Don't ya just love a nice butt  

JuggsyMalone 29F  
18846 posts
6/12/2019 2:42 pm
Don't ya just love a nice butt

Freezing my ass off.

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JuggsyMalone 29F  
3368 posts
6/12/2019 2:42 pm

If you like leave a comment

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Leegs2012 46M
40782 posts
6/12/2019 2:43 pm


shadowtoo69 64M  
521 posts
6/12/2019 2:47 pm

Might be a cold butt, but it is so very sexy.

Vader0967 51M
220 posts
6/12/2019 2:47 pm

got a nice hot poker to warm your ass up

looking4u69ca 58M  
549 posts
6/12/2019 2:47 pm

Yes I love a nice butt. That is a wonderful butt.

lookin4lust6 52M
69 posts
6/12/2019 2:50 pm

Very sexy butt i would love to get ahold of that

ItownDL791 39M
168 posts
6/12/2019 2:51 pm

Very damn sexy!!

RavenGB 58M
855 posts
6/12/2019 3:11 pm

The nice thing about winter sport is the apres ski!

Intangir13 40M  
35 posts
6/12/2019 3:11 pm

Delicious! Great pic!

WhyNotSee2017 51M  
6 posts
6/12/2019 3:11 pm

Nice butt!! I'll be more than happy to help it get warm.

pizzaguy692253 52M
41 posts
6/12/2019 3:12 pm

Love that sexy ass...would love to be behind it

BigDickAntoni 39M
2 posts
6/12/2019 3:14 pm

Damn . Love that ASS !

jhoney34562018 23M
7 posts
6/12/2019 3:16 pm

of course i do

Darbintx 50M
59 posts
6/12/2019 3:17 pm

you have a great butt I sure hope your bf got to slide deep inside you while you were standing there.

Pussycumwanker 48M
92 posts
6/12/2019 3:19 pm


I cum here every day. That's a whole lot of cum to consider.

Batboy932 25M
10 posts
6/12/2019 3:21 pm

I hope as you were penetrated out in the open, your moans paired with the sounds of nature and the both give into natural instinct.

hardbiguy262 52M
9 posts
6/12/2019 3:26 pm

Wow...…..that is one nice ass

fightfire365 48M
49 posts
6/12/2019 3:28 pm

Great ass yummy

Kanatacock 49M
34 posts
6/12/2019 3:39 pm

Beautiful bum shot. Love the cute turn around smile. I think that sexy smile my me harder than the bum view.

scott6250 56M
19265 posts
6/12/2019 3:46 pm

Love that fine ass!

"Sweet, steamy, sensuous kisses light the bright fires of passionate lust within us." scott6250

billn559 64M
26 posts
6/12/2019 3:58 pm

omg so hot

Tooldup 51M
7 posts
6/12/2019 4:01 pm

mmmmmmmm... yummy butt hun- just checking out one getting reamed by a bbc......omg!!! horny.....and i'm hard!

Pleasureinc 55M  
1038 posts
6/12/2019 4:03 pm

Sincere congratulations, will attract lots of attention, Juggsy!

bucknaked50again 58M  
54 posts
6/12/2019 4:05 pm

It's more like lust in my case, but yes

Dirkk2019 32M
29 posts
6/12/2019 4:11 pm

Yes I do lol makes me want to give you a hard spanking among other things lol

hottestindian8 36M
1 post
6/12/2019 4:14 pm

really Nice!

scooterdude88c 54M  
177 posts
6/12/2019 4:22 pm

How can you be freezing ? That ass is hot

silver3474 46M
184 posts
6/12/2019 4:53 pm

Would love to warm you up

kinkynsa2day 53M
17 posts
6/12/2019 4:54 pm

its have what i think is a nice ass , but nowadays a fat or big ass are idea why people like morbid obesity , asses that are larger than any other part of your

Farling1 63M  
758 posts
6/12/2019 5:18 pm



big54al 65M
2000 posts
6/12/2019 5:19 pm

Who's the lucky photographer?

ATonOFun 46M
92 posts
6/12/2019 6:39 pm

Can I warm that up for you?

Fuklikedogs 48M
1125 posts
6/12/2019 6:46 pm

Love a tight ass like that...have hands to warm those buns up

TartWiffAHeart 25F  
545 posts
6/12/2019 9:09 pm


JuggsyMalone 29F  
3368 posts
6/12/2019 9:12 pm

Thank you for all your great comments

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_0U812_ 53M/24F
328 posts
6/13/2019 12:14 am

WoW,,, had to look twice to get way she was "freezing"...She's HOT!

espina585 61M
711 posts
6/13/2019 1:24 am

Supongo que le funciona muy bien el termostato....jejeje...

XHamburgDave 75M  
8474 posts
6/13/2019 1:36 am

Beautiful Butt

Hungnorcal2108 34M
7 posts
6/13/2019 2:53 am

Hot little ass I would warm it up with a spanking then bury my cock inside and let my hot cum drip out

Shahin883 27M
33 posts
6/13/2019 3:42 am


MrRareity 59M  
3412 posts
6/13/2019 5:29 am

Yes, I love a nice butt and you have one of the nicest I've seen. Juggsy, you're a very pretty young woman and I agree you're going to get a lot of attention.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.~ Confucius

Clumsyrepairman 33M
1 post
6/13/2019 8:55 pm

Put a grill out on that deck and wouldnt leave till the snow melted

Hot_Men_Ever 48M
119 posts
6/14/2019 1:15 am

soooooo hot

WhyteKnight55 47M
3 posts
6/14/2019 6:57 am

Well that butt I do love@

Orallove804 55M
3 posts
6/15/2019 5:01 am

I would eat you for hours!

wildthoughts 63M
952 posts
6/15/2019 10:08 am

Icy hot !

pacnwlover42 50M
6853 posts
6/15/2019 2:46 pm

I love that pic! Your cute face and cute ass!

Funny women are incredibly sexy!

jrkingshow 46M
5233 posts
6/17/2019 1:21 am

A nice ass to freeze, have to say ;D

DrUniTeacher 41M
13 posts
6/17/2019 3:16 pm

mmm so sexy x

SummerFun1269 38M
10 posts
6/19/2019 1:14 pm

Very nice!!

mike69bb2 55M
1 post
6/22/2019 5:49 pm

Very fine

Wolfenstein52 39M
15 posts
6/23/2019 8:47 pm

Get warm before ur cute ass freezes

Jcole504 38M  
1 post
6/23/2019 9:09 pm

Nice ass!!

uninhibited14fun 57M  
23 posts
6/24/2019 12:58 pm

You know I love a hot butt and yours is exceptionally hot.
Thanks for sharing!

shootitome2 68M
15 posts
6/25/2019 2:09 am

Can, um.. I mean would you, uhh... Well Damn, tongue -tied.


looking4u69ca 58M  
549 posts
6/25/2019 12:32 pm

Yes it is an extremely nice butt

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