What makes a successful blog here?  

ILikeTheBottom69 51M
12 posts
4/16/2019 2:48 am
What makes a successful blog here?

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ILikeTheBottom69 51M
17 posts
4/16/2019 2:48 am

Magic post ...

HedonicHeathen 51M
185 posts
4/16/2019 4:23 am

Normally I only write if I I haven't been challenged to write the topic before or to once and for all be done with a topic ... or if I see a question or issue that is 100% grade A bull hockey. Normally. I don't respond to most nicked names, or porn!
Blogs in my mind have always been about reading and writing. So invest some time in developing those skills ... and maybe how to ask an in-depth question ... avoiding closed ends is a good sign, but defining terms before play also of import. ... or repost quality porn!
The crux of success. What counts as .. commercial? Number of hits? Critical? ... seems mostly porn wins the number and snide animal cruelty wins the critical, Followed by poor metaphorickal descriptions of finally getting a chance to engage in taboo incestuous necrophilia ... but practice recognizing the root and branches of metaphors - get that down first ... then you can beat a dead horse with snarky references and if you simply must move rite on into to fucking grandpa in the anal canal rigorously and swap head ....and be sure to describe your gratitude not being polite often seen as very taboo and forbidden as well as shunned in most areas of the so called civilized world. There is also amateur porn.
Oh and um ... most people I know who take magick seriously do go for the full Crowley spelling ending with a K. Some make rare references to arcane sex-magic practices as veiled by modern cultural entendres, but most just see porn!
tl;dr-told em, showed, fold em ... with jokes ... as oblique and subjectively obtuse as I can manage within budget, no fluffing, no flirting and unfortunately no porn.

Granny872 66F  
895 posts
4/16/2019 4:52 am

How do you define 'success?'

If you are looking for sheer numbers of views, use pics of naked people in various stages of posing, lots and lots of pics. It doesn't require any skill or mastery of the English language, and seems to count as a 'blog' on this site.
Apparently there aren't enough pics of naked people on the profiles, in the videos, and everywhere else so ......

If you have NO mastery of the English language, it certainly doesn't seem to matter. What TV TS Dating doesn't mangle with it's wonky technology (removing entire words, replacing words or punctuation with symbols), most people will overlook because hey, don't they say that the average education/intelligence level of most of the adult reading public is only 6th grade, at best?

If you like to write when you get high, are hung over, or in the throes of some emotional blowout, t.h.a.t. works for some people on here too! Senseless rambles show up in Blogland occasionally, tomes that only make sense to one or two people apparently, because one or two people always comment on them, saying things like "Nice!" "Posting for the Points" You catch my drift.

If you DO have a mastery of the language, and like to (gasp) write, just do it. Write t.h.a.t. is. Not everyone likes every thing that people write about, but they will weed you out soon enough and skip over your blogs. We all do it ...have our favorites and those we skip over ... so really, just write!

The person who dumps garbage into your mind will do you considerably more harm than the person who dumps garbage on your floor, because each load of mind garbage negatively impacts your possibilities and lowers your expectations ~~~ Zig Ziglar

qrst50 68M
68 posts
4/16/2019 7:01 am

personal preference- 99% stink-

seems6666 48F
1987 posts
4/16/2019 8:14 am

I post pics and jokes that make me laugh, nothing very in depth!! I sometimes ask questions, but doing polls of "black or white dick?" or "hairy or shaved?" are VERY DULL.
Just post things that interest you and may engage interest in others.

only_lurking 54M  
276 posts
4/16/2019 4:55 pm

A successful blog (one that succeeds in earning MY click) has an interesting title (bonus points for witty word play) and an interesting body (the part you see after you click, not necessarily a literal body). It's interesting, enlightening, or amusing, and consistently so.

Some of my faves post articles, some write about themselves and their lives, and others yet post pics or random wtf shit. There's good advice here from everyone, so follow that, go ahead and post what you want, and please try to use spell check at least. I'll only try so hard. I almost always pass on the word salad unless it's REALLY short. Best of luck!

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