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May 19, 2019 contribution
Posted:May 19, 2019 10:32 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2019 10:35 am

I sat waiting for my meeting at two o’clock to begin. Twitching in my seat, feeling the metal of my cock cage against my glans. It wasn't what I wanted to be happening at the time, but I began to swell thinking about how we had gotten to this place. It is not the best feeling to start to enlarge in a cock cage. And while I do have to admit, and why this all happened between us, I am not that big where it matters.

There I said it. As she does makes me admit from time to time. I have a small penis.

She tolerated it at first, we were in love, and we did have so much in common, but over time, she felt cheated of what she needed. She had been with many men before we got together. In the beginning, she told me my size did not matter. In time, it did come into the equation.

That is how it all began.

Me feeling I could not pleasure her in that critical way. I tried my best orally and with my fingers, and then moved on to toys to make her happy. She said she enjoyed all that, but something was just lacking. She wanted to feel a hard, thick, cock up in her. For her to enjoy with its breadth and depth.

And so the bulls began to arrive, and my decline into being her cuckold. The initial time she told me about being with another man, it was hard to take. She was very honest and would not do anything without me knowing. In fact, she told me the morning that it first happened what she was going to do as I left for work.

She had me hard, as hard as I can get, all day thinking about what she was doing. And that is when this rush of pleasure washed over me. The idea of another man being able to make her so happy did stir my loins.

But the reformation of me as her cuckold took a few months. When I got home that night we talked – she at least that first time met the guy somewhere else – but I could smell his scent on her still hours later. I was upset and hurt.

She told me to not be, it did not change things between us. It was a way for her to get what she needed and that I could not deliver. I understood but not completely then. In time I would. In the beginning, I was pissed a bit at her, and then realized I was more so at myself for not being what she needed.

Which did evolve into being her cuckold, and me embracing it completely. Little by little over the next few months as she was with other men, I came to realize I was lusting for her telling me about what had happened, in detail. The day I suggested she go ‘play’ that afternoon was when I acknowledged that I was encompassed in this new way of life.

Now, over a year later, it all seemed like what it should be between us, and her men.

Here I was, out of town, in an important meeting, unable to fully concentrate because I know at this moment she was with one of her favorite bulls.

I didn’t like this bull that much. He usually only wanted to see her alone. At best, he would allow me to be in the next room, listening. I would welcome the bull into our house, fix him a drink, and ask what I could do for him.

Usually, it was nothing more than I took the bull’s shoes and socks off for him and folded his clothes as they were discarded. She would be in a scanty bra, barely a blouse, and sometimes frilly panties – often none – just ready for the bull so he could see her eagerness for him.

They would leave me sitting in the living room while they went into the bedroom, leaving the door open so I could hear all of her moans and groans of pleasure. Reinforcing my acknowledgment of my inability to satisfy her that way.

They would play together for a couple of hours, interspersing between him fucking her and him demanding she sucks him. And she meekly did everything he commanded of her. Sometimes I would even hear her gag a little as he told her to take more and more of him down her throat.

It was times like that when I wanted to run in the bedroom and demand that he leave. But I knew that would only displeasure her. Once I tried to peek in the room quietly to see what was happening, but she saw me, and the look on her face made me scurry back to my forced seat in the living room. A wooden chair by the couch.
When a bull would arrive, that is where I always had to be seated if not waiting on them. Or on the occasions when she would let me come into the bedroom to watch, and later more. It was also where I was to sit and wait for her to return if she went out with one for an evening.

The chair was not that comfortable but fitting that it reminded me it was all I was worthy of.

Afterward, when this bull was gone, and I had watched her deeply kiss him goodbye, she would lead me to our bed, and while taking in their mixed scent, she would have me lick her clean of both their cum. She would then hold me and tell me detail by detail all that happened, which I only had heard.

Over time I would start to ask questions about specifics, and she would carefully respond, just barely stroking my cock and balls, and reminding me how I could never be as big as the bull just was.

And now my meeting was beginning, and I know at that moment she was answering the door to greet him.
Friday, May 17, 2019
Posted:May 17, 2019 8:24 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2019 7:09 pm
The start of a story:

He was out of town for a week, though he checked in at least once a day to see how I was. He is good that way, knowing I would be angry with him if he didn’t. I had put a cock cage on him before he left as I do when he takes these trips. He knows he is not to play with himself without my permission, or heaven help it, even think about playing with anyone else.

It is a bit embarrassing for him to have to wear it. He is forced to use the stall instead of the urinal, so no one sees. And a few times he had to turn down invitations to play golf while gone for fear someone might see when he showered.
He tells me all these things when he begs me not to make him wear it on trips, but he knows the begging is just a waste of time for us both.

But while he is gone, I do play. That is part of the fun — me being with someone else and then telling him, in detail, what happened later.

This trip, the last day he was away he called me late-morning to check-in. After some basic chatting about the weather, how I was doing, and how the trip was going for him, I mentioned that one of my favorite bulls was free that afternoon, and we would be spending a couple of hours together.

Telling him in advance always makes him squirm all day as he thinks about me with someone else. The ideas he develops in his head to play out often are even better than what really happens.

He asks me what time and where so at that moment that it begins, he can start envisioning what is happening without him. I tell him at two o’clock, and at our house, in our bed. He hates/loves when I do it at home in our bed when he isn't a part of it. And he knows coming home tomorrow the sheets we had used would still be on the bed for him to take in the bull’s heady smell along with our combined scent of cum mingled.

I knew he was to be in a major meeting at two, so I had planned the rendezvous at that time specifically. It would make it all the more intense for him to try to concentrate while imagining what is happening at home.

More of the story to follow…
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Thursday, May 16, 2019
Posted:May 16, 2019 10:23 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2019 1:17 pm

Well it is getting a little warmer around here, which does make us both frisker. While we are not able to view emails to us on here, or even chat on IM much, we do enjoy those who have reached out, and hopefully down the road we can chat more.

We would like someone who would want to play with us in different ways. An hour or two in an afternoon delight. Really need a bull to satisfy me, with my sissy cuckold watching and helping out some as we deem appropriate.

He can get into a subservient role, especially when he has his panties and lacy top on. We have not yet, but do want him in a cock cage when with someone else.

Reach out if you are local so we can arrange to actually play sometime. Either just with me while he is away - but he will know all about it -- or with the two of us. We do need to fully get to know someone and their kinks and desires before we move forward.

If you see us online try IMing us, and we will try to reply. Or leave a response to the posts on our blog.

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