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I wonder...
Posted:Jun 18, 2019 9:06 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2019 3:30 pm

As a of the sixties, my parents were no doubt convinced a wonderous technological future awaited us and part of that, it seems, was breast feeding babies was old fashioned and passé, in some circles least.

A consequence of this, I am told, was I was exclusively bottle fed with the finest combination of milky chemicals cutting edge science could concoct.

Whilst I'm not generally passive or submissive in any aspect of life, I do wonder if this is why I have a persistent desire to be held in the arms of an ample lady and suckle on her very large nipples whilst clutching her enormous breasts. She strokes my and comforts me all the while. The thought of her lactating is exquisite.

Perhaps breast fed boys are not so tormented...

Needless to say, any suitably equipped lady in striking distance please feel free to get in touch!
Hopeless fumbling
Posted:Jun 17, 2019 2:20 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2019 2:59 am

My mind is lost in reverie thinking about my first experiences... Caroline was her name. She wasn’t my first girlfriend but she was, shall we say, my first.

She was beautiful and sweet with shoulder length brown hair, pretty green eyes, a wonderful tanned-looking complexion (such a contrast to my own very pale skin which only ever turns pink when exposed to sunlight!) and a 34x23x36 figure.

My mother and sisters thought she was silly and vapid but, looking back, I think she was just over-awed by three older, confident women who were clearly testing her.

Anyway, we must travel back to the beautiful summer of 1983; I had just left school and just turned 18, Caroline was 17 and had her last year of ‘A’ Levels to complete.

But we fell in “age” love quite quickly and would spend much of our time with our lips glued together getting innocently passionate, despite my very best endeavours...

The rules were unspoken but rigorously enforced: the top half (depending on clothing) was the play area but anything below the waist was strictly off limits. So I spent many delightful evening stroking, caressing, kissing, sucking and generally adoring a most delightful and pert pair of breasts on a very pretty young girl. Delightful, that is, until my cock thought it would explode and my balls would ache horribly until after I’d driven her home and could get back and bring myself some relief.

Life continued like this through autumn and winter with my frustration growing with each passing day. Knowing, as I was sure at the time, that there is a special place in heaven for virgins and being desperately keen not to end up with “that” group, my unwanted innocence was hanging round my neck like an albatross. To make things worse, my 19th birthday was getting uncomfortably close (with Caroline’s 18th about a month closer) and to still not be “a man” by this point would be a serious life goal missed.

However, my cheeky attempts to grope uncharted territory were becoming bolder and not being resisted with quite such vigour. Our “alone time” was definitely becoming more passionate and I guess I was learning a little technique and becoming slightly less hopeless.

One Saturday evening we were “listening to music” in my room, faces stuck together almost constantly at the lips and my hands roaming freely over the “green zone”. As we writhed together my leg found itself between hers and she sighed as I rubbed my knee gently against her pussy.

Encouraged, I continued to rub against the thick cotton of her jeans, noticing the increasing heat radiating from the area, her ever-deeper gulps of breath and her increasingly heaving bosom.

I kissed her neck and ears, sucked hard on her teats, nibbled the skin all the way back to her lips whereupon she sucked my tongue into her mouth as soon as it presented itself.

Her hips were now rising and pushing back firmly against my knee as it moved back and forth. I slowly increased the speed and intensity as my hands rippled her skin and pinched her stiff nipples. She was now gasping and gulping for air, desperately trying to keep quiet as the 45 minutes offered by one side of the cassette tape of music we were supposed to be enjoying had concluded some minutes before.

Finally she shuddered, gasped and spasmed a few times, her thighs gripping my knee with great intensity as waves of pleasure overcame her, before falling back, sweating and panting. Her heart beating so hard it made her breasts jiggle with an hypnotic strobe-like effect.

I stroked her face and kissed her. She wrapped her arms tightly around me and we lay there in the soft light without speaking until it was time for me to take her home.

Whilst I considered this to be good progress, I could not have imagined what would follow a couple of weeks later on her birthday.
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A stolen afternoon
Posted:Jun 16, 2019 3:19 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2019 12:45 am

Your front door opens as I approach it and I slip inside quickly and discretely. The lock clicks shut as I turn to look at you. You’re wearing an exotic silk gown which falls open as the hand holding it closed moves to my shoulder. “Hello again,” you say as I draw you in to kiss me.

“Hello!” comes the soft response when our lips part and a firm hand grips your buttocks, a wandering finger pushing between the soft cheeks and stroking the cloth of your panties.

You take my hand and lead me upstairs, your open gown allowing brief glimpses of your thighs as I follow.

“Would you like anything, a coffee perhaps..?” you ask as we reach the top. I smile and slowly shake my head and follow you to the sitting room where you allow your robe to slide off your shoulders and twirl round to face me. Your My hands stroke your belly and hips and we kiss while your fingers quickly undo my shirt buttons and pull at my belt. “you’re a little over-dressed,” you whisper, “We should correct that.” My jeans fall to the floor and you push my shirt from my shoulders before cuddling into me again and feeling skin against skin.

I unclasp your bra and it falls between us allowing me to feel your nipples pressing into me while I massage your backside. I turn you around and pull us together. You immediately feel a radiantly hot hardness slide between your cheeks, constrained only by two thin layers of cloth. You push hard into it, rubbing up and down its length while hot lips rain down on your neck and shoulders and back. One hand is teasing your nipples while the other is stroking between your thighs, only occasionally flicking or stroking the gusset of your knickers. You gasp each time it does and finally beg me to stop teasing.

I gently push you to kneel on the sofa and quickly removing my remaining items of clothing, settle down behind you. The picture before me is mouth-watering: your bottom is a beautiful shape with your knees together and just tiny turquoise panties covering your most intimate places. Your pussy makes an inviting bulge at the gusset before the backless “string” disappears between two delicious plump cheeks. A little damp spot has already formed, darkening the colour slightly.

I gently smack the presented cheeks, marvelling at the rippling flesh and pinkish colour which forms, before clutching one in each hand and gently spreading them. Fingers grasp the waistband of your panties and slide them down to your knees before running up the back of your thighs and pulling your pussy open a little. You shudder at their invasive touch, arching your back and pushing back towards me. “Don’t tease,” you plead.

“Where would you like to feel my tongue?” I ask, making it clear there may be a little more teasing to come. “Maybe here?” I continue, my thumb just touching your clit.

“Oh yes,” you whisper hoarsely, “Yes please.”

“Maybe here..?” My thumb is now near your pussy, slipping over the entrance. You push back to try to impale yourself on it but I’m too quick for you. “I think you’ll want it here too, won’t you?” I say as a sticky wet thumb slides upwards and teases your bum hole. Your breathing has become harsh and your body is starting to tremble.

Finally I take pity on you and press my face into you, tongue searching out your clit, lips sucking on to it. You are panting and moaning in appreciation, pushing yourself back hard in time with my mouth and tongue. I suck your labia into my mouth and nibble on the wet flesh. My tongue lashes back and forth then side to side across your clit which is standing proudly to attention. Thumbs pull your pussy open and I lick around its entrance. “Slip a finger in.” You urge me but as the final word escapes your lips it’s lost in a gasp as my tongue stabs inside you. You feel your orgasm start to build but the tongue withdraws before you get too far and hot lips start to kiss your buttocks, interspersed by sharp nibbles on the soft, sweet flesh.

Firm fingers pull your cheeks apart and suddenly you squeal as you feel hot breath and a tongue exploring your bum, tickling the entrance, softly pushing at it, urging it apart. Your head is lolling and your gasping for breath, barely able to form coherent words. I manage to make out “Dirty boy...” before moaning resumes. Your hips are rhythmically pushing back into my face as your pleasure and delight heightens.

A stiff thumb is teasing your clit and pussy but it finally slips into your pussy which has been weeping its tears down the back of your thighs. You take a huge breath as it easily enters you, its full length in one sweet plunge before your own movements slide it in and out.

I am ragingly hard and desperate to stand and thrust myself inside you and the moment is fast approaching as I sense you are soon to cum.

Finally I move and almost instantly the thumb is replaced by something much bigger and harder. It’s entire length disappears inside you and I hold it there for several seconds enjoying the hot, wet, glorious confinement before withdrawing and re-entering with increasing speed.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” you gasp as I feel your pussy gripping me with spasms of increasing intensity and drenching me with warm, sticky juices.

“Me too!” I manage to reply as the waves of intense pleasure begin to overwhelm me. Our bodies crash together, one hand holding your hip to ensure our continued connection, the other gripping your bum, its thumb tickling the we sticky entrance to your bum.

Finally we both explode, hot juices mingling, moaning, panting, twitching and gasping, sweat dripping from us, exhausted and spent, unable to speak...
The essense of pleasure...
Posted:Jun 16, 2019 6:14 am
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2019 2:53 pm

I’m watching you from the bed, my eyes following your every move, almost willing your clothes to start falling off.

Finally the fussing is complete, every hair in place, every task complete and, at last, buttons are being unfastened. I stare intently at the ever increasing amount of cleavage being revealed in the mirror as you face it.

You glance up at the mirror and catch me blatantly ogling you. Shaking your head, you turn to face me and continue to unbutton your blouse, but now more slowly and deliberately.

At last I can see your bra, tightly constraining two magnificent orbs of flesh, the tops of which wobble hypnotically as you move.

You stand up slowly and deliberately before shaking the blouse from your shoulders and I’m awed by the flesh now on display. I want to stroke and massage you, taste your skin and possess you but the time for has not yet come.

Your skirt falls quickly to the floor, just one button and a zip, and I sigh as I look you, such wonderful curves now covered only by soft, silky lingerie.

Hands on hips you stare me questioningly but the answer does not need a spoken reply: I’m lost in your wonders already, eyes wandering what further delights might be hidden beneath their scant coverings. My gaze inevitable rests on your panties; fixating on the bulge of your pussy which is tantalisingly hidden. It looks like a peach, two wonderful halfs just waiting to be parted and devoured.

As my mouth waters at prospect you have slipped your bra off and now hold your heavy breasts in your hands, keeping the nipples teasingly from view. I long to see them, hold them, squeeze them, kiss them, suck on them...

But you turn around slowly and bend over, presenting a wonderfully round bottom, the gusset of your panties framed perfectly by the top of your thighs. You know this never fails to enthral me and you twerk seductively to make the tease perfect.

Slowly you start to pull your panties down, just to the top of your thighs, and your pussy peeks me for the first time. I’m achingly hard for you, barely able to stop myself from tearing your remaining clothes off and taking you in a frenzy... But maybe for another time, today we’ll slowly take each other to the summit of pleasure...

You teasingly spread yourself, but it is just a fleeting glimpse of heaven before you stand and pull your panties up and turn back to me. I see your nipples for the first time; they are erect and hard, almost asking to be gently bitten...

You walk towards me and say, “I’m not taking these off, you’re going to do it with your teeth!”
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Just a dream - Final Part
Posted:Jun 16, 2019 1:26 am
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2019 12:45 am

“You dirty little bitch!” I exclaim as she soaks me with her hot piss, aiming directly at the tip of my cock, washing away all our combined cum from its shaft before moving the stream to soak my balls. “You dirty, dirty, filthy girl!”

“Seems to be working, though, doesn’t it?” she laughs as we both look down to see my wet member growing into a proud, rampant stand. “So now are you going to fuck me?”

“Yes I am,” I reply, “But since you’ve been such a naughty girl I’m going to have to spank you and after that, it’s not your pussy I’m going to be fucking!”

With that, I grab her firmly, stand up, allowing my wet hard cock to slip between her own dripping thighs, and throw her playfully onto the bed…

I jump onto the bed after her and we wrestle playfully, each trying to get on top of the other, giggling and laughing as first one gains the upper hand then the other. Finally I allow her to win and she kneels astride me triumphantly, allowing my slippery prick to slide into the groove of her delicious labia. She bites her lip as the hot tip brushes against her clit. Her hands hold my wrists and she stares into my eyes as she positions herself to allow me to slide deep into her. I stare back shaking my head slowly.

“I told you I’m not fucking your pussy, dirty girl, I’m going to fuck your ass. So don’t try to trick my cock into your ‘front bottom’ instead!” She wriggles on top of me, attempting to impale herself on my cock but to no avail. The motion makes her breasts dance hypnotically in front of my eyes and I attempt to bite one of her nipples as it flashes in front of me.

Then I break free from her grip and manage to pin her face down on the bed, holding her arms behind her back with one hand. I use the other to administer sharp, stinging slaps across her pert buttocks, which wobble just slightly with each stroke before turning a light shade of pink. I admonish her for peeing on me after each slap. She playfully screams at me to stop and desperately wriggles and fights against my restraining grip.

Finally I stop spanking her and I stare wantonly at her hot, pink backside, admiring its new colour and its perfectly symmetrical shape. I start to stroke it, lovingly caressing each cheek, squeezing and pinching the taut flesh. My thumb slides between her cheeks and tickles the tight hole concealed between them. “No!” she says sharply but only semi-seriously, “You’re not going to put your big, nasty, horrid cock in there.”

“We’ll see about that,” I reply, moving down to bite her buttocks with sharp little nibbles. I raise her hips up so she is kneeling and start to kiss the top of her thighs, sliding behind her before gripping her cheeks with my hands and pulling them wide apart.

I start with long slow licks originating at her clitoris and running all the way to the top of your crack, pushing my tongue gently into her pussy and ass as it passes before returning to her clit and starting again. I repeat this until her breath is coming in short, panting gasps and she is pushing her hips against my tongue in short desperate movements as it passes her holes.

Suddenly I push it deep into her pussy, thrusting it in two or three times as far as it will go before pulling it out and sharply biting her clit. Then I force it deep into her ass, filling her with hot, sticky saliva, stabbing it inside again and again before pulling it out and licking all over her pussy and ass then forcing it deep inside her ass again. I continue to probe and lick till her whole body is shaking with anticipation and her back hole is dripping wet and gaping.

I move into position behind her and slide my slippery prick between her buttocks, as if familiarising it with its destination. She pushes back onto it, shuddering and biting her bottom lip. “Is this what you want, Suzy? Would you like this inside you?” I whisper in her ear, pulling it out then pressing it gently in again. “Will you take it all? If I start I’m not going to stop till it’s deep inside, all the way. That’s what you get for pissing on me like a slut… I said I wouldn’t fuck your pussy again, didn’t I? If I’m going to cum inside you again today, it’s going to be in here,” I push slightly more firmly at the entrance to your ass. “So are you sure you want this, Suzy?”

She nodd in reply and manages to gasp “Yes please…” in between short breaths. I grab a big handful of her soft golden hair and pull her head back, firmly but without pain. I use my other hand to steady the tip of my cock just inside the entrance to her wet, twitching butt hole.

“Then take it all.” I say, tugging back on her hair, forcing her to move back, impaling herself on my hot, throbbing cock. She inhales in short, incremental gasps as she slowly allows her butt to consume me, half-inch by half-inch. Her mouth is wide open but she is quite unable to form any words. My grip on her hair remains firm and insistent, ensuring continual progress. She is caught between fear and anticipation, on a knife edge of pleasure and trepidation. She is not in pain but feels that she cannot be stretched wider, cannot take any more, yet cannot bear to stop. Surely she will pass out with the height of ecstasy if it continues any further. Just as she is sure she must stop or she will faint, she feels the touch of my hips against her skin and knows I am fully inside.

“Oh God, Suzy!” I gasp, almost cumming immediately. She feels my huge, hard cock twitching and expanding inside her as I struggle to regain control. Her tight little hole flexes and grips me, almost making me lose control again. Slowly I take charge of myself and start to slowly withdraw in a seemingly endless stroke. She senses that I am going to completely withdraw and pushes back to prevent my cock from escaping it delicious, tight, hot, wet captivity. Just as it feels it is about to slip out, I start to push back inside. The sensation of being re-filled is almost as overwhelming as the first time but it happens slightly more quickly, coming to a firmer stop as the full length slides into her.

Again she gasps and trembles as my firm fingers grasp a buttock while the other hand holds tightly onto her hair, like a rider on a beautiful filly. The tempo of the strokes increases gradually with each repetition but each is the full length of my engorged prick. She can feel it swelling slightly larger each time it re-impales her, it twitches each time it is fully embedded, releasing another large drop of clear cum which serves to further open and lubricate her.

Soon we have become a frenzied mass of writhing body parts, joined as one and perfectly in harmony with each other, meeting and matching each others movements, calling out to each other, moaning wildly, exalting the other, begging for release and conclusion. Sweat streams from us as the pace quickens again, the emotional intensity rising with our passions.

“Oh, Suzy, I want you… You are the best of the best of the best… Oh God…”

“Sir, cum in me now, please..!”

Finally she feels me tense and shudder and each thrust becomes more frantic than the last. Her own climax grips her with ever greater waves of unstoppable pleasure and she pushes herself onto me as hard and as fast as she can before feeling the hot release of spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her.

The tempo slowly subsides and finally stops, me buried to the hilt in her soft, yielding body. I collapse beside her, still inside and we lie like that, me holding her body close to me as she shudders and shakes with the aftershocks of fulfilled pleasure. I kiss her neck and back and ears, nibbling the lobes and licking the fragrant flesh of her neck, languishing in the tactile pleasure of a beautiful lover.

Her eyes close as she relaxes in my strong arms, “I will always love you, Suzy,” I whisper softly in her ear as we drift into a deep and satisfied sleep.
Just a Dream - Part Three
Posted:Jun 15, 2019 1:32 am
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2019 2:41 am

I stand up and unhook her bound hands from above her head. They fall down around my neck and her trembling body sags into my arms. I hold her close, kissing her hair, feeling her hard nipples bore into my chest.

With one hand I unbutton my jeans, allowing them to fall to the floor. She moans as my hot, rigid cock touches her belly, leaving a sticky smear of clear cum from its tip. I step out from my jeans and half carry her to a chair nearby. I sit down and she sits straddling my thighs, hands still tied and resting behind my neck. She shuffles forward moving her pussy closer to the stiff cock it now aches to feel inside.

I grab it with one hand and slowly rub it in the soaking groove between her legs. It makes a delicious slurping sound as it traverses from her ass hole to her clit and back again. I kiss and bite her magnificent breasts while I tease her pussy, pausing briefly from time to time to suck each nipple in turn.

“Put it in! Fuck me!” she pleads, desperately attempting to slip it inside as it moves over the entrance to her gaping pussy. Each time I manage to pull it away fast enough to prevent her enticing it inside, even though I am burning to push it hard and deep inside her and hold her while she cums again.

Finally she can take it no more and, using her teeth, undoes the knot which binds her hands together, quickly throwing the silk tie aside as soon as they are free. She seizes the wrist of the hand which is denying her pussy of its pleasure and grabs my now-dripping cock with the other, swiftly moving its head into position. She instantly impales herself on it, crying out as it sinks deep inside her. Her pussy emits a loud slurp as it enters and she flings her head back, moaning and sighing and shaking with pleasure.

Her pussy grips my hard knob tightly in spasms as she rides up and down on it. Despite all the sticky-sweet juice we have produced in tribute to one another, her pussy feels hot and tight, as if milking me, forcing me to cum. Our passions rise and she moves up and down faster and faster, her perfect breasts bouncing before my eyes, hard nipples merely a blur in front of me but occasionally brushing against my face.

“Oh God, Suzy, I’m cumming!” I cry. She knows this already as she has sensed my cock swelling and flexing within her. This is tipping her over the edge towards another body-shaking climax and I can feel her body start to shake, the look of abandonment to pleasure in her eyes and the increasing spasms of her pussy gripping me ever-more tightly.

“Fuck me hard!” she commands, sliding ever faster up and down on my slippery pole.

Her hands are gripping the back of the chair, sometimes switching to the back of my head, forcing my face into her ample and heaving cleavage. Her knuckles are white as she holds on tightly, gripping in perfect rhythm with our rising passions. Finally I grab her hips firmly and push her onto me even harder than before and her own orgasm hits as she feels my cock explode shot after shot of hot cum deep inside her.

“Oh Suzy, Suzy, Suzy!” I shout uncontrollably.

“Sir, Sir, Sir!” comes her reply, as if answering some primeval call.

We eventually relax, collapsing into each others arms, sweating and panting. We look into each others eyes and as one say “Baby, you’re the best!” before laughing at ourselves.

After a few minutes she feel me becoming soft inside her and start to slip out from her hot, wet pussy. Her face pouts and she looks disappointedly at me saying, “Aren’t you going to fuck me again, Sir?”

“Not today, my beautiful angel,” I reply quietly, “I’m too tired, I’m all done.”

“No you’re not!” she replies immediately, “I want you to fuck me again!”

“It’s not going to happen, Suzy, even you cannot make me hard again today. I need to go to sleep for a bit. Maybe tomorrow.”

“I’m not finished yet!” There is a definite edge in her voice now, “So get it up and fuck me!” She grabs my head and rubs her tits forcibly in my face. “If I can make you hard, will you fuck me?” a slightly playful tone has entered her voice and I can see a twinkle in her eyes.

“Well if you can I will but I assure you it’s not going to happen…”

“Oh really, well we’ll just see about that,”

She stands over me, thighs aside my own, giggling while I watch her intently and inquisitively. Her hand moves to what I think is her clit but just as I realise what is going to happen, her body shudders and a hot jet of pee squirts from her and she uses your hand to direct it all over my thighs and cock, laughing and squealing as she soaks me...
Just a dream - Part Two
Posted:Jun 14, 2019 12:49 am
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2019 1:29 am

Finally my hands move from her breasts; one moves around her back, pulling her into me where she immediately feels the hot hard bulge between my legs boring into her naked belly, separated only by a thin layer of denim, while the other hand strokes her cheek as my warm, moist tongue pushes deep into her open mouth, licking her lips and teeth before starting its erotic dance with her own, like two snakes engaged in a hypnotic mating ritual.

My mouth disengages from hers and starts to kiss and nibble down her chin to her neck and then to her chest and the beginning of the swell of her breasts. My tongue pushes between them and explores all around each one in turn, licking, biting gently, nibbling, becoming intimately acquainted with every part of each perfect globe before frantically sucking each stiff nipple in turn and attempting to suck each whole breast fully into my mouth.

My arms encircle her, hands running up and down her back from her neck to her perfect butt while I attempt to eat the succulent teats in front of me, my whole body revelling in and becoming intoxicated by the contact with her own. Her breathing is now deep and heavy, matching my own coarse breaths.

I sink to my knees, kissing her taught belly as I descend, hands coming to rest on her ass, each clutching a fleshy cheek, while my face nuzzles the swell of her pussy, teeth gently biting into the lacy cloth of her panties. She can feel hot breath at the top of her thighs as I exhale and hear my slow, deep intakes of breath as my senses feed on its sweet, musky scent.

Hot lips start to caress the top of her thighs, combined with the occasional flick of tongue and gentle nibble as my mouth explores the toned flesh. She is starting to moan quietly as the teasing tongue continues to work very close to, but never quite touching her pussy. She tries to push it into my face but I am always too quick for her, hampered as she is by bonds tying her hands and holding them above her head. Also, I can always use my hands, still placed as they are on her buttocks, to prevent her from pushing herself towards me. The heat and sweet scent from emanating from between her legs is increasing with every minute.

Quickly I spin her around and immediately start biting her buttocks and the back of her thighs. The controlling hands now hold the front of your thighs, strong fingers very close to, but never touching the sensitive areas between her thighs. Her quiet moaning and gentle whimpering is increasing in volume and urgency as my teeth grip her knickers and pull them down sufficiently to expose both perfect cheeks and my hot, inquisitive and insistent tongue eagerly licks both cheeks before sliding teasingly between them once or twice. A rapid series of nibbles and bites swarms over her butt, urgent in its action and almost painful to her.

I spin her around and again use my teeth to pull down the front of her knickers, exposing the smooth-shaven peach-like pussy beneath. My fingers grip her buttocks firmly, kneading each cheek while my face pushes hard into the vee at the top of her thighs, tongue forcing between to taste her lips, desperately searching for her stiff clit. Instinctively her legs open wider and my firm wet tongue makes contact with the dripping wet inner lips of her sex. The sudden rush of pleasure overwhelms her and she hangs quite limply for a few moments, supported only by her tied hands, while my mouth consumes her in a feeding frenzy of pure, unconstrained lust.

I stop briefly and look up to her face. Her cheeks are deeply flushed, contrasting beautifully with her blue eyes which are looking down longingly at me. I smile back with deep intent in my eyes before tearing her panties off and resuming my frantic work, kissing and biting her inner thighs and pushing my tongue deep into her pussy, eagerly consuming all her sweet juice as fast as she can produce it.

Her legs are over my shoulders and I am licking and biting her clit and sucking her whole pussy into my hot mouth before switching to long licking strokes which start at her butt and go slowly all the way to her clit. She is moaning and sighing constantly now, hips starting to shake, thighs squeezing my head between them in spasms of pleasure and she is pushing her whole groin hard into my face.

Suddenly her legs lock around my head and her body starts to jerk uncontrollably and she shouts and screams, exalting me to continue to pleasure her with my mouth. She twists and turns against the restraints which hold her while I continue to tongue-fuck her as fast and hard as I can.

Her orgasm finally takes over and her screaming reaches fever pitch as each wave engulfs her deeper and deeper. Spurts of your hot cum soak my face and run down my chest faster than I can consume them, drenching me in her sticky, sweet juice. I hungrily consume it and continue to lick and suck her clit till she begs me to stop, as she hangs limply by her wrists, red-faced and panting.
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Just a dream - Part One
Posted:Jun 13, 2019 2:21 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2019 12:46 am

She is standing in the room with her back to me. I don’t say anything but she knows I am there; she can sense my presence, feel my eyes wandering over her milky-white skin. All she is wearing is a tiny pair of knickers, not a thong but a traditional g-string, with a black, lacy bra straining to contain her very full yet taught breasts. It is quite warm but still her nipples are erect, aching with anticipation, waiting for the touch of my strong fingers or the teasingly painful biting they might get form my teeth.

She hears me approach, soft steps moving me closer towards her till she can feel a slight heat from the close proximity of my body to hers.

She starts to turn her head to look towards me till she hears my voice, softly but firmly command her to “Keep still.” My hands gently hold her shoulders and she shudders slightly as they touch her soft, bare skin. They gently stroke down each of her arms before reaching her wrists, then holding them firmly but not tightly I raise her arms over her head.

She feels the smooth touch of silk as her hands are bound together and attached to a device a comfortable height above herr head. “Is that comfortable?” I whisper in her ear.

“Mmmmm,” she responds, nodding slightly and leaning her head back against my chest.

I run my fingers through her long blonde hair and my head moves down to inhale its sweet scent. I gently hold it away from her neck and she feels my lips brush over the sensitive skin, hot lips caressing it and moving all around it. My tongue flicks against the lobe of her ear and I nibble gently on it.

Again she moves her head around towards me but again I whisper “Not yet, angel,” quietly in her ear. I kiss the nape of her neck, inhaling the perfect combination of Chanel combined with her own natural scent. I am intoxicated and nearly fall to my knees as it overcomes me.

One hand strokes her cheek and neck while my other arm gently wraps around he, stroking her belly and ribs, working towards her delicious breasts.

As I stand close behind her, our bodies slightly touching, she can feel the hot hard throb of my groin pushing against her buttocks. My embrace grows more firm as my hand finds a breast and starts to caress it through the lacy material of her bra. My mouth is kissing her neck with slowly increasing passion, nipping the skin between my teeth, covering her with soft love bites along her shoulder, neck and ear.

My fingers can feel her stiff nipples through her bra and they, almost desperately, try to pinch and grip them. She feels my hands suddenly move to the clasp and instantly it loosens, allowing two perfect orbs to fall free. Both my hands rush to hold them and I stand behind her gripping and kneading them, squeezing them together, pinching the nipples while whispering “Oh Suzy, oh God, Suzy!” in her ear.

She feels a cold steel brush against her skin as I cut through the straps of her bra and allow it to fall to the floor. I discard the knife and suddenly spin her around to face me.

We stand there staring into each others eyes, her bound and topless, breasts heaving up and down as anticipation makes her breathe deeply through her mouth, nipples, large and stiff, pointing accusingly towards me. I look deep into her baby-blue eyes, soaking up the longing we both feel. My own eyes, steely-blue, like chips of ice, holding her gaze.

Finally I have to break the tension and I seize her breasts and pull her towards me before kissing her neck, cheeks, eyes and finally allowing our lips to touch. As they brush against each other for the first time we both experience a sharp shock of electricity which only serves to further heighten our passion. My tongue flicks across her lips, teasing them trying to entice them to open slightly but pulling away just they do. I repeat this two or three times, each time pushing my tongue slightly further between her lips but not allowing our tongues to touch for more than an instant. My hands are still holding her breasts, stroking across the soft, smooth flesh, unwilling to stop touching them. Urgent fingers squeeze their sides while probing thumbs rub back and forth across stiff, hard nipples. She is starting to tremble and shudder with anticipation and building arousal...

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