our photographs, are we who we claim to be, wants and all? Is there chemistry? I’m going in disappointed, not a great start. He’s one man, likely to be fueled by fantasy and delusional about his endurance and abilities. It’s common and I’m over it. But my pussy wins this battle, every single time. So here I am. The pre-date, date.

I’ve stopped encouraging sex chat, prior to meeting- who can live up to fantasy? Certainly, noone I’ve ever fucked. I need- in the moment- reality and flow. I need a man who can negotiate real time. Can he read the Not my mind, but my body and my speech. Can he tell me what he wants without sounding like he’s watched porn for the past five years verses communicating with a human. “Suck my dick” oh sweetie, how about “ I miss your lips around my cock”. I’ve no idea what to expect from my sniff-test date. I’ll hope for a good outcome and foster his best.

It’s 5:45 and I’m on my second Bumblebee - some concoction the bartender suggested- waiting at the window seat of a pub downtown. It’s tasty and my date is late. Frankly, the later the better for his cock; a few drinks nearly ensures a mind-blowing suckfest. I’m already imagining a trip to the men’s room for quick lick. A suck of his swollen head and I deep throat lunge to get my juices flowing. “ please don’t be dull” it’s so hard to fuck dull. I mumble to myself. Maybe a bit too loudly as the table next to me glances my direction. I raise my glass, “cheers!”

The drink is warming me all over, wait, second drink...drinks are warming me and it’s lovely. Maybe I should hold off on that third drink. I stretch out a bit and peruse the room. Maybe it’s time for a backup plan. A pre- game event? I’m liking that idea. The room is filling slowly with the after- work crowd and the volume seems to have been turned to high. The energy is less than chill, and I’m questioning everything. Including but not limited to my attire. I’m all curves, curves are best served tight. Im wearing a blush color which enhances said roundness. I’m surrounded by rectangles and professional color pallets. I sip the last of my drink through my straw, straighten my spine, blink and decide to wander. Waving over my waiter, I begin to plot my next move...bathroom visit first.

I’m navigating the maze of polyester when I find myself face to face with a bearded wonder. He has quite the influence on my gate, even I note the increase in fluidity. Ginger beer, beard and testosterone = my sudden desire to pose in motion. Breasts up and out while swiveling my hips and pulling my long hair from my face. All while tilting my head, maintaining eye contact and coming to a graceful pause. I pay close attention through my buzzed goggles to note where he’s going to look first. Is he a breast man? Ass man, just waiting for me to walk nipples harden in anticipation. I slow toothy smile crosses my face and there it is, he maintains eye contact and steps aside...ass man.

I’m good from the front, I’m great from the back. Round, full ass, small waist, long hair. The hair is like an arrow, follow it to your next destination. More importantly, I know how to walk. I wear skirts when I’m open to fucking; easy access and they give men a great line to follow. I slide past my bearded dream and make sure to stay in view as I wander off.

As tempting as the men’s room is, I head for the ladie’s and fumble with my phone while I wait in line; because there’s always a line. No text from my date. Maybe it’s time for another fuck-site visit. Logged in and perusing I try to find locals. Available, attractive, locals. As I nudge forward in line, I start looking at cock pics- I know, I’m the only woman who likes a nice cock pic. “ here’s a delicious cock” I enlarge the pic and suddenly there’s a hand in my waist, moving me aside. This is common, I reflexively start to side step, when I realize it’s my beard. “ I can help you” says a baratone voice. I smile and let him lead me away. Taking my hand he walks me to the end of the hall and turns the corner. We’re facing a wall, it ends about 12 inches from the open hallway, and he’s turning me so my back is to the wall. Hand above my head, holding my wrists, he leans in and takes my lower lip with his mouth. He’s blocking some of the view, with his shoulders, but I couldn’t care less the moment his other hand slides up my skirt and between my legs. I begin kissing him back and spreading my legs as much as possible.

My tits are aching to burst out of my top and my nipples are their leaders. “follow us, his mouth and hands are out here!” I’m moaning. I’m soaking wet from anticipation alone and he’s a magician with the clitorus. He’s rubbing my clit like he knows me. Little pinches, I tiny flick now and then, lots of circles. Then he slides his fingers along my lips and back to my clit. Rubbing and flicking...squeezing. Back down the lips, circling my pussy hole, sliding back up. “Fuck. I need your cock in my mouth” I breathe into his ear. With that he slides his two fingers into me. Not a word, only a smile on his face as he leans in to bite my lower lip.

I’m swaying onto his fingers, letting him finger fuck me. I’m sucking his mouth and I can feel myself dripping all over his hand. Squeezing my pussy around his fingers, slide, arch...fuuuckkk. His thumb? moves to my clit and I know this won’t last much longer. How is he doing this? Yes, rub all of me. My mouth is open and wanting. Fill my mouth. His mouth moves to my neck and he starts pounding my pussy with his fingers. I’m seeing new colors, I’m hyperventilating...then the wash of ecstasy begins. It almost knocks on your brain for permission. Or tickles your cunt as a warning. We are here. Have us. Take us. Open up for us. I open wide. As the sensation of warmth travels through me, his fingers begin to feel like they know all the answers, and then the internal quake begins. You know exactly where it is, you want to chase it, yet it’s foreign somehow.

He’s still fucking me with his hand, biting my neck and I’m starting to see, normally, again. Take it all in. Register the new moment. That’s when I realize that my date is standing there. My sniff test. Beard notes my attention shift, slides his fingers out, turns to date boy and slides them in his mouth. I’m instantly hot again and only slightly terrified. I stare at him, waiting for a response. It feels like forever, it’s less than two seconds. Date boy sucks his fingers and I can feel my pussy vibrate with joy.

I get on my knees and unzip their trousers. I start with date boy, he’s hard and swollen and oh so fucking tasty. I suck just the head. Slowly. Wrap my lips around and tickle his cock with my tongue. Get it as wet as I can and pull my juices down his shaft. While I stroke his cock, I grab beard’s cock and slide him all the way down my throat. One long, tight slide- his cock is big and throbbing from our little excursion. My eyes begin to water and my nipples nearly explode.

What’s better than two cocks in your mouth? I’m licking and sucking, rubbing, grabbing and stroking. They’re taking turns holding my hair or my neck to get their cocks in deeper. I’m looking up at them and I’m thinking this could only be better if I was bouncing on one more cock. I’m thrilled. They’re watching every move. Opening their own mouths out of desire. Moaning and smiling. Cajoling. Encouraging every delicious taste. The sucking intensifies and my nose is running. My eyes. My pussy. My mouth. Liquid everywhere. Sucking heads, stroking shafts, deep throating cock all while grabbing a sack of balls now and then. Oh my god. Fuck my throat. Make me gag. Drool is hanging off their cocks and dripping onto my chest, between their’s a web of desire.

I grab their asses and they take turns fucking my mouth. Pound, pound, pull out. Slide, gag, slide deeper, pull out. Beard let’s date finish first and he comes in my mouth. I’m sucking his head as he gyrates his load. Beard slides in and gets his cock so deep his balls are under my chin. He stays in there and pumps until I can feel his treat on the back of my throat. Warm and filling. I suck his cock dry and settle back on my heels.

My ass is in the hallway that leads to the restrooms- the hallway is full. Still. I joke with beard that I was certain he was an ass man, as I stand. He smiles, turns me around, up against the wall, leans in and whispers, while pulling up my skirt, “ oh, I am .”

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