Traveler's Diary- El Paso FIles 1 of ...  

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9/17/2019 12:19 pm
Traveler's Diary- El Paso FIles 1 of ...

Another week, another trip. You'd think after nine months I'd be used to it. For the most part I am. I'm used to working long, hard days, constantly "on" for my . Used to smiling and entertaining them while meeting their every need and expectation. Such is the life of a Sales SME. The mental and emotional toll of keeping important people happy was and remains more exhausting than any physical work I've ever done. That night, I needed to relax and just be "me" for a bit. The best way for me to relax is to get a good workout in and the hotel gym is convenient. By the time I finished my time on the dread-mill, showered, and decided to eat it was already 8pm. Staying in had become the norm and besides - my favorite bartender was working tonight - and I knew he'd take care of me. That settled it - I will just stand at the bar and grab a salad...

We'd seen each other before - the greeting (a side hug and kiss on my forehead) and his long once over were just what he did. I'd come to expect it from him. He was also a regular here. We'd had many a conversation and I'd come to know him and his habits. I knew he was fond of blondes like me, protective, loyal, and a bit of a freak in the sheets (as he was fond of reminding me). I also knew he liked top shelf bourbon and tended to drink more than he should the later it became.

This night was no different. Drinking his Bourbon, sharing his stories, trying to impress anyone and everyone... but I just sat and listened, held rapt by his words, his stories, his experiences. I was wondering what drove him to seek this level of attention? What caused him to share these stories, some hard to believe, too fanciful, unrealistic... but still he told them. And still I listened, unable to tear myself away, despite the late hour. There was just something about him....

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9/17/2019 1:15 pm

it's hard to resist a raconteur

easy_going2014 52M
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9/17/2019 8:03 pm

thanks for sharing

that was a nice read

story telling is an art

especially, if there is something interesting to listen to

travel, exploits, off the wall experiences, funny nothings

it's all good

reminded me of this

Johnny Thunders - "Diary Of A Lover"

Oh-oh, I love her so
Even though we just met
Maybe I'm foolish, but maybe some things are meant
Was it her hair, dark as the night
And in the light, I'll make her mine
Oh-oh her diary of a lover
Yeah, I tell her I love her
Even though I share her
I'm still fortunate
Just getting to know her
Makes me remember things I forget
Oh-oh, she's such a girl
Oh-oh, yeah, she's living in my world

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