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Aftermath of a MM Experience (2 of 3)
Posted:Mar 24, 2019 9:23 pm
Last Updated:Mar 24, 2019 10:06 pm

After a bit, she moves first. Tina sits up straddling my stomach. Smiling she squeezes her legs and fills my bellybutton with the rest of our cum. She asks, "I hope you're not done with me?" I just stare at the mess she is still oozing onto my belly. "Well, I am going to have to make several trips, and you don't want me dripping all that on the carpet now do you?" Which was a valid point but I doubt that was her intention. I felt she realized I was working through something. We had been friends long enough for her to know full well I wasn't going to volunteer any information. So getting me all riled up was bound to make something slip. So I change the subject and tell her my wallet is in the kitchen to grab money for the bag of weed while she is out there.
She bends down and gives me a soft kiss, then crawls to my chest and throws a leg over my arm to the floor. Her pussy slides down onto my neck, leaving a trail of cum like a slug. I turn my head and she curls her leg up and with a long stride, manages herself to the floor without dragging her pussy across my face! Then immediately sits back on my face covering my mouth and nose. Now, I had eaten her cum filled pussy before. Several women in fact. I always figured if they had sucked my cock clean after I had been inside them... but this was different for some reason. She ground down hard and pulled my head in. I caught myself from snapping and gave her asshole a tongue poke. Which started to calm me down, and I started to get into it. Just as I was getting going, she lifts up and walks off.
She comes back and sets a beer on the nightstand and hands me a shot. We clink glasses and knock them back. She then takes my empty and sets them both on the table, after opening the beer she hands it to me and leaves again. She is a great woman that knows how to treat a man. I had once thought I could marry her, even talked to her about getting together. She said with her past relationship experience she had no desire to ever make that mistake again. Besides that fact, she knew that I had found a reason to get out of every relationship I had ever been in. Tina and her friends called me a high-risk porkchop. (an undercooked piece of meat, that would make your mouth water, but would fuck you up big time if you fell for it)!
She comes back dressed, with a bag of what I assumed was her work clothes for in the morning and a beer. By this time, my beer was about gone. She only came back with one, that bitch! So I spin around from being on my side, sit up and put my feet on the floor. She starts to undress and throws me her shirt saying to clean my belly up before it dries. I do and toss it on the puddle in the middle of the bed. Hoping to soak some of it up. She giggles and says "yeah right, its too late for that!" I chuckle while I'm getting up and grab the makeshift buckets-O-beer from my desk on the way to the kitchen without saying anything.
Once in the kitchen I dispose of the empties from the night before and give both bowls a quick wash. Giving the outer bowl a quick dry and slipping the metal mixing bowl inside then head to the fridge. I fill it with bottles and ice then head to the living room for the fifth and weed. When I get there Tina had picked things up. My pants were folded on the arm of the couch, the bottle and weed were gone and the table was clean. She had already dumped the ashtray and wiped it out. So I checked the drawer for the weed and bowl, with no luck. I head back to the freezer for the bottle, but the full one is the only bottle there. WTF, so I grab it and return to the bedroom.
When I get back she had all the pillows against the headboard smoking the bowl, fifth on the table and two full shots poured. Her knees to her chest, and her inflamed pussy still beet red. I could still make out at least 6 finger marks the way she was sitting. "Your slow ass is falling behind mother fucker!" she said as she blows out a cloud of smoke. So I set the bowl and new bottle on the bed and downed both shots, taking the bowl from her. I take a big rip, but its already pretty much cashed...she laughs. I knock it out and toss it to her and tell her to "fill er up". I grab the open bottle and pour out the last half a shot, grab me a beer and open the other bottle to fill both glasses. She hands me the bowl, and I hand her a shot. "Well, you aren't going to catch up?" I just laugh and say No, I'm gonna get you hammered and have my way with you. To which she replies, "You know that's not necessary right?" I never said it was, just thought it would be fun! We both laugh and I excuse myself to the bathroom.
I close the door and turn the fan on to make her think I am on the throne. But I just take a quick piss. When I am done, I grab a rag, wash my hands, stomach, neck, cock, and grab my handy pill bottle from the drawer. Being in construction, I work with a lot of fuck ups. Drug addicts, meth cooks, alcoholics, and a couple I believe to be child molesters. So I can pretty much get my hands on anything. So I dig out a mid-strength Flexeril and a 100mg Viagra. Now, Viagra was new to the market at this time. I had never taken it before. So I didn't know what I was in for, but if you add a little bit of Cocaine to this combination...You will become a sexual GOD! The Viagra keeps your dick hard. The Flexeril keeps your muscles from cramping or getting charlie horses. While the Cocaine brings out the I give no fuck sexual freak that will do anything. So I pop both in my mouth return the bottle and head back to the bedroom.
I grab my beer and wash down the pills first thing. She jokingly asks if the bathroom is safe. I just laugh and say yes. She stumbles getting off the bed and leans on me as she goes in. Damn, she wasn't kidding about me needing to catch up. I hit the closet for my bondage, sex toy bag and set it on the far side of the bed. I hear the shower kick on so I grab my coke-vile out of the desk and do 2 healthy bumps up each nostril. Now I'm sitting there alone, fucked up, racing on coke, and over thinking! I start feeling bad about getting the bondage bag. While I had probably fucked Tina a couple of hundred times, I had never tied her up. Hell, I didn't even know if she would like it. Honestly, at this point, I wasn't all that into it myself! This other chick was into the D/s lifestyle and I just liked having three holes that I could do anything I wanted with. I start realizing I'm over thinking. I hit the bowl she packed for me to calm myself, just as Tina opens the door.
I grab the remaining shot and toss it back, "Now your behind little missy!" She just smirks and fills both shot glasses. Tosses one back then the other, then grabs the half beer she has left and killed it. I'm like DAMN girl you got to work in the morning. Then she informs me she only has one client in the morning and he is a long term patient. All she has to do is go to his house, check a few of his vitals and his supplies then she is done for the day. Which she can do anytime as long as she is done before her kid gets out of school! So I stand up, and apparently, the Viagra has kicked in. She laughs and says looks like someone is ready for another round. So I pour two shots hand her one, we clink glasses and she pounds hers, I just take about a third of mine. Laughing she takes it from my hand and finishes it.
She leans in and gives me a soft kiss. I am savoring the taste of cinnamon on her lips as she sets the shot glass on the nightstand. She reaches down and almost without even touching my cock she wraps her fingers around it. I swear her touch is so soft it feels like it is wrapped in tiny angel hairs. I get chills and close my eyes. I lean forward for another kiss, but she isn't there. Just as I am about to open my eyes I feel her hand replaced with the softest mouth. Semi-cool from the chilled liquor, gentle and wet. Her hand replaces her mouth and I can feel her tongue outlining the shape of my ball sack. She softly kisses one then swirls it with her tongue, then repeats it with the other one. She lowers my cock, hand softly cradling the base of my shaft. Looking up at me she spits on the base drawing her hand to the tip swirling back and forth to ensure that I am covered entirely. Her other hand raises to my chest and gives me the subtle suggestion that I should sit back on the bed. I follow her lead and sit back, spreading my legs to give her ample room to work.
She crawls to the nightstand and pours two more shots, overfilling both onto the table. She downs the first and then fires up the bowl. When she exhales she does the other shot and crawls back to my waiting cock. I don't think she finished the entire shot because she spits on me once again. The pink hue and volume tell me I am right. It's thick and stringy, she spits again, and again. She had always given great head, but nothing like this. She must be fucked up! Both hands rub her saliva slurry all over my dick and balls. Reaching behind my sac with both thumbs and wrapping her index fingers up to the base of my cock, she swallows me whole with no hesitation, for the first time in her life. She heaves at the base but holds herself there, when she heaves the second time she pulls up and off. A two-inch-wide strand of throat juice expands between her tongue and my cock producing a large spit bubble between her lips. Like a clear Golden Gate Bridge in a wind storm, swaying back and forth. She takes herself back down, that beautiful ribbon folding itself on my balls like warm taffy and inverting the bubble inside her mouth like a condom on my cock. This time she doesn't stop at the balls she rebounds to the tip and starts picking up the pace. That sound that every man loves to hear echos in my ears. Her desire for my cock overcomes her feminine sensibility and pride. When my cock, balls, and upper thighs are saturated she slows and replaces her lips with both hands.
Spit strings from all over her face when she tells me to lay back, stroking my cock with perfect rhythm. I do as I am told. she removes one hand from my shaft and wraps it around my cock and balls tight. Her elbows press my thighs out, as she leans in and buries her tongue in my hairy ass. I raise my legs up wide to give her access. Her tongue graces one side then the other, then slowly plows a path down the middle. Several strokes later, she narrows the tip of her tongue and starts teasing the opening, all the while keeping perfect rhythm on my cock. Slowly going deeper and deeper, until I can feel her tongue is strained so tight, she can go no further. She refuses to give up and opens her mouth wider pushing her face in tighter. At that moment, it was instantaneous, I didn't even feel it coming. I Shot several thin ropes straight into the air. The angle she was stroking me at, made them all fall into her hair. I don't think she even noticed. She just kept digging her tongue in and stroking my cock. There was no way I was going to interrupt her, it felt too good. and there is no way my dick was going to fall with that Viagra flowing through me. So I just let her keep on, keeping on.
Several minutes later she comes back up and starts swallowing my cock deep again. I let her go for a minute, then grab a handful of her hair and I sit up. Pulling her off of me, I put my free hand on her throat and pull her up for a very passionate kiss. Once I'm tired of kissing her, the hand on her throat pushes her back, and I spit in her mouth. It is at this moment I see she is blinded by drunken stars, with no clue where she is or what she is doing. I just smile. I place my thumb in her mouth, fingers under her jaw and haul her up like a trophy bass. I pause for a moment remembering how I thought she noticed something was wrong with me tonight. Was getting this drunk, her way of allowing me to feel free enough to work through my demons? Her drool running down my thumb pulls me out of my thoughts. Who cares, Daddy is in charge. I keep a firm grip on her jaw and stand up. I spit deep into her throat and smack her across the face mildly hard. She tried to mutter something, but couldn't the way I held her. I loosen my grip a bit and ask her what was that? She doesn't reply. So I bend her over the bed and take a good swing at her ass with my right hand. What was that? Still no reply. Again, Huh? No reply! Her whole ass is bright red with a few small purple spots before she labors out a slow drunken slurred Ow.
I palm her undercarriage, sliding my thumb inside her soupy box. Which is surprising, I figure she is on autopilot but obviously coherent enough to be enjoying the loss of control. I slide my hand between her tits picking her up, thumb still inside. Putting one knee on the bed, I stretch and plop her in the center, She rolls herself over and I crawl over her body. I take four fingers and clear her long hair from her face. She seems so relaxed. I slip my gooey thumb in her mouth, her lips clamp down tight and her tongue starts flittering. I am pretty sure she thought it was my dick. I pull my thumb out, give her a kiss then slide down her body.
Her legs open instinctively, as my tongue glances through to her clit. Her right foot slides up to my elbow, while her knee leans out leaving her left leg flat and opening it wide. She is so wet her bright red slit is glistening. Starting my tongue at her taint, I drag it through her well-worn trough, fluids building on my tongue. Her flavor is more intense than earlier but still succulently sweet. Her odor was more of a pungent musk but fresh and savory. I slide two fingers in deep and find the swollen bulb that I am looking for. Winding large circles around it, I can feel the open pocket my circles are creating. I begin to nibble on her clit as it swells and I can feel my fingers start to drag through a large puddle. So I clamp down on her clit with my lips causing her spasms, arching her back, her legs begin to convulse. I feel emboldened and pick up my pace. My lips still clamped and my tongue begins to flutter at hummingbird wing speeds. The inner puddle becomes a lake, and I feel a twitch. She stiffens as if she is being electrocuted, slamming her legs into my head like a hydraulic vice. Both her hand's speed to my head trying to push me away but she is weak. I push in with my knees to ensure I stay seated on her. She pushes harder and my neck bends. The vibrations of her thighs become like the buffering of wind in a new car with the windows down. At this point, her knees are at her shoulders and her chest and head are off the bed as if she is doing crunches.
She can not take it anymore. Instantaneously her hands release pressure, her thighs clamp to my skull and she rolls me over to my back. In one simultaneous motion, she took control. My knees being dug in, putting such force against her clit, she lets out a high pitch yelp. The weight of her body forces my fingers out of her, freeing the building lake inside of her. Like a burst dam, the freed sugary glaze floods my open mouth and it begins to water. All the fluids smell, and tastes, I don't know what turned me on more. I reach up to her hips and pull her down tight, as I try to breathe her labia flutters with the moving air. My cock swells and thickens. I am so turned on. She collapses and I don't even slow down. As I bear her down on my face I feel her give in. Her refusal is gone, overpowered by my force of will. Several minutes later the fluids pouring from her slow to a trickle. So I loosen my grip on her waist and slide my tongue into that tight ass. With the weight of her pressing on my tongue, I go deeper than ever. I am so turned on, I tongue lash that pretty hole for a good five minutes.
It is my turn now, I slide my face from out behind her and roll over. I give her now glistening back door, a few wide tongued licks then slither it back and forth. I bring my knees to her feet and put a hand on the small of her back giving her a push. With my free hand, I smack that now purpled ass. Are you ready for some more bitch? No response, Tina? Nothing. Hey, girl? Nothing! I give that ass another wallop, she doesn't even flinch. WTF, this whore passed the fuck out on me! Cunt! I crawl up and clear the hair from her face. Tina, Tina, Tina, you there? I roll her over and shake her. Hey, I'm not done yet. So I crawl off the bed with my raging hard-on swinging back and forth. I look around at the mess we have created and figure I will clean up a bit. Get high and have a beer, then take another crack at her.
Since it is now just after ten and my alarm doesn't go off till five thirty, I am good. So I grab up the empties, shot glasses and bowl with one remaining beer and head to the kitchen. When I get to the sink I have to lean over because of my engorged cock. So I just unload the empties, sticky shot glasses, and dump the water. I open the one full beer and head to the fridge. Since she is out cold and I am pretty drunk, I just put a couple of bottles in and enough ice to semi-cover them. I grab a fresh shot glass and head to the bedroom hands full. When I walk in she hasn't moved. So I unload my hands and begin to straighten the bed around her. I put the pillows back in place, and go to pick her up and make her more comfortable. Picking her up, I make the decision to place her on the big puddle. Thinking this might bring her to. I grab the bowl, weed, cigarettes, dump the ashtray and head to the desk.
Aftermath of a MM Experience (1 of 3)
Posted:Mar 23, 2019 9:39 pm
Last Updated:Mar 24, 2019 10:06 pm

I go home in total shock at what has just happened! I walk in, grab a beer and pound it. As hot as that was, I am disgusted with myself! All the pussy I have stuffed in my life and now I'm a FAG is the only thought in my head! I grab 2 beers, head to my desk and grab my bag of weed out of the drawer. I push my mouse to wake the screen from its sleep, and a paused video of a big fat white ass gripping a fat white cock comes into view! I unroll my bag of weed pull the buds to one side and hold it at an angle so all the shake falls to the corner. I dip my bowl in as if ladling out some green leafy soup! My left-hand thumb packs the bowl, my right left clicks the mouse and moans erupt from the speakers as I crack my beer and take a big drink!
The next 15 minutes are basically me trying to rinse the filth off with beer, as I try to fog my mind with smoke while my rock hard dried saliva covered shaft strains against my shorts.! Once I have but a swallow of beer left in my second can, and I have burnt the top of my third bowl. I strip down naked and click on another video of a hot well-dressed bimbo about to strut in her heels, perfect makeup and drain all the available cocks of their man milk! I grab ahold of my 5 15/16" x 4 3/4" cock and try to rip it off. Even with this hot slut working on multiple cocks in front of me, all I see is my cock and his eyes! In under a minute of rhythmic stroking a fat ropey strand hits my collarbone, then another at the top of my stomach. The remaining strands just flop over the back of my hand and run between my fingers. My cum strewn hand grabs the last sip of beer. When I set down the empty can, it moves as the cum refuses to let go of either of us! I just wipe my hand on my shoulder and chest as I head to the shower with my head hung in shame!
As the hot water is relaxing my sore body from the long shocking day. I think about what has just happened. I can't believe I just had a man on man experience. Yet as I think about it my cock stiffens and I am amazed. I didn’t like it, I kept thinking over and over. Yet my cock is telling me the truth. It was the most amazing blow job I have ever experienced. I am now harder than I have ever been in my life, and I am thinking about getting sucked off by a man, moments after... my second load of the day….what is wrong with me?
I start to wash and clean myself up, the water has made the load on my chest and hairy belly gel, and chunk up. All the soap and rag are doing is rolling the bubble cum into little balls, and matting them under my body hair. So I wind up picking them out and rinsing them off my fingers under the shower head. I thoroughly wash my cock and balls. Ditching the rag, I lather my hands with thick rich foam and once again grab myself determined to shoot a load down the drain. Only now instead of hating myself, all I am thinking about is will he suck me off tomorrow. I am so worked up over the thought the third load of the evening doesn't take as long as usual. Standing outside the shower drying off, I realize I didn't even wash my lower body. Oh well after this day I got beer to drink, weed to smoke and cum to drain.
I wrap the towel around my waist and head to the kitchen. Since I am already nine beers in, I grab the big mixing bowl and throw five or six cans in and liberally ice them down. Having been to the level of getting drunk and passing out at the computer once or twice before. I grab the Tupperware bowl that the mixing bowl fits into as not to soak my desk! I grab my fifth of Firewater (105 proof cinnamon schnapps, no longer made) out of the freezer and throw a shot glass on the ice and head back to the crank station that is my computer desk!
When My alarm goes off, I am still at the computer. Empty cans everywhere, a full shot glass, and most of my weed went up in smoke! Fuck! I don't remember anything. My stomach hair is so matted down with cum, I must have enjoyed myself. I take the empty bucket O beers to the master bath to drain the melted ice and turn the faucet hot water on to draw water to the back of the house. I return to my desk and pile empties into the two bowls and do a quick clean up then hop in the shower to de-cum. The hot water makes semi-quick work of the dried children on my stomach and slowly pulls me out of my stupor.
I don’t even think about the previous evening, I head into work and my day is normal. I go home, change, hop on my bike, and ride to the gym. Who is the first person I see? Yeah, Mr. big dick great cocksucker. He smiles and keeps on going. I think about the previous days' events, and I begin to swell hating myself for it. I shrug the thoughts off and proceed to work out like a beast. Trying to rid my mind of a conversation I know needs to happen. After my workout, I go to the locker room to freshen up for the ride home. “Dave” is in there putting on his shirt. I go to my locker in the next row to get undressed for a rinse. Just as I am totally naked he pops his head around the corner and says if I want to swing by on my way home for a beer to feel free. He turns around and leaves without another word being said.
Thinking about the blow job he gave me while I am in the shower, and the opportunity to receive another one. I am torn, but once again my cock is telling me the truth. A raging hard-on in the middle of a public shower is not something easily hidden. I get a smile from the guy a few showers down. What is wrong with me, why is this guy smiling at my cock, and is everyone a closeted fag? Just a few of my thoughts, as I hurry up to get out of here. I rush to get dried off, throw on my shorts, shirt then sit down. I think I had a quiet psychotic break while grabbing for my socks and shoes. I had a hundred thoughts in a split second and a tear ran down my face. I have at least two women I can call and fuck at the drop of a hat. On top of three others, I can take out for an evening and wind up in the sack with. Why am I wanting a man? I come to grips with the fact that it is not my fault, this isn't me! Fuck this guy! I finished getting dressed, and peddle my ass off headed home.
As I ride, my mind clears, and I calm down. I realize I'm not the one sucking cock, so it's alright (isn’t it funny how the mind finds a way to make things we like, that we think are wrong OK?) So I head over for “a beer” anyway. When I get there, he smiles and hands me a beer. We sit on his back deck and talk as if I'm just there as a social bud. Well, one beer turns to two which turns to four and then six. He gets up and says he needs to be up early for work and I should probably head home. We shake hands and I get on my bike to head home feeling confused and disappointed.
WTF just happened. I am straight! Now, I am disappointed at a man not wanting to suck my dick? I should be happy, but I am sad and feel rejected. The ride home takes forever or so it seems. When I get home and get situated I see I have a message on the answering machine.
It was Tina wanting to know if I was doing anything tonight. We have a long history. Her dad raced with my dad when they were younger. Her older brother and I hung out in the same group. Both being into cars, racing and weed (He was actually one of the guys I used to get my weed from). Her sister dated one of my close friends after high school for a while. Tina also got married to one of the guys in the local car group. When she was younger before marriage, she was a lot better looking. But after a kid, a failed marriage, and working a couple of jobs to get by. Her face was showing she had a hard life. She was a single mom, about 35, 105 pounds, a small B cup with pencil eraser nipples, but had an ass like a 200-pound black woman. She was almost too skinny, you could see her upper ribs, and she had that long blond stringy hair that screamed queen of the trailer park. We became regular friends with benefits soon after her divorce
Since it was still early evening, I was half lit and horny, I called her up. She was a few beers in which on a work night was abnormal. Apparently, her kid had practice in the morning and stayed with a friend. She said she was low on weed, had the money but couldn't afford to spend it. So I told her I was low as well, but if she wanted to grab some work clothes and stop by her brothers for me, she could just stay here. She agreed, so I sat the phone down checked the fridge and decided I needed to grab my keys and head down to the liquor store for beer and a bottle. After returning home, I got a quick shower, threw on some thin pajama pants, and put on WIXY radio (Classic Country is her favorite).
When she pulled in and got out of the car, she was dressed like a single mom going to her kid's baseball game. She had on cut off jeans that were too long to be daisy dukes, and because of her build they were loose in the front and painted on tight in the ass! A thin loose white lacy tank type top, that showed those beautiful pencil eraser nipples perfectly. I open the door before she got to the porch, and head to the kitchen and grab us both a beer.
She comes in just as I am getting back to the living room, beer in each hand. We embrace and kiss, as the beer bottles clank behind her. After that brief embrace, I hand her both beers and tell her to pack a bowl up for us. I head to the kitchen for the open bottle and a couple of shot glasses. When I return she is in doggy style on the couch preparing the weed on the side table, so I empty my hands and kneel up behind her pushing my cock into her. Tina wraps a leg around mine and pushes back into me with a little whimper. So I grab her shoulders and pull her up to me, clearing her hair from her neck and kissing it. She spins her neck around keeping her ass firmly planted on my crotch, gives me a kiss and says we have all night!
After a couple of beers, shots and getting plenty stoned, she headed to the bathroom. She returns with her shorts left undone and grabs us a few beers. Setting them on the end table and climbing on top of me for a kiss, no doubt feeling my hard-on. I run my hands up her body stopping one at her neck and the other supporting her back. Spinning her around with enough force to say I am a man that wants you, yet soft enough not to ruin the moment. I slide down her body. She instinctively curls her legs up while sliding her shorts down, presenting me with a perfect view of her fully clean shaven goodness! I admire the site for more than a brief moment.
Leaning in I dip my head and moisten her labia. I am so worked up, that I can't be subtle! I bury my nose in her and drag my tongue through her as I head for her clit! When I get there with my tongue, I repeat the same motion again and again until she is soaked. Finally, I stop at her clit and trace circles until I feel it begin to stiffen, then moisten my middle two fingers and insert one slowly. Still licking her clit, I drool to make sure everything goes smooth. Once my finger is fully inserted, I curl it upwards and make circles on my way out! Then both fingers plunge deep inside her, pushing in and up firmly with a slight walking motion! I remove my fingers after a minute, leaving her wanting. I then grab the back of her knees, spread her legs, rocking back, leveraging her into my tongue that is running thru her now open slit. I keep going until I hit her ass, burying my tongue deep. My nose inside her sopping wet pussy. Sliding my hands to her ass, as I force my tongue as far into her sphincter as I can manage. She loves this the most, as she has told me repeatedly. Her saying give me that dick is all it takes me to stop. I stand up while dropping my pants and kick them across the room. Folding her legs back as far as they go with my shoulders, I lean in and slide deep within her. She drops her legs to my side and pulls me tight, I scoop her up cock still buried and walk her to the bedroom!
There is something about a woman that barely weighs anything that makes you feel like a beast of a man! Once in the bedroom, I toss her to the original, thick memory foam queen sized bed with a spinning motion. She lands on her back and I drag her ass to the edge by her ankle like a caveman. I grab the other leg and ball her up like a Dear John letter. Looking down at her pussy, I muster a large wad of spit and let it fall to her pussy, as my cock lines up with her. As soon as it hits I slide balls deep and hold it there. Her hands come to my love handles and I feel the nails dig in. Mmmmm agh what a feeling! I begin to move slow almost rhythmic at first and close my eyes. When I do all I see is this man looking up at me, with a mouth full of my cock. Now, Tina and I have never "made love", she has always been a good hard fuck. My blood begins to boil,
I open my eyes and feel nothing but hatred towards her. I pull my foot up onto the bed and place it at about her waist. This breaks her grip, on that side. As her nails lose their grip, blood comes to the surface. I start ramming into her with most of my weight behind me. After several strokes, I grab my cock by its base and pull out. Three real hard smacks on the clit with the tip of my cock. Then back to balls deep railing. I had never gone at her this hard before. The sounds of a severe spanking and a plunger working a drain are the worst yet best description I can come up with. Soon I leverage my other foot to the bed, forcing my full weight behind my cock. Her legs are shaking uncontrollably, and I can feel her watery discharge as I regain my rhythm. I maybe get two or three strokes before I begin to spill inside of her. Thank God she is fixed. Still having my youthful ability of recovery, I push through the first orgasm and begin to pound harder. I can feel the mixture of our fluids splashing everywhere. It is like my balls are being dipped into a pool that is her asshole!
I feel my foot start to slip off the side of the bed and use this distraction to regain composure. I gain better footing, then pull her off my cock and toss her to the center of the bed. I duck walk to her and spin her over by her ankle. She widens her knees and arches her back like a good little fuck puppet. Her opened, reddened, dripping pussy calls to me. I smack her ass hard, then again. The handprints stand out on her pale white bulbous ass. She pushes her pussy higher begging me for more, and I oblige. Lining up from a foot away, I grab a handful of ass sinking my thumbnail deep in that tight back hole. Pulling her towards me, I run balls deep again. Like a jackhammer, I try to split her in two. Her back arches like a cat, my balls pimp slapping her clit as if it owes me money sending her over the edge. Her ass begins to jiggle with her thigh spasms once more. Her head drops to the mattress and turns to look at me, mouth stretched open, and her eyes rolled into their sockets only showing white! I take my right foot over her ass and stick my first three toes in her mouth, pinning her face to the mattress. As her face sinks into the memory foam, my cock ramming into her at an angle, her orgasm intensifies!
Her moaning and shaking are almost comical. Half my foot in her mouth muffles her. For some reason, I imagine the sounds of a dental office and giggle slightly. I sink my thumb deeper and she begins moving her tongue about my toes. Which thickens my cock and my balls raise tight. I open my eyes fully and concentrate to hold back. I can only imagine I looked like Gowron, from Star Trek, but it works. I manage to level out, which only gives me the incentive to pound harder. I am breathing heavy and concentrating so hard, spit is leaving my mouth like a restricted sprinkler system. I spank her with my left hand and I feel her inner cheek raise against my toes hard. Her teeth crashing into the top of my foot when she recoils to far. My orgasm becomes inevitable at this point yet I try to hold back. I accidentally spurt one thick glob inside of her. I tighten my whole body to hold the rest back, but it is an exercise in futility. Once the second spurt slips and my body gives out I just erupt. I shoot hard, it feels like I am being drained from my toes. My left leg spasms and my knee gives out first, sending me into her like dead weight. I start to slide back and out of her, but my grip on her ass drags her with me. My foot pops out of her mouth and she snaps out of her lengthy orgasm.
She tried to keep the stroking going for me, but she was not in the position or mental state to do so. Yet I am cumming so hard it wouldn't have mattered anyway. She starts squeezing my cock and releasing attempting to milk the rest of my thick batter as I collapse.
She rolls forward, as I straighten my left leg. Her feet at my nipples, legs on top of me. I gaze at her pussy, swollen red, leaking like a full bottle of Elmer's glue on its side. Three well-welted handprints on her ass. Both of us gasping for air as if we had just spent an eternity underwater and barely made it to the surface. Once we catch our breath and heart rates return to normal she says "My God, what got into you, not that I am complaining!' I just respond I need a drink, She nods in affirmation, but we both just lay there.
my stories
Posted:Mar 21, 2019 5:49 am
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2019 7:40 am

are all posted on literotica before here! You can find me there under ima_milkwood!
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My first MM experience
Posted:Mar 18, 2019 12:21 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 5:46 am

About 15 years ago I was approaching 30 and very fit. I worked out 5 days a week, cycled every day, and jogged about 20 miles a week. I had no problem picking up women. I was about 5'7" 135 pounds brown slightly balding hair, deep brown sparkling eyes. I worked outdoor construction so I had a very pronounced farmers tan going,
Well one day at the gym a guy I had talked to a few times, about my height, salt and pepper hair, and a fit average build approached saying he heard I was a mechanical kind of guy. He asked if I could take a look at his 10-speed, to see if it would work for his first triathlon. I agreed to take a look after our perspective workouts, and followed him back to his place when we were done.
He had a very nice home in a quiet neighborhood, just down the road from me. Once I seen his 10 speed, I realized it was the bike from his childhood. He was now in his mid 50's. There was rust and so many issues I told him not to even think about it. I told him about the bicycle shop that I dealt with 30 miles away, and told him the name of the guy that always gave me a good deal. We chatted in the garage for a bit, and I learned that he had just finished up treatment for testicular cancer (he had one removed). Which was why he was now at the gym 6 days a week training for marathons and now triathlons.
About 2 weeks later I had road my bike to the gym. He approached me and thanked me for the advice. He said that he went to where I told him and gave them my name. After he told me he got a very good deal on a last years model of road bike, he then started asking me where he should be riding to train for the triathlon. I told him I wasn’t sure, but if he stuck to climbing hills he would be ready for anything the race thru at him. Well after jaw jacking for about 10 min, he asked if he could just ride around with me. I agreed and told him I would swing by his place on my way to the gym the next day. Since it was only about a mile out of my way, and we both seemed to have the same schedule. It really wasn't much of an inconvenience.
I show up the next evening, he was just in some jogging shorts sitting on his back deck. When he stood up I couldn’t help but notice the outline of his cock thru his shorts. At this time I had never been with a man and had no plans on it. That log falling off his leg, was just impossible not to notice. Well we get on our bikes and ride around before we head to the gym for our work out. When we got back to his place, he offered me a beer.Having worked all day, cycled about 20 miles and lifted I said no thank you.
Well we ride to the gym together for about 2 weeks. One day when I get to his place it starts to rain and we decide to just hang out and have a few beers. As we are sitting there talking about typical shit, I noticed his cock thru his shorts once again. This time he noticed me notice. After a few beers go down, he gets up to get another beer. I'm finish mine and go to get one as well. We pass each other at the entrance to the kitchen, he sets his beer on the counter while approaching me. He then semi forcefully pushes me to the wall while dropping to his knees. I had had 4 beers and was caught off guard, there had never been any talk of sex or anything.
By the time I realized what was going on, he had my shorts down and had swallowed my entire cock. I was in shock! My cock sprung to full attention as I remained silent, not knowing what to do or say. I mean I am straight, but DAMN! He had obviously done this before. I started to gain my composure, and was going to push him off of me. However,I was so close to cumming I just couldn't. I noticed as my cock swelled and twitched that no woman had ever gone at my cock with such intent and desire. He grunted and moaned, while taking all of my cock. The saliva rolled off my sac like Niagara. Just taking in the sensations with my eyes closed, I hate to admit.... was just fucking hot. Yet when I opened them and he was staring me dead in my eyes. I was hooked. While he was effortlessly sliding his mouth tip to balls, my cock glistened. The sound of his slurping, the lust in his eyes, and the want in his moans Combined with gentle side to side pivot, while his tongue swirled the full length of my shaft.
He must have felt me tense, because he took me balls deep never breaking eye contact. I just stared him in the eyes, until I felt my balls tighten and that warmth begin to rise. At that moment I close my eyes rocked my head back, and said oh shit. When I do he grabs my ass with both hands and buries me even deeper in his throat. I couldn’t believe it, I could feel his tongue lapping my balls. I was cumming in my first throat and it was a guys! Not knowing if I should explode in his mouth or pull out, I held back. That need finally became so intense, I had no choice. Rope after rope of my thick white cum shot all the way down into his stomach with no swallowing required. He never flinched, he just moaned like he had finally accomplished his life long goal. Just keeping me balls deep rocking his head side to side.
When I finally finished shooting the largest load of my life thinking that was the best blowjob I ever had. He slowly drags his lips up my shaft tight. Making sure he doesn't miss a drop. Returning his gaze to my cock. He removes his lips from my cock and gives it a squeeze. His tongue swirls the tip and he engulfs it, his moan is reduced to a soft sigh of accomplishment and pride. He sucks me clean, lifting my cock and licking up the saliva from my ball sack.
He gets up and hands me the beer he set on the counter. Then goes to get him one. He is back on the couch watching me before I snap back to reality. I crack the beer and slam half of it before I realize my shorts are still around my ankles. I pull them up and stagger to the couch and sit down. He breaks the silence first, “so was I the first man to suck your cock?" I'm still in shock, but manage to say... Wow, yes, and it was the best fucking blowjob ever! He chuckles and said he had fun as well. Lavishing my cock and load with praise and letting me know we could do it on a regular basis if I wanted to. Now all I could think about was that this was the best blowjob ever… a huge margin!
I don’t reply I just slam my beer and head home!
Free Gold
Posted:Mar 15, 2019 2:31 pm
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2019 2:21 am

Does TV TS Dating no longer gift free gold memberships to highly active accounts?
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Watch this space
Posted:Mar 13, 2019 6:18 pm
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2019 7:40 am

I used to have a detailed written history of my descent into bisexuality, but it has been lost! Will start to rewrite soon!

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