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Posted:Jun 13, 2019 10:02 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2019 6:46 am
I believe we would all agree Kissing makes us feel good all over. Of course I’m not talking about Kissing as in getting a peck on the check. I talking about two people, lips to lips, as a preliminary to sex.

Kissing has become so common no one thinks about the mechanics of Kissing. It is so natural we just do it without thinking of what happens or why.

Our lips are the most sensitive part of our body. Our lips are two hundred times more sensitive than our fingertips.

We tend to wear lipstick to soften and smooth our lips to give men a sexual sensation. We want to Kiss the man we desire and are willing to give our body to.

Kissing tells the Brain to start releasing certain bodily chemicals causes us to enter the zone of sexual arousal. Kissing begins the release of the Love/Pleasure compounds faster than any other human interaction.

Kissing sends silent signals to each per in the Kiss. If a man initiates the Kiss he is asking to have sex. When the female initiates the Kissing
she is signaling she wants to have sex.

This is an important part of Kissing, who initiates the Kissing.

I’ve found the best way to start Kissing, if I want sex with his man, is to gently place my hands on the sides of a man face, pull him slowly to me while looking deep into his eyes. As the lips meet, the eyes tend to close unconsciously. The Kissing starts very softly.

The first kiss does not need to include penetrating his lips with your tongue. You want to feel his reaction to the first Kiss before you begin tonguing him. If he slips his tongue in between your lips, he is telling you he is ready already.

But don’t allow the Kissing to stop and rip off your panties too soon. Each Kiss increases the flow of Passion chemicals to other part of your body. You must feel your temperature rise, your breathing getting quicker, your genital area starting to quiver.

In my experience, the more and the longer and the more often the Kissing, the more pleasurable the sex.

Even during sex I want to be Kissed. It keeps my juices flowing and my entire body feeling the Passion. This is why I’m not generally a fan of “Doggy Style” sex. There is no Face-to-Face intimacy involved.

I want to be able to inhale the scent of a man during sex, to watch his face as he builds toward orgasm, to drive my tongue into mouth and taste his Passion.

Surely, there are many forms of Foreplay, but to me Kissing is the most erotic and sensual of all. Love making, as opposed to just having sex, begins with Kissing.

More than a picture of a large cock, a man who tells me how he want to Kiss me is much more likely cue my interest.

Don’t ever underestimate the Power of Kissing.

The Fascination of Boobs
Posted:Jun 10, 2019 11:38 am
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2019 9:59 am
I spent part of Sunday trying to understand exactly why men are so Fascinated with female breasts. I’ve have had the notion men have a fondness for a woman’s breasts for a long time but only recently saw an article listing three reas for this attraction.

Without listing them here I will just say the article was reaching too deep psychologically into the causes. I don’t think men think too deeply about why they like Boobs when they see a nice set. It is more of a visual impact than an analytical thought process.

I believe the most prominent aspect of the female body is her breasts. Women throughout history have attempted to display their breasts in the most flattering ways. They do this to attract men and it has always worked. Even today with so much nudity available on the internet and on television, men never tire of seeing tits,

I know some will argue with me but in my opinion, the larger the breasts the more they attract.

I don’t want to hear from men who tell me their wife has small breasts but they love her. It’s not about LOVE, it’s about sexual pleasure. Secretly, they probably wish she had a bigger set to play with.

I’ve talked to many Crossdressers and Transvestites about this subject and the most common thread is they want to have sex with men, either Oral or Anal, and believe Breast are necessary to attract men for sex, even if they just want to suck his cock. Even False Tits will work.

One very intriguing aspect of the Crossdresser world is if they desire to have sex with another Crossdresser, they will have some type of breasts on to present a more feminine figure to the other Crossdresser.

What I’m attempting to say is boobs are an integral part of sex in almost all cases. Maybe not so much for truly gay men but they are for the rest of us.

Quick side story to this. Once in Atlantic City my Boyfriend convinced me to enter a Poker contest. I never had been in a Poker contest before. I was asking him for advice on how to serious Poker and he said, “Just show some tit and you’ll do OK”. His theory was Poker players usually watch the other players face for clues on their strategy. If they are watching my boobs, they won’t be looking at my face.

Well, I lost anyway because I’m not a good Poker player but several men did offer to buy me a drink or maybe it was offering to buy my tits a drink.

Friday evening we stopped at a Blues club after dinner. The place was crowded so we had to stand by the bar. There was lots of talking amongst the patrons but I keep noticing the guys looking at my boobs, even while talking to us. It was obvious to both of us.

This always turns my Boyfriend on. He knows other men are watching me so he get playful in front of them to make them jealous and let them know he will be having me later. It’s a macho thing thing I guess.

I have come to the conclusion ’s it all about the tits.

I’m a fairly attractive Transexual so some have told me. I’m well educated and am a good conversationalist. I’m an interesting per. I’m a good cook and a good homemaker. None of matters.

I think I wasted my time and money going to collage. Instead, I just needed to grow a nice set of tits.

The Wine Party
Posted:Jun 2, 2019 11:40 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2019 11:05 pm
I was talked in to hosting a Wine Party for some friends last Saturday evening. To be honest, the only rea I was a little reluctant was because I had never hosted a Party where I was expected to teach others about wine. I’m not a wine expert. I just am someone who enjoys different wines and took the time to learn why I like them.

This was the same group of young women (plus one new one) I held a Cooking Party for awhile back where I showed them some very basic cooking techniques I have learned over the last few years. They are all in their early 20’s, single and similar in they never needed to know much about the kitchen besides where was the can opener.

Anyway, they have been to our place several times since we have been in NYC and always seemed to have a nice time. Having a Wine Party was their idea to learn a little about different wines and what foods they compliment. So it was a mix of both Wine Tasting and Wine Pairing at the most fundamental level.

Since I had never done anything like this before I felt free to do it my way and not in the traditional format the experts tell you you must follow. This was meant to be informal, casual and fun with a little advice learned from my own experience thrown in.

I picked a dozen wines ranging from light whites to the boldest red. Wines I was familiar with and are on my favorites list but vary widely in type and taste. None were above $40 a bottle keeping with my belief the world is blessed with an abundance of inexpensive wine looking for a good meal to accompany.

I didn’t prepare a meal for this party but I did make a variety of items to match as much of the different wines as necessary for the women to get a sense of why a certain food taste better with certain wines. I had shrimp, chicken and beef unflavored with sauce or spices.

I wanted them to discuss the wines as a group so they could get a feeling of how different people have different tastes. Some prefer slightly sweeter wines than some who like a dryer wine. Only a well stocked bar can offer each per their peral favorite. When hosting a small dinner or having a large party you should stay in the middle of the spectrum and never go too extreme.

All this went well for the first two or three hours but they eventually started getting slightly intoxicated which lead to less than meaningful comments. By the time we got to the reds, they were a really good mood but the wines had lost their individuality.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind this happening. It was a Party, not a lecture or class. We got together to have a good time which we did. If they don’t remember one thing about the wines, alright with me. We had a lot of fun and became closer as friends.

I must tell you, my boyfriend volunteered to be at the Party even though I had told him he didn’t have to be here and he had as much fun as the five of us but also was a tremendous help. He was the official wine opener and kept us with fresh glasses all evening. He even cleared the dishes from the table a few times. He even went with our guests down to the lobby when they called for a car to take them home. A wonderful helping Gentleman.

Later night he was as more passionate than he has been in awhile. I don’t know if being around just a group of young women or the wine brought out his vigor or both played a part in his aggressiveness. Maybe he was just being thankful to me.

I do know this, both of my most important needs were fulfilled Saturday night. I felt acceptance from these women who know I am Transsexual and biologically different. I also felt sexually satisfied by the man who loves me more than anyone.

The result was a truly wonderful evening for me and I am truly thankful.

Sexual Science
Posted:Jun 1, 2019 10:45 am
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2019 8:48 am
I want to share with you the Preliminary Results of my most recent Research in to the relationship between the Brain and Erection. A complex Psychophysic phenomenon that needs to be examined deeply.

In other words, what happens to a guys brain when he gets hard.

We all know the Erection process starts in the Brain. Something seen, felt, heard or thought causes the brain to release chemical messages to the penis to allow more blood to flow into the penis and then traps it there thus producing the Erection. VOILA!

The question has always been, where does the Blood come from?

I have conducted non-clinical studies over the years and have come to the conclusion that the Blood that rushes to the Penis, comes exclusively from the man’s Brain.

First observation was the man often loses the ability to speak in a complete sentence after getting an Erection. He may even lose the ability to form single word. Words are replaced with sounds or grunts as he gets closer to Ejaculation.

This happens because the part of his Brain that controls speech has been deprived of oxygen carried in the blood which is now in his Penis.

This finding is supported by the fact that men seldom Masturbate when giving an important speech.

Secondly, a man with an Erection loses the ability for Rational Thought. This is usually caused by too much Alcohol in his Blood but in the case of an Erection, Rational Thought is blocked from the rest of the Brain due to a shortage of Blood to carry the message. Life long less and learning are not accessible to the Brain of a man with an Erection.

Proof of this is evident in the statistic that shows men who masturbate while driving have more accidents than men who don’t masturbate while driving.
My Theory that the Erection draws its power from the blood of the Brain can be demonstrated by this simple experiment.

Start by giving a man Oral Sex. This is the best position for observing my conclusions.

For best test results, the man should be completely relaxed and preferable not Erect at the beginning.

Start giving Oral Sex slowly while asking him questions such as “How was your ?’” or “Do you like this?”. It would be best to record his answers for later analysis but if you can’t, that’s understandable.

Gradually increase the Sucking Force, pulling in as much blood to the Penis as possible. For this experiment, the larger and firmer the Erection the more dramatic the results will be so it is important to provide a substantial amount of Oral stimulation.

As you sense he is near Ejaculation, ask him a question that requires a detailed answer. For example, “Could you please explain the Principles of Quantum Mechanics to me”.

There are three possible responses.

He has no reaction to the question. This proves his mind has shut down several of his senses like Hearing, Speaking and Rational Thought. He is semi-conscience and his Penis is in total control. This is the most desired outcome or outcumm.

He has the ability to form a brief answer or sounds such as “What?” or “Keep sucking!” or maybe just a grunt. He still has some brain functions but most have become useless to him. At this point, you should try to get him to the level described in Response 1 (see above).

He says YES and starts to explain Physics to you. You will observe his Penis will begin to deflate as his brains wants the blood back so it can fully address you question. If this occurs you probably need to work your Oral Skills or you realize you’re having sex with a Rocket Scientist.

Whatever results you gain from this experiment, please send me a detailed report, or just a note, to add to my Thesis. Thank you.


E=mc2 (Erection = me cumm too)
Good Steak = Great Sex
Posted:May 28, 2019 12:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2019 2:51 am
I have found something works every time I have used it. I had said many times a Good Meal should always precede Sex but this particular meal is guaranteed to have a man at his absolute sexual best.

Marinated Skirt (or Flank) Steak with Baked Baby Red Potatoes and Salad

The Marinate should be light because these steaks are tender and flavorful on their own. I make my marinate with either a little Lite Soy Sauce or a good dry Sake. I add some garlic, half a white onion, and some pepper. Marinate the steak 6 - 8 hours, longer doesn’t add any more flavor.

Cube the Baby Red Potatoes. Sprinkle on some fresh Basil and toss with a little Olive Oil. Baked on a cookie sheet for about 45 minutes.

Keep the Salad simple with just lettuce and some small Cherry Tomatoes. Use only a light vinegar based dressing if you want to add dressing.

This is important, don’t overpower this Steak with a bold wine such as a Cabernet. Go with a lighter red like a Cotes du Rhone.

Give your man just a few slices of the beef to start. You don’t want him to be stuffed and lazy after dinner.

This meal will provide the protein he needs to properly “Thank” the chef. This meal doesn’t scream out for sex after you finish. Instead, he will have heard gentle whispers throughout dinner telling him a good piece of ass would be the perfect desert.

Bon Appetit,


One more thing, be sure to show a little cleavage while dinning.
The STD Risk
Posted:May 26, 2019 9:25 am
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2019 7:26 am
I met with a girlfriend of mine Friday evening for drinks. During our rambling conversation she mentioned in an “Oh, by the way did I tell you” manner that she had an STD Test and was POSITIVE.

Further testing concluded it was HVP, very common and usually not a major problem.

I did some later research on my own and found that HVP is normally not obvious to a per who has been infected and often goes away on its own. However, in some cases, it can lead to anything from Genital Warts to Cancer.

So again I was rather surprised by her casual attitude toward this. She seemed almost proud of this as it meant she was Sexually Active. It was like a ager who boast over having Mononucleosis. Not a big thing at all.

Well, to me it is a BIG Thing. There are many much more serious STDs out there that are spread in the same way, sexual contact. Anal sex can be even more dangerous.

I’m not going to say much more about this because I believe most people that have several sexual encounters know the risks and take the necessary precautions, but I will add this reminder,

Do not have unprotected sex unless you are absolutely sure of your partner. 100% SURE.

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A Wine Tip
Posted:May 22, 2019 8:04 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2019 7:18 am
A wine shop can be very intimidating especially if you want to try something different. So many labels with various vintages and wide ranging prices to choice from you might even be tempted to just get a bottle Vodka.
I suggest this simple way to try different wines and avoid getting overwhelmed by the details.
Buy wine that is on SALE.
Being on sale does not mean it’s a bad wine the wine shop is trying to unload. Those are usually in the Bargain Bin and probably should be avoided.
A wine on SALE may be a new wine that is trying to penetrate the market. Or it could be a wine that the distributor is hoping to move quickly to reduce his inventory.
Don’t get caught up in vintage and price. Older wine is not always improved with age and a high price mean that wine will taste good to everyone. All of us average drinkers have different taste.
Check the lower shelves. You might see something you like.

Proxy Sex for My Secret Lover
Posted:May 21, 2019 11:43 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2019 8:51 pm
I met a man a few months ago, on this site actually. As I recall we, started chatting innocently enough just getting to know each other a little. We live far apart so the thought of a peral meeting was never discussed.
We continued to meet on line randomly and always had what I considered a pleasant, and very refreshing conversation. We talked about anything and everything. Always open and honest to each other.
He was always very complimentary, gracious, gentlemanly and understanding. Most of all, he was patient toward me. He let me tell him anything and always made me feel relaxed. Since we never discussed sex at first, he never put any pressure on me to meet.
I started looking more and more forward to talking with him. We started planing our next chats. Soon, I was avoiding other contacts to give him my full attention during the hours we would talk. Often very late into the nights.
Then, and I don’t remember how, our talks got more peral. Probably started by me.
I sent him some very private pictures of me at which he showered me with kind and wonderful words of flattery. His reaction to my pictures made me feel very special and excited me tremendously. I could tell he he not only like them, he loved them.
Our friendship took a turn when I offered myself to him. I believe I offered to travel to meet him for sex. I was very direct in there was no misunderstanding in what I wanted to do and I wanted him in a most sexual way.
To my great shock and disappointment, he refused me. He told me he was married and devoted to his wife. He said he did not want to deceive me.
made me love him so much. It is so rare to met and honest man on here. He again proved he was a true gentlemen.
We have continued our sometimes very steamy meetings on here. I never have been so turned on by cyber texting with a man before. He has caused me to begin masturbating which I haven’t done in years.
Last night even as sexually stimulated as he made me, I could not complete the act by myself. I went to my boyfriend’s bedroom and had vigorous Oral Sex on him until he erupted in my mouth.
I was able to release my pent-up sexual wants for a man by having sex with another. I could only close my eyes and think of My Secret Lover as I orgasmed.
I believe this has happed to others but this is the first time I have ever felt Passion in this way. I can’t get over it.

After Making Love
Posted:May 19, 2019 11:59 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2019 3:14 pm
I am often amazed by the difference between Men and Females following a particularly beautiful night of Love Making. I experienced this again last night and this morning.

Last night my Partner and I had the most beautiful evening we’ve had in recent times. It started with a wonderful dinner out and then home fairly early with a long conversation over cognacs. We talked about our long relationship and what it meant to us. From friendship, to roommates, to lovers and now a couple it has just been the two of us, together, getting through life.

I was becoming stimulated by his words. He was becoming arrows looking at my Boobs.

We each felt our love and had a passionate night of love. Not just sex, but a night of deeply emotional and physical Loving.

It was soon after making love that the difference man and female started to show.

Richard was asleep in minutes. Totally spent and exhausted.

I wanted to embrace my Lover and tell him how wonderful he made me feel but instead I let him sleep and thought about his love for the longest time.

I was physically satisfied but did not have the opportunity to expressed to him how much I loved him. Men seem to need rest after a deep orgasm much more than a female who emotionally and physically returns to normalcy slower.

This morning I was up before Richard, as usual, and feeling somewhat aroused. I could hardly wait for him get up and talk about last night. My sexual emotions were high.

When Richard finally come to the kitchen he gave me a regular Morning Kiss and said he had been thinking about French Toast for breakfast.

I guess this just another manifestation of the male need to complete his recharging. Sleep, eat and then maybe have sex again. His book on last night is closed. I still have a couple chapters I want to finish.
I am not trying to be critical of Richard, not in the least. I’m simply saying that men and women are different in the ways they are after making love.

Women have an emotional component to love making that dissolves very slowly afterwards. Whereas males, have a primal need to regenerate their sperm physically and without emotion.

This is nature at its most basic level. This is why a Gang Bang always involves one female and several men. Women are equipped to have sex with many simultaneous partners while men can are not able to.

Another example of how Nature good it right.

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It’s a Manly Thing?
Posted:May 9, 2019 9:37 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2019 8:38 am
Sometime things creep in to our lives that we don’t even noticed but have a profound impact on how we view human interaction. Case in point, the Twist- Off top for a wine bottle versus the traditional Cork.

May seems a very debate but it really brings forward the discussion of the roles of men and women in our modern society.

I recently had a date with a Gentleman that I’ve known for a number of years. We get together for a quiet evening occasionally usually consisting of drinks and dinner and so forth. On this particular evening we decided to meet at the hotel where he was staying.

After a couple glasses of wine in the bar he suggested we adjourn to his room and order Room Service, which we did. He ordered a light dinner for two and a bottle of Australian wine.

Room Service finally arrived and everything seemed in place for a causal dinner. As he went to open the wine, he said,

“God damn it, a Screw Top wine!”

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

I’ve known for a few years that a Twist-Off top is not an indication of the quality of the wine anymore. Many wine makers have gone to the Twist-Off top over the last few years for a variety of reas and none of the reas are because they are now producing inferior wines.

He explained to me, that to him, opening a wine with a traditional Cork is key to the expectation of a superior wine. The process was needed to enhance the anticipation of enjoyment. Then he ended with this,

“It removes the manliness from opening wine.”

So, instead of displaying manliness in bed or in some other physical manner, he was equating opening a Twist-Off top to having Erectile Dysfunction , in my mind.

I couldn’t believe some men are so sensitive about their perceived place as the Dominate member of our species that it has come to this somewhat meaningless gesture of opening wine as a way to display their preeminence.

Guys, don’t be worried about losing your superiority. As long as you have a functional penis, you’ll be on top.

A Cinco de Mayo Party. Silly or Not?
Posted:May 3, 2019 11:08 am
Last Updated:May 14, 2019 8:53 am
We are having a Cinco de Mayo Party this Sunday. first, I was a little reluctant simply because celebrating Cinco de Mayo doesn’t make a lot of sense to . We, as a country were not involved and the events of day didn’t change world history.

I agreed to do it for two reas;

We decided to invited a group of young single people from my Partner’s office who, like us, are working away home and friends in New York
Any rea to have a Party is as good a rea as any other so why not get together and enjoy the day together.

We had quite a few dinners a popular Mexican Restaurant lived near when we lived in DC so I tried to recall all the different meats we had there to start planning this party. not familiar with Mexica cuisine and this was my only real experience to fall back on.

I was fortunate to run into an friend last night and with his help we came with a menu should be fun and is easy to prepare. The perfect plan for a Cinco de Mayo Party.

Most popular Mexican foods are very casual so this will be a Buffet style event. I’ll just put out a bunch of different items and let anyone pick and choose as they wish. My only worry was to have enough but I decided to make extra large amounts and have “Take Away” containers so they can take home anything left over.

Here’s what I plan;

Chunky Guacamole and Loaded Queso w/ Tortilla Chips as they arrive

Chicken Quesadillas

Chili w/ sides of chopped Green Onions, shredded cheese, sour cream and Grilled Garlic Texas Toast

Grilled Skirt Steak with Blistered Tomatoes and Guacamole w/ softTortillas

Taco shells w/ ground beef, shedded cheddar cheese, lettuce & chopped tomatoes

lastly, Churros with warm chocolate dipping sauce

Beverages: Corona and Tecate beer along with Rioja & Zinfandel wines

Coffee with cinnamon as a choice addition.

Much of this can be made Saturday so Sunday only Quesadillas and Skirt Steaks to be cooked and Toppings prepared.

My first Cinco de Mayo Party. We’ll see how it goes.

I just thought of something else, What do you wear for a Cinco de Mayo Party?

Feeling Satisfied
Posted:Apr 28, 2019 9:29 am
Last Updated:Apr 29, 2019 8:43 am

It’s an overcast Sunday morning in New York and I’m having coffee by myself in the kitchen. Sounds pretty mundane and ordinary but I have a smile and am feeling so amazingly gratified.

My Partner Richard and I had a couple over for dinner last night. The husband is somewhere in Richard’s chain of management, not a direct boss or supervisor but above Richard. We have met them socially on occasions at different functions so we knew them before but this was the first time to have them over to our apartment.

I found out from Richard they were very health conscience so I had bit of information to consider as I planned dinner. I am a very detailed planner when we host people so the evening goes smoothly and I’m not stuck in the kitchen.

I even choose different wines for the Appetizer, main meal and desert items. I really enjoy pairing a nice wine (not expensive) with the food. But here’s where we fool our guests.

Richard’s knowledge of wine is basically “wine comes in bottles and beer come in cans” but he doesn’t need to know much more. Wine is my job.

Anyway, in front of the Guests I’ll say something like “Richard, why don’t you open some wine for dinner” but I have already earlier told him which wines to open, when and how to open wine. I want him to look worldly in front of people he works with and not just the math and computer whiz they see at the office.

Dinner was a complete success! Guests were impressed with everything and left happy and comfortable. It could not have been a better evening. The hugs as they were leaving were genuine and sincere.

Richard is always appreciative after an evening like this and always shows his thanks later sexually. His love making has a slower tempo and last longer. He doesn’t want it to end until he knows I’m at the edge of the cliff also and we will leap together.

, in itself, is cause for me to feel satisfied this morning but it is more than .

By my knowing I successfully orchestrated the evening to possibly help advance his career while at the same time creating the proper atmosphere for true love making later. I’m feeling so emotionally and sexually Satisfied this morning.

I hope this does’t make me look too much like a conniving bitch trying to gain more than I should. I’m just trying to get the best for both of us.

Smiling Jan
Is Anal Sex increasing in Popularity?
Posted:Apr 26, 2019 11:36 am
Last Updated:May 12, 2019 8:44 am
I have noticed a shift in the sexual desire of many men away from traditional vaginal sex to Anal sex. As a Transexual, this is completely acceptable to me and something I truly Welcome. However, I have thought about just what is causing the increasing attraction to Anal Sex.

Several factors are involved in my opinion.

Women are more concerned about their ass size and shape since the Kardashian sisters became social media stars. As a , I don’t think they have any talent or special skills beyond their shapely asses. However, girls have figured this is the easiest way to social acceptance and popularity.

Women (and men) are delaying the start of a family for many reas. It may be to concentrate and establish a career first or to avoid the burden that parenting involves until income can easily accommodate having ren. One way to avoid pregnancy is to avoid the vagina all together but still having good sex. If men are more attracted to the ass, the vagina is safe.

Many men are now becoming more accepting of Anal Sex as just as satisfying as vaginal sex. Men can ejaculate with a wide variety of stimulation methods however most prefer having their penis completely surrounded by a , fully engulfing vagina or ass. Oral sex can only provide so much contact (lips and tongue) which often is not enough to complete the sex act.
Two other draw backs to Oral Sex are; Both participants don’t always Orgasm when having Oral Sex, usually just the one Receiving the Blowjob. Secondly, the messiness to the one providing Oral Sex. Only a few find this erotic in my experience.

Another factor, and this is often heard from married men, they can’t get Anal Sex from their Spouse. It is normal to desire something you can’t have. It usually makes the craving stronger. Which is way men will seek someone who provides Anal Sex such as a Transexual.

And lastly, let’s not ignore the fact that the Taboo of Anal Sex has been largely forgotten. Like so much in the LGBT community, Anal Sex is now considered an essential part of our sexual life which until recently was only talked of as being Queer. No longer is the term Queer used as a derogatory expression. Once the Taboo was eliminated Anal Sex became more commonplace.

So, YES, Anal Sex is more popular now than ever before. As a matter of fact, just drop the word Anal. Just think of it as another way to have pleasurable SEX.


BTW, I recently had my Ass Enlarged using the method of having my own Fat Cells injected into my Hips. The results were spectacular, if I say so myself. It has increased my Popularity.

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