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Amazing hotwife, chastised cuck and me
Posted:Jul 16, 2019 3:06 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 5:8 am
as posted earlier, my wife DJ and I realised a 3some fantasy that started a long relationship that was filled with a lot of fun

it was a warm Sunday afternoon, we were sat in the back garden having a drink and reading the Sunday papers when S called round and sat with us for the afternoon - nothing untoward happened and when I asked S one time about that Sunday he said he had no sexual thoughts about what might have happened... later that night in bed I said to DJ that I was surprised nothing had happened with S in the afternoon and she said similar and we fantasised whilst fucking about what might have been and this became a regular fuck fantasy

A few weeks later I was out after football and bumped into S, I was a little worse for wear and told him what we had fantasised about - this was quite a surprise for him, he's a real nice bloke but maybe not the best looking guy and hadnt enjoyed much success with the ladies we'll say during our age years and into our 20's

I bumped into S a couple of weeks later and he came home with me, it was late and DJ was in bed - I told S to sleep in the spare room but of course said it was likely that nothing would happen

I stumbled into bed, DJ woke... and said something about sleeping in the spare room (this was before the pub smoking ban and she used hate the stale smell of a heavy session or it might be my drunken snoring!) and I said that Simon had come home and was in there - she was not happy about this, some comment about a line between reality and fantasy and i promptly passed out and didnt wake until morning time

in the morning i was in bed alone and didnt know where DJ was, I went to the bathroom and could see into the spare room but couldnt see her in there and couldnt hear her downstairs either - I went to the toilet and went back to bed

She come through after a little while, I asked where she had been and she said next door with S - I was hard immediately and she sat on my cock making me come quickly,

what happened, is he big, tell me, you must have been quiet to not wake me etc etc

DJ then asked if she could go back next door, I said yes and started to play with my nervous cock my stomach doing somersaults as I waited to hear them wondering if I should go join in... I crept out of bed and to the door and watched DJ sucking S's very impressive cock - he was very very big, I dont know why but I expected him to be small...

After S had gone home, DJ told me the story of what happened; she said that I had passed out and she was awake now and had started to think "what the hell, he brought him for home for me" and she went next door, S was awake and he pulled open the duvet inviting her into bed

they started to kiss and DJ was trying to control him and kept having to slow him down, she was playing with S's cock but he couldnt get hard but when he did it turned out he was a grower and not a shower!

DJ said S fucked her from behind (this is her favorite position without doubt) and the combination of his big cock and fast pounding style had her screaming - she was amazed I didnt wake!

they fucked all night, when she came through to me in the morning you could tell - the word clammy gives the wrong impression but I cant think of a word that better decribes...

I travel a lot for business, and DJ would invite S around when I was away; this sometimes would bother me but DJ said if I wanted 3somes then they needed to know the way around each other - lol, she just wanted his big cock!

We had 5-6 years of 3somes with S, a lot of them capatured at one time on video; I posted a story earlier that another friend had told me and so wish I could get S to tell me detailed stories of his solo sessions with DJ - my favorite parts of the videos would be watching them when they thought I was asleep, and seeing DJ really let go telling him how big his cock was as he fucked her and fucked her and fucked her some more - he really would fuck all night, I would grab some sleep and they would keep going, and I would love waking in the morning and hearing them going at hit either alongside me in our bed or next door in the spare room or downstairs sometimes

I will post some 3some stories soon x
Fun Times
Posted:Jul 16, 2019 3:02 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 5:8 am
This happened some years ago, but it is still vivid in my mind to this day.

It was a Bank Holiday weekend and a friend that was originally a work colleague was at a loose end, so I suggested he came down to visit my wife an me and stay, have a Bar B Q and stuff – he had fairly recently split up with his fiancé and was keen to come down. It was a Sunday and the weather was good surprisingly and I suggested he come down about 1.00pm – typically Barry was early, to add to the confusion. Pam had spent a long time getting ready as she quite fancied him and at one business social event I had Barry’s girlfriend approached me late in the evening to asking if I couldn’t intervene to stop them flirting with each other! Anyway, she looked great as she came downstairs as Barry I were talking outside – I could tell he was impressed by her looks and outfit , as was I, she looked stunning in a lovely light summer dress and her hair looked great too. I was still working on the car as he was early, and I suggested that Barry take Pam to the Pub in the next village that we used, and I would follow along in about 30 mins. Barry didn’t need asking twice and he scooped Pam up and shot off in his mini. The pub was only about 10 mins away and it being a Sunday they were one of the first in there. Barry ordered them a couple of drinks and they settled themselves into a corner of the pub.

Being a bit of a lady’s man Barry wasted no time in chatting Pam up, which she thoroughly enjoyed and she could give as good as she got with most guys. Soon he was leaning towards and put his hand on her knee as he was chatting to her – feeling no resistance he thought he would push his luck and see how far he could get his hand up her dress. Pam was fully aware of this and thought why not see how far he was prepared to go – all the way as it happened! I can only imagine his delight as he moved his hand up her thigh only to find that halfway up Pam opened her legs to give him free access and as he got his hand to the top he discovered that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. He wasted no time in running his finger along her pussy lips just separating them – Pam later told me she was so turned on she could feel herself flooding there. He moved his finger into her cunt and Pam said he got as far as his second knuckle and then he brushed her clit and she thought if he carried on she would easily cum and the sensation of being touched up in the pub was a turn on too. Typically, I got my timing wrong and turned up just at this point – if I had only known I would have been fashionably late! Anyway, we had a couple of drinks and I was obviously unaware of what had happened, but I could feel a chemistry between them.

Anyway – got back to the house and lit the Barb B Q – surprisingly for a Bank Holiday the weather was still sunny and warm. I kept the wine flowing and the afternoon went really well with us all getting on well and the conversation flowed. At one stage I feel asleep on the grass and Pam and Barry continued to talk freely and easily and I was so pleased they were getting on with Pam talking about her old boyfriends and the like. Sure enough the night started to draw in and we moved into the lounge where I continued to keep the wine flowing and Pam and Barry continued to get on famously. At one stage found Pam and I in the kitchen and Barry was in the lounge and I remember saying to Pam that it was great that they were getting on so well together and Pam responded that it was good to have him on his own and not being watched constantly by his fiancé Lynne. I don’t know what came into my head, but it just came out “would you like to fuck him?” My wife took a second to think about and then replied “maybe” – I didn’t know what to expect but it could have been a slap or the silent treatment but as it was my cock was instantly hard at the prospect.

We both returned to the lounge and Pam took her seat on the sofa next to Barry and to see them flirting was such a turn-on – I kept the drinks flowing and at around 11p.m. I made my excuses and left them with a large scotch each with Pam’s being particularly large!

Later Pam told me what happened! Giving me five minutes for me to get settled, Pam stood up, stood in front of him pulled off her lovely summer dress to stand in only her bra, which immediately came off to reveal her fantastic 38 ee’s and then she just said “come on then” In no time he had his shirt off to reveal his chest, I’ve seen him in the shower, and his chest is like a rug which would have normally put off Pam of but she was too far gone to let this dissuade her. He was struggling to get his jeans off, so Pam assisted pulling his jeans and pants off as she was desperate to see his cock. She wasn’t disappointed. She said his girth wasn’t quite as big as mine, but he was much, much longer and had lovely heavy balls. She dumped his jeans and pants at the end of the sofa and immediately climbed on top of him. She kissed him full on the mouth and she could feel his cock just gently pushing against her cunt. She continued to kiss, and he moved his hands all over her back which she loves – then she decided it was time and stopped kissing him as she wanted to see his face as he entered for the first time. She pushed gently down to feel him slowly entering her, easily as it was as she was so wet, and they stared into each other as she took his full length to be filled like never before. She just lay on him with his cock imbedded in her and them both enjoying the sensation, then she decided to put on a show. She sat upright making sure his cock was fully into her and proceeded to play with her tits, stroking them, sucking the nipples ensuring the were rock hard, not that that took much doing as she was fully turned on. After putting on the show she decided it was time to fuck him and she did. She moved her hips up and down on his big cock and within a few minutes she felt her first orgasm with him – it shot through her body and she loved it – she was conscious that Barry had not cum yet but she was aware he wasn’t far behind as his hips were moving gently with her rhythm and he was gently holding her hips; sure enough she felt him take the lead and his thrusts became stronger till finally he pushed deep inside her and she felt his cock swell than spasm and she felt his cum shoot inside her for the first time, first one spurt then three or four or more others this was so strong she came again with an even stronger orgasm and she collapsed on top of him. She recovered, kissed him told him it was great and went to fix them another drink. When she was in the kitchen getting the drinks she later told me that his cum was running out of her down her thigh and on to the floor and she had to get some kitchen paper to clean up.

As she returned to the lounge Barry was still lying across the sofa, looking pleased with himself like the cat with the cream, no wonder he had wanted to fuck her for years. Pam said his cock was a bit flaccid now but still bigger than mine erect which turned me on when she told me. She gave him his drink and sat on the floor level with his waist. They talked for a bit the with Pam playing with his big, heavy balls and holding his impressive cock – she then decided to kiss him along his shaft and kiss his knob gently and then she put his cock in her mouth and enjoyed the sensation of it growing in her mouth which turned her on. Soon he was fully erect again and clearly enjoying Pam working on him – then he said “ If you carry on like that I will make you swallow it!” To which Pam looked hm in the eye and said “Good!” She resumed her blow job and at times took his full length in her mouth to her throat almost gagging in it. Before long he was moving in rhythm to her sucking and he was running his hands through her hair, which turns her on; his hand held the back of her head as he was getting close and she knew that she would have to swallow his load which she was looking forward to anyway. Then he pushed into her mouth and she felt his cock swell in her mouth and the first jet of cum filled her mouth followed by three or four more spurts which she greedily swallowed down, making sure she squeezed his cock to get every drop out. Much later she told me that his cum tasted aright and tasted better than mine which turned me on enormously as she was comparing our cum with each other.

Pam went to the kitchen to get what she thought was a final drink for the evening, returning to find Barry siting up on the sofa perfectly relaxed un fazed by the fact that he had just screwed his mate’s wife and then cum in her mouth. Pam sat next to him passing his drink and they sat perfectly cool in each other’s nakedness and gently kissing and playing with each other.

Pam was starting to make a move to go to bed when Barry told her to get on the floor. Pam asked “what” and he said get on the floor on all fours……………. She did as asked and faced the window away from the sofa on all fours; and there she waited for what she said seemed an age but it was probably only 3 – 4 minutes as Barry was probably just enjoying the sight of her waiting to be fucked and getting himself ready. Pam said she felt a bit slutty but was so turned here she was offering herself up to another man just waiting to be screwed…………

Sure, enough she heard him move off the sofa and then she could feel the warmth of his body right behind her, she then felt his forearm across her shoulder blades pushing down and she knew to put her head and shoulders on the floor fully exposing herself to him. He then tapped the inside of her thighs top open her legs wider which she did. Pam then felt his cock just separate her pussy lips and when he passed over her clit she though she was going to explode.

Now, up until this time I had been asleep, despite my best efforts, but once I hit the sack I’m gone but at this stage I woke up as Pam’s screams were so loud. I awoke to hear my wife getting the fuck of her lifetime.

Barry proceeded to push his full length into her and then pulled it out till just his knob was in her. All the time I could hear her screaming at the top of her voice, clearly the neighbours must have heard as she was screaming his name – we have all seen the porn when there is a screamer, but this was genuine, and it was my wife getting the fucking of her life. She kept repeating “No No don’t pull it out No No OMG yes Fuck me Fuck me Barry OMG I’m Cumming again OMG yes Fuck Me yes Don’t pull it out OMG yes fuck Me Fuck me I need it Oh Barry yes please oh GOD Oh shit do it do it. OMG I’m Cumming again Barry I’m Cumming again, fill me fill me” He had her in a complete state of continuous orgasm for about 20mins – my cock was so hard listening to them I daren’t touch it or I knew I would have cum. Then suddenly I heard him grunt and Pam scream even louder and then absolute silence – I knew then that he was flooding her pussy with his cum – it was fantastic.

A few minutes later she came into the bedroom naked and got into bed – I kissed her and asked “Was it good” she just nodded, kissed, and we fell asleep.

As per normal I wake early, and the sun had just come up and was flooding the room with a beautiful light. I kissed her and asked her if she would like to fuck him again – she nodded – so I told her to go to his room and screw him but she had to leave the doors open between the bedrooms as I wanted to listen to them – she promptly got out of bed and went towards the door, my cock was already stiffening, looking at her cute arse going out of the bedroom to be fucked by another man.

She opened his bedroom door, pulled the duvet back and got under with him – her hand went down to his cock which was already stiffening – she kissed him and said “You can have me if you want me” – I think he may have guessed! With that he moved to one side of the double bed and she moved into the centre of the bed and opened her legs for him. He needed no encouragement and moved on top of her and once again she felt his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. I one swift movement he pushed into her, filling her again and easily sliding in as she was still wet from the lovemaking only a few hours before. She let out a small moan and Barry being conscious how vocal she was the night before put his hand over her mouth as he fucked her, this turned her on even more as it was just, a crude, animalistic fuck and within few of his strokes she felt another orgasm rushing through her. She was aware he hadn’t cum yet but she knew he wasn’t far behind as his pace quickened and she pushed up against his thrusts and then she felt him even deeper inside and the once again felt his cock swell and pump more spurts of cum into her which sent her over the top as she experienced and other strong cum. Obviously I couldn’t hear anything when they were together but I could hear the occasional bed movement so I knew she was fucking him.

After about 20 minutes she came back into the bedroom which was still filled with a soft light, but as she came in she had a glow all of her own and I could just tell she’d had a good fucking. She got into bed and we kissed – I asked if it was good, and she nodded, I asked if she’d cum and she nodded and put two fingers up. I couldn’t wait my cock was on fire and felt like it was going to explode. I moved to one side of the bed and she move to the middle, just like with him, I pulled the covers back and got on top – just before entering her I looked down and I could see that her pubes were matted and covered in their cum it was fantastic. I slid easily into her as she was soaking herself and Barry had just pumped another load into her. If you have never screwed you wife after someone else then you will not understand the experience and sensation I felt – she was warm soft, beautiful and my cock felt as if it were wrapped in the softest velvet – I wanted to stay inside her for ever but my need to cum was too strong. I only lasted a few strokes before I experienced the strongest orgasm of my life and the sensation of mixing my cum with his – it was an epic moment. We then feel asleep till around 9.30a.m.

I then got up to take a shower and the bathroom was right next to the spare and I wondered if he would take the hint. I coughed a couple of times, so he would know it was me in the bathroom – he responded, he went into our bedroom and stood by the bed and presented his cock for Pam. She didn’t need asking twice, she steadied herself on the bed and held his hips as she went to work on his cock, really giving it her best as she knew she didn’t have long, she alternated with gently wanking him to speed it up and when doing so looked him straight in the eye. Soon he was moving his hips and he pulled her head towards him and she knew what was needed and she duly put her mouth round his cock just as he spurted again pumping shots of cum into her mouth which she gulped down. Just then they heard the shower go off so he left for his room: when I came in Pam was back under the sheets.

I went downstairs for coffee and Barry came down about 15 minutes later. It was a little awkward and I could have handled it better, and at that stage I didn’t know the full facts of what had transpired that night, but I knew that I had listened to my wife getting the fucking of her life and had had God knows how many orgasms with him and he had flooded her pussy with his cum. Regrettably I made the excuse that we had to go on somewhere and really I wished we had all stayed together as I am sure the would have been more opportunities for Pam and Barry it get it together that day.

But as it was he had fucked her three times and cum inside each time and she had sucked him to completion twice all in a matter of a few hours – they both had some stamina.

About three weeks later we at a mutual friend’s wedding and I found myself in one corner of the garden with Barry when he just came out and said, “You know don’t you?” I said I did know what had happened. He explained that I couldn’t blame him as I knew he had always wanted to fuck Pam and he was pleased he had, and it had been worth the wait as she was one sexy women, plus he added she gives one of the best blow jobs he’d ever had – so not only was he confirming he’d fucked her but she’d sucked him off to – my cock was instantly hard and I hoped he wouldn’t notice and just then Pam came across and I hoped she wouldn’t see too. There was still a great sexual chemistry between them but unfortunately, we couldn’t progress in any further as soon he moved away with his job and we lost contact.

However, my wife continues to enjoy the occasional away day with my approval and has been seeing an old neighbour for some time which, he, her and me thoroughly enjoy.
Dont think I am Real
Posted:Jul 13, 2019 12:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2019 12:20 pm
Well Emeraldbay has been online since 2006. Message me for info
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So next time we fuck
Posted:Jul 13, 2019 4:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 5:8 am
Next time we fuck, make it brutal. Make it vigorous and deep and angry and quick. Make it far too quick for it to only happen once. Make it worth all this time that I’ve waited: make it count.

The last time we fucked was before the flu. Before that stomach bug that caught first you, then me. Before the next bout of flu that laid you up for two days, the one that I’ve got now and it seems like I’ll have forever.

So next time we fuck, we’ve a lot of catching up to do. Don’t talk to me or kiss me or hold me: we’ve been doing that all along and if pressed I’ll say that it probably wasn’t helpful for the whole ‘not giving each other diseases’ thing. So don’t kiss me or stroke me or lap gently at my clit like you’re trying to make me come: fuck me roughly.

Next time we fuck, call me ‘bitch’. Spread my legs roughly and crush me into the shape that allows you to plough me nice and deep. Let every single inch of my cunt be filled with a cock that hasn’t felt this in far too long.

When you slide it in, let loose the groan of satisfaction that’s been building for the last two weeks. The one you save for special occasions. The one that means ‘that’s exactly what I needed.’

I’ll do the same: let out a raw-throated groan of pleasure at the satisfaction of being filled.

Next time we fuck, make it swift and impulsive: maybe you could pin me against the wall in the hallway, and yank down my jeans and knickers so carelessly that something rips. Pull up my top so you can grip my tits in your cold, cold hands while we’re fucking. Shove me harder, so that when my nipples brush the wall I yelp at the shock of it, and my cunt twitches around your cock as you shove it deep inside me.

Put your fingers in my mouth until I choke, because you want to feel that twitch again. Do it over and over until you come, pouring shot after shot of your pent-up frustration deep into the pit of my stomach.

Next time we fuck, make it brutal and quick and rough and intense – like a cold-water shower or a 6 am wake-up call or a really vicious whipping.

It might hurt, because it’s been a while. I might bruise, because it’s been a while. But I need to bruise and hurt and ache because for so long I’ve felt nothing.

I have been dead from the waist down for far too long.

And I want you to fuck me awake
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Social Portrait of Cheating Wife
Posted:Jul 13, 2019 3:45 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 5:8 am
How does a cheating wife appear in the eyes of society? Is she represented by a single profile? Has society been able to establish the portrait of a cheating wife?
A cheating wife can come in all forms, from different backgrounds, and of various circumstances. Since we can only at best appropriate the description of a cheating wife, it would probably help to know the stereotypes. Some may fall into several categories or none at all and this lack of definition is what sometimes makes it difficult to detect a cheating wife.

The Unappreciated Wife
Since women are known to be generally more forgiving of a husband’s fault, the most common stereotype of a cheating wife is that of an unappreciated wife. Even when husbands fail to show their appreciation for a hardworking wife, women are not expected to respond by cheating. A woman is expected by society to endure it and continue to be the loving wife that she is and hope that her husband will learn to appreciate her by some miraculous intervention.

Have we got some news for society to consider! Not all women will suffer through this lack of appreciation indefinitely. Many women will find and have found the lacking appreciation from other men and end up cheating on their husbands. Women are said to be highly emotional beings and the inattentiveness of a man can trigger emotions that a woman may not be aware that she possess.

The unappreciated wife is also referred to as the neglected romantic. Many women will not be able to accept that romance has gone out of their lives which they thought they will have forever. When they entered marriage, romantics want romance in their relationship and will find it one way or the other, with or without the husband’s cooperation. It is such a tragedy that the desired romance is found in another man’s arms. It has to be noted that romance here is not merely limited to the sexual act but also includes all the other rituals that make the courting stage exciting and thrilling.

The Seduced Cheater
The seduced cheater is somewhat related to the unappreciated wife in the sense that cheating was not originally sought by the woman. However, because of a certain weakness that arises from a less-than ideal relationship with the husband, the woman becomes an easy target for opportunistic men. When a woman “announces” to the world that she is lonely in her marriage because of whatever rea she may have, there is a tendency to construe such announcement as a willingness to entertain other relationships.

The act of seduction is typically applied on the young. Although it is true that young lonely wives have been seduced into having an affair for not knowing any better, mature women can also be seduced in the same way. Not all women will be able to effectively handle a shower of attention and advances from men. It is a universal truth that it feels good when someone shows appreciation or romantic attention to a per.

The success of the male seducer usually depends on two things – the state wherein the marriage is in and the state of mind/disposition of the woman. When temptation comes knocking, a woman in a good and working marriage generally has more emotional and physical defenses to ward-off infidelity. The very presence of the husband and the strong rapport between spouses are obvious obstacles to a seducer. Of course, this is not without exception since some women also cheat in spite of being in a “good” marriage. The exact rea may be unclear but infidelity in this case is believed to be founded on opportunity and the temptation itself. When a possible affair with someone is just too tempting to ignore and opportunity such as a one-night stand presents itself, a vulnerable woman will possibly end up cheating.

The Vengeful Betrayed
A woman scorned and betrayed by a husband through infidelity sometimes reacts in ways that may not necessarily be right. Being on the receiving end of a marital betrayal, cheated women can sometimes blur the lines between right and wrong. The underlying motive of this type of female cheater is revenge. It is mainly about giving the philandering husband a taste of his own medicine.

The general idea is to let the cheating husband go through the same torment and anguish underwent by the betrayed wife. For some women perhaps, no words can aptly describe what they’ve been through thus they demonstrate it. Often, the decision to retaliate is emotionally loaded and rea or common sense does not play much part in decision-making.

Because there is no actual and genuine desire to cheat, the pleasure derived from cheating is hinged on the suffering of the husband. Cheating backfires when the husband exhibits no care about her wife’s actions whatsoever. This is why it should be noted that revenge of this kind only succeeds when the original offender stands to lose or feel something about the retaliation. Without this, the vengeful wife can only end up hurting herself.

Even after a successful retaliation and all the anger have been spent, gaining happiness and peace may still remain elusive for the betrayed woman. Women are strongly cautioned against letting their emotions get the better of them when they discover spousal infidelity. The best choice is either to work on mending the marriage or leave it to start life anew. Betrayed women who end up cheating as well are women who had no initial intention of being unfaithful. Their sense of deliberateness to cheat only comes upon the discovery of the betrayal.

The Deliberate Infidel
Just as there are men who seem to live to cheat on their wives, there are women who cheat on their husbands without remorse or compunction. They don’t seek out to justify their actions; they just do it because cheating, at least to them, is a natural thing to do. It is widely believed that there is a direct connection with status or power with the deliberateness of cheating. In other words, the women who believe that they can get away with it are the most likely deliberate infidels.

Cheating carries a certain stigma especially on a woman as dictated by standards of society. When a woman therefore approaches infidelity as something she can get away with, she is sufficiently confident that her status will always tide her over in whatever controversy or trouble her cheating brings her. In fact, she may even be assured of her husband’s continued support for her regardless of her cheating.

Those women who may not have the same access to power as privileged women and yet cheat on their husbands may actually be having their own power play too. Having intense emotional control over the husband makes it possible for some women to play the field and escape virtually unscathed. When husbands allow their wives to play around, they usually get what they expect.

Although there are many cheating women as statistics would show, deliberate infidels remain a minority. Most cheating women feel that they have been brought to the situation by reas associated with being an unappreciated wife, a seduced cheater, or a vengeful betrayed. Women still rarely cheat without rea although these reas will always be subjective.

Society at large still expects women to be faithful to their spouses whatever situation they are in. Double standards still prevail when cheating is either accepted or rejected based on the gender of the cheater. Standards will have to do some catching up with reality.
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Time to Play with My Toys Again roll on September 2019
Posted:Jul 13, 2019 3:35 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 5:8 am
September sixth is finally here. I've waited the whole summer for this very special morning. School is back in session.

"You do know what that means?"

It means I can play with my toys again. I was so excited and got my s off to school on time. I looked at all my family and friend's Facebook pages seeing all the s in their new clothes getting ready for school.

I sent a few messages back and forth with friends. After a while, I played a few of my on-line games. My vibrator's were calling me to come and get them and have a little fun. I walked slowly up the steps and went to my bottom drawer. I pulled out my Hitachi Magic Wand and my glass vibrator. I had been playing with my glass vibrator all summer because it doesn't make any noise. I love it so much because of the nice ripples it has along the shaft.

I grabbed my mirror and removed my shorts. I sat on my bedroom floor and plugged in the wand. I turned in on slow and rubbed it all over my pussy lips. I forgot how amazing it felt. I moved it up and down and all around. My pussy was tingling and feeling really good. Next, I put my glass vibrator into my mouth and made it slippery from my saliva.

I pushed the glass vibrator into my aching pussy and fucked myself slowly. I held the Hitachi magic wand on my clitoris and fucked myself over and over again. It didn't take very long for my first orgasm to happen. The cum came out in a stream of white ooze. It dripped down my inner thigh onto my towel that I had put on the floor.

I continued to fuck my pussy for about ten minutes. I had several orgasms in this time period. My pussy was tingling, but needed more attention. I walked over to the box that's in my room. I pulled out my Sybian and carried it over to the bed. I plugged it in and placed it at the center of my bed. I put on the clit attachment onto the Sybian and took off my shirt.

I went back into my drawer and grabbed the lube. I wiped the lube onto my pussy and sat on the Sybian. I turned it on and was enjoying the sensations. I turned it all the way to the highest speed and moved my pussy up and down over it. The sensations felt amazing. I felt alive being on it again. My pussy was extremely wet, while I rode it over and over again.

I played with my firm breasts, while I humped the machine. I needed more and got off of it. I went back into the box and got the medium sized cock and attached it to the machine. I again put more lube on myself and onto the cock. I positioned myself over the cock and eased myself down on it. I turned it on slow and rode it. I turned on the rotation and felt it going up and down inside of my cunt.

I turned that baby all the way up and fucked the Sybian machine. I played with my firm tits and humped it up and down. I had a very strong orgasm and started screaming, while the cock hit my sweet spot. I felt the wetness pouring out of my pussy. I leaned forward to get more and more of it into my pussy.

The vibrations felt amazing in my pussy. I had orgasm after orgasm. I continued to ride and was enjoying the sensations of this cock moving in and out of my pussy. My pussy was nice and wet and felt great. I hopped off the Sybian and moved back to the floor. I really missed my Hitachi magic wand and grabbed that again and rubbed it on my clit. I really like the feeling of the glass vibrator and continued to fuck myself with that. I pushed the vibrator deeper and deeper inside of myself.

My cream just continued to pour out of me. These orgasms were the best one's I had in a while with masturbating with myself. I could now scream and curse and be as loud as I wanted to be. I had so many orgasms my legs were shaking. I wished I could really have sex at that moment, however my husband already left for work. I would just have to enjoy more fucking time on my Sybian. It was time to take out the large attachment. I changed it with the other one and lubed it up and myself too.

I eased down on the bigger attachment. It felt really big inside of cunt. Once it was in comfortably, I turned the Sybian on slow.

"Fucking hell. It feels so good! Oh God!"

The larger attachment feels especially big in my tight and tiny pussy. I moved with the machine and turned it on faster and then all the way to full tilt. The cock was thrusting in and out of my wet cunt.

"Oh dear God! Fucking hell!"

The cock attachment was drilling into my wet cunt. I was moving forward to get more of the cock. I was moaning and screaming, while the cock was hitting my sweet spot. I let out a loud scream, while I had yet another orgasm. My pussy was soaking wet from all the pleasure I received on my Sybian riding machine. It was worth the wait. I felt like I was ready to pass out.

I got off the Sybian and just rested on my bed. My pussy was throbbing and I felt all the tingling sensations. I was exhausted from coming so many times. I walked over to the sink to have some water and went back over to the bed to just relax. My heart was pounding
Confessions Of Bored Housewives
Posted:Jul 13, 2019 3:14 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 5:8 am
I’m Anna, 48 years old. I have the kind of life that many envy because I seem to have it all. I’m married to a wonderful man who earns more than enough that I don’t really need to work. I have two ren who I dote on and we all live in the suburbs, in a typical family home.

Yes, it may seem that I have it made. My husband’s thriving business allows me and my family to experience a comfortable life. I got married at a young age, straight out of school, so you can probably say that being a housewife was the only occupation I ever knew and thankfully, I’m quite good at it.

My days are mostly spent being mum and wife, and a job, feeding hubby and the s, and keeping house. Everything is just perfect.

But the problem with “perfect” is that it gets boring. Because I married early, I never really experienced what it was like to have fun. After sending the s to school, my husband to the office and sorting out the daily chores, I still have a lot of time to spare on my days off within the day before all hell breaks lose again at the arrival of my ren from school in the afternoon. My husband is always busy with work so he tends to stay out late. We still have sex occasionally but things are not the same since having the s. And it’s not even like we have ever been adventurous in that respect. If I ever have to describe what sex with my husband is like, it would have to be straightforward. It was good and all but sometimes, I find myself wanting something more exciting than the usual. It simply wasn’t enough that I was faking orgasms more frequently than ever.

Internet was probably heaven’s gift to bored housewives like me. I started lurking around the web a few years ago. Everything started innocently enough I used to go online for emails, shopping and the like. Last year, I stumbled into this odd chatroom and then found myself getting directed to Affairs and Dating and I haven’t moved anywhere since then.

The site was great; I realized that I’m not the only per within a fifty-mile radius of my home who has too much time in her hands. I met new and interesting friends. Some of them live in the same area while many are from other cities. The conversations shocked me at first but after a while I’ve grown to enjoy my time online. Most of the stuff that people asked was really naughty. Some were outright in their desire to play around in per.

At the back of my mind, I knew that there was probably something wrong with what I was doing. But I was having the time of my life. When I’m on the site, I forget that I’m just a housewife. To the men that I get to talk to, I’m sexy, attractive and desirable.

At first, I was only there to kill time with innocent cyber flirting. After a while, things got naughtier that on the days when my s are at school and my husband is at work, I took to playing with myself while chatting with a favourite ‘friend’ on the website.

This particular guy is probably one of the first people I met through Affairs and Dating. I still didn’t know much about him and frankly, I didn’t really care that much. All I knew was that he was funny and charming and naughty all at the same time. He looked through my profile on the site and obviously he loved what he saw so we got to talking. It just started with casual chats about how boring life has been until we got to ‘experimenting’ to make our lives just a little bit exciting.

So while everyone was out of the house for the day, I chatted with this guy who lives miles away. It’s so interesting how simple words can be such a turn on. He got naughtier and naughtier through the course of our chats. Most of the time, he made me do things that I wouldn’t even dare think about. I don’t know where he gets his ideas from but they worked. I can’t even count the many times I got off just by the way he talks and from the suggestions on how I should touch myself to enjoy this few hours of ‘playtime.’ He got me to chat with him naked. At some point, he even dared me to go through my household chores in the nude, which I refused as my neighbours will probably get a heart attack if they saw me through the windows with nothing but skin.

All of this transpired without my husband or my ren ever noticing a thing.

That was probably the most exciting part. My husband never got a clue that I was being a naughty housewife while he was away at work. It’s like I was living two different lives and while I loved my family to distraction, I looked forward to my secret adventures in the chatroom while they are away.

Sadly, my favourite cyber friend had to move to another place and I didn’t hear from him since then for some rea. So now, I’m left, hanging around Affairs and Dating, waiting for the next exciting man to help me get through each boring day as a housewife.
Bored fed up and waiting some cock!
Posted:Jul 12, 2019 1:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 5:8 am
" horny, bored and in need of daytime fun, I'm married horny and needing attention as my husbands lost interest in sex. I'm 48 slim with a need for sex that has broken more than one or two vibrators LOL. I'm looking for contacts for daytime fun only"
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Hate fuck: I hate you and I want to see your come face
Posted:Jul 12, 2019 11:42 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 5:8 am
I hate you so much I want to see your come face. Want to feel every inch of your cock inside me as I crush you with my thighs. In my mind, I picture the bile that must surely pump through every vein of your body getting stuck in the arteries near the top of your legs when I squeeze you, then swelling and churning as I let you go.

You mean so little to me that you mean everything to me. This shadow-you, the one that’s so grotesque and detestable it cannot possibly be real – occupies my every waking, wanking thought. I see you sneering and I wonder: would he also sneer that way at the moment of climax? Would he take the pleasure I’d yanked from him and twist it into that self-satisfied smile?

I want to find . I want to hate fuck you.

You are not a per to me. You’re a cartoon drawn by Steve Bell – all angles and red faces and smug self-congratulation. You are the keening shriek of a ranting Jeremy Kyle. The grimace of Gordon Ramsay having a Kitchen Nightmare, and taking it on waiting staff less than the minimum wage. You’re the trolls who pop up on Twitter with ‘well, actually’ on their lips. You smell like retweets of Donald Trump Junior and your soul is coloured sickly teal, like the Brexit Party. You’re Giles fucking Coren, drunk. And on cocaine. At a party for Top Gear enthusiasts in an iceberg basement in West Kensington with a fancy-dress theme suggested by Brendan O’Neill.

I want to hate fuck you. Want to take your cock and suck it like it’s poied – which it is – and taste whatever awful stuff comes . It surely can’t be spunk. You will grip my hair and shove me harder onto your dick, then grunt like Henry the Eighth tearing fistfuls of chicken off a carcass. I’ll drool and choke on every inch of you, and marvel that when I look up with tear-streaked eyes you are far too arrogant to see the hate that’s in them.

I want to hate fuck you because I want to see what you do when you feel like you have won. You will fuck me bent over, of course, because in the hate fuck dreams I have about you, you are barely more than a rutting animal. You don’t have thoughts or needs or wants, you just have this instinct to act. So I’ll position a mirror at the end of my bed, bend over in front of it and ask you – as if I like you – to please please put it in me. Please fuck me. You pathetic, miserable, evil fucking cunt.

Fuck me like Piers Morgan would – all giggles and sweating and insipid, pathetic boasts:

“You love that, don’t you, you eager little bitch? You love my cock. You love me. You want it, don’t you? You’ve never had it so good.”

Fuck me so badly, so clumsily, so selfishly that the contempt I hold you in now pales into tragic insignificance. Grab my hips and thrust into me with a passion you could never truly feel. Because who in their right mind would look like you, act like you … be you … and feel anything that comes even close to genuine joy?

Get your dick so far inside me that when I clamp down on it with my cunt you whimper like a whipped puppy, and your smug mask slides off your face as you tell me “Not yet! I want to make the most of this!”

Then look me dead in the eye as I do it again. And again. And again. As I smile at your face, reflected in the mirror, and ape your Etonian sneer. Then come inside me, with an eager, piggish grunt and a twitch of your gammon-pink cock.

I want to hate fuck you until I see what sprays out of you when you come. If your cock spits bile the way your mouth does, and if your hands tremble and shake the way they do if you think that you’re winning in an argument. Do you smile knowingly, the way you do when you put on your ‘Devil’s Advocate’ hat? Most of all, though… Most of all I want to know what you shout out when you come. In that split second when all you can feel is the pure, physical rush of joy that comes with orgasm, what do you say? At the moment when your brain is blank, and your mouth can’t do any harm, just moments before I tell you just how deeply I fucking loathe you: what will you say?

I can only guess.

And that makes me want to hate fuck you even more.
Bent over the kitchen table
Posted:Jul 12, 2019 11:36 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2019 5:8 am
When you’re comfortable with a partner, when you know what you like and what they like, communication of ideas and desires can take many forms. You can ask with words, or you can ask with actions. Let’s explore the actions speak louder than words idea…

I was spending the weekend with my Significant Other. I had to get up early on the Sunday morning to do some work, so left her in bed. Really early – 5 am early!

When I returned she was still in her PJs and preparing breakfast. It was still quite early. I started to change of my smart work clothes.

I removed the belt from my trousers because I wanted to use it in some casual trousers later.

As I slid the belt from the loops, my SO dropped her PJ bottoms and bent over the table, pushing her bare bottom and wiggling. This rather took me by surprise.

I stood watching and waiting. She stayed in the position bent over the table, eyes shut tight with her hands gripping the table. I lightly ran my fingers over her bottom. She wiggled her bottom again.

Now there are several possibilities here: she might want her bottom spanked with the belt; she might want to be fucked from behind over her kitchen table or; both.

SO wiggled her bottom again in a ‘hurry up and decide what you are going to do to me I can’t stay here all day bent over like this waiting’ kind of way.

I went to change my position but the lack of belt and moving made my trousers fall down. Willy perked up and poked of the front of my boxers, so it really seemed obvious to just go for it and fuck her.

I fucked her from behind, slowly, teasing. Then with enormous willpower pulled to spank her bottom with the belt. She put her hand on her cunt to rub herself as I spanked but I pulled her hand away and spanked her again. Her bottom was nice shade of pink, so inviting.

I pushed back in and fucked her harder from behind. I let her rub her clit as I fucked her. She caught her breath in that particular way she does as she comes, I felt her cunt spasm and I felt the tingle of my own climax starting.

The very best kind of climax, and sweaty that leaves you exhausted in a good way.

“You going to make me some breakfast now?” I asked. She stood up, rubbing her bottom and pulled her PJs up then carried on preparing breakfast as if nothing untoward had happened.

I don’t think either of us had spoken up to this point. Actions not words, perfect for a Sunday morning fuck
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