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My First Cock
Posted:Jan 12, 2019 8:03 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2019 11:42 am

It was New Year’s Eve and my wife and I decided to get together with some old college friends for dinner and an evening of low key fun. We arrived at around 4 PM and after a bit of small talk we began setting up to cook. We would be cooking Steak and Lobster and Jim (that's what we'll call him here) had opened a bottle of Cabernet to enjoy while we were cooking. Jim and I ventured into the garage to prepare the grill and the large propane fired pot for the Steak and Lobster while the ladies prepared the side dishes inside.

As we were getting things ready, I could not help but notice that Jim seemed to be paying special attention to the way I moved. He seemed to be checking out my ass every time he had the opportunity. I brushed it off and convinced myself it was my imagination.

We spoke of old times in college and shared stories about our adventures together, even though we never had sex in college, we often watched while the other fucked their latest conquest. It was a ritual, with only one unspoken rule. Never let them know they’re being watched. We reminisced about one specific time I was fucking, who is now my wife, he nearly broke that rule, I knew he wanted to fuck her in the worst way, and got a little eager watching us. He slowly opened the door to my room and watched as I fucked her doggie style. He was completely naked, massaging his balls and making thrusting motions in the open doorway. I smiled as I thrust in and out of her wet, swollen pussy. I knew he wanted her.

As I pulled my cock all the way out of her and began teasing her ass, he pushed the door open wide so I could see him stroking his thick cock. He watched and stroked as I teased her ass, sliding the head in and pulling out. She was oblivious to the show to our right. She moaned loudly and fingered her pussy, begging me to take her ass. When I finally slid my cock deep into her ass, she let out a loud scream, and Jim came all over his right leg. We talked about that night many times, as we did on this night, but this time Jim was different. He focused more on how good my cock looked sliding onto her ass.

As we continued to talk I noticed Jim's cock growing inside his jeans, He tried to conceal it, but was not doing a good job. As we finished cooking our main course and prepared to bring it inside, he startled me by unbuttoning his jeans, pulling his cock out and adjusting himself for comfort. His cock was shaved and thick. His balls hung low, full of cum, and pre-cum leaked from his head. "You have me so fucking horny" he said as he pulled his jeans shut and zipped his fly.

The evening progressed without further incident. We ate our meals, shared college stories and finished four bottles of wine. As the ladies finished cleaning up from dinner, Jim and I went back to the garage to put away the grill and clean the Lobster pot. We were now feeling no pain and as I knelt on the garage floor cleaning the pot Jim sat in the lawn chair next to me. He told me how great my wife and I looked, and again said to me "you know, I've always wanted to fuck her, and..." He stopped. He looked into my eyes as he ran his hand over his swollen cock trapped in his jeans. I laughed and said "your drunk, buddy."

We finished cleaning up and Jim and I went back in the house where the girls were sitting on the coach reminiscing and drinking more wine. "I am wined out" Jim said. "How about a Scotch?" I agreed. He poured two shots over ice and then asked if I would like to join him in the hot tub. I looked at the girls who were trapped in their own conversation and replied, "sure, but I don't have a suit." No problem he said as he went upstairs.

Minutes later he returned wearing a bath robe. He offered me another and said, "If you are OK with it, we'll just go nude." I laughed and went into the bath room to change. When I exited, Jim had already went outside and was sitting in the tub. I grabbed my Scotch, and exited through the sliding glass doors to join him. He sat in the swirling water, sipping his Scotch and motioning me to join him. I looked around, it was dark and the neighbors’ lights were off, so I slipped off my robe and joined Jim in the tub.

We talked for 30 minutes before Jim said, "My Scotch is empty. How about another?" I agreed and as he stood to exit the tub I noticed Jim's cock was at full mast. He was hard as a rock and his balls were hanging really low from the heat of the tub. He laughed and said "All these stories of the good old days has got me going." He walked toward my side of the tub, grabbing his balls and stroking his cock. He slid by me, his swollen cock inches from my face and exited the tub. Jim put on his robe and went for more drinks.

I was not sure how to react. We had been talking sex and sharing stories of how we had fucked our wives in different places - but I was a bit unsure of what to do. When Jim returned he let his robe drop to the floor, handed me my drink, and entered the tub directly opposite me. He must of noticed the look on my face because he looked at me and said "Everything all right bud?" I smiled, took a sip of my Scotch and said "Yeah, all good."

We began talking again and soon we were back into the rhythm of sharing stories. He asked if I wanted to hear a good one. I replied hell yes. Jim began telling me the story of how one night his neighbor, a 30 year old, very attractive woman who lived alone, had joined him and his wife in the tub. They shared a glass of wine together and then his wife decided to retire for the night.
Jim and his neighbor stayed in the tub.

Jim told me how they finished the bottle of wine and switched to Vodka. Jim described how she was quickly giggling and sharing her most secret fantasies with him. Suddenly she stood, pulled her top off revealing her full, heavy breasts. Her nipples were large and erect. She grabbed her breasts squeezing them together and asked “you like my tits”? She then slid her bikini from her hips and slowly sat back into the bubbling water.

Jim suddenly felt her foot press hard against his swollen cock. She smiled and said “take off you trunks.” Jim quickly complied. He placed his trunks on the side of the tub and in no time his neighbors’ foot was once again grinding against his swollen cock. He told me about how she told him she often saw him sitting in his hot tub alone and wanted to join him.

Jim went on to tell me how she suddenly stood and asked Jim if he wanted to see a trick. Jim agreed, and before he knew it she stood, turned her back to him and did a hand stand. Her shaved pussy was suddenly in his face. He grabbed her hips and began licking her moist, swollen pussy. Seconds later she dropped her legs and pussy from his face and stood before him. Her tits hung in his face and she asked “you like my trick?” Jim’s eyes were closed as he spoke. He finished his story by telling me how she sat on the side of the tub finger fucking herself as he ate her out.

I was now rock hard. His story, the drinks, and the pure seduction in his voice had me going. Suddenly, I felt Jim's foot grinding against my swollen cock. I jumped at first, but it felt so good. I looked at him square in the eyes as he continued to grind his foot against my cock. He smiled and sipped his scotch. A devilish look on his face. I decided not to object, lifted my foot and started grinding it against his swollen cock. I shut my eyes and enjoyed.

Minutes went by and I could pre-cum was leaking from the head of my cock. Jim was humping against my foot. Suddenly, in one swift motion Jim stood and was right next to me. He sat next to me, reached into the water and started stroking my cock. Without thinking I reached down and began stroking him as well. He leaned into me and said, “Sit on the edge of the tub, I want to suck you.” I did as he asked.

Before I even sat on the edge of the tub, my cock was in Jim’s mouth. He eagerly sucked me and massaged my balls. He was a damn good cock sucker. I almost fell as I sat on the edge. I spread my legs, grabbed the sides of Jim’s head, and as I watched our wives sitting on the sofa talking I pulled him into me and started face fucking him. He worked his tongue over my head, stroked my shaft as he sucked me, and squeezed my balls holding the cum back.

I moaned loudly as he worked his magic. I was in heaven. He sucked cock far better than my wife, or any women I had ever had for that matter. He took me all the way down his throat and held him there. I was erupting in his mouth. Jim gagged a bit as I filled his mouth with cum. It leaked from the sides of his mouth and I let him loose. Cum fell over his lips and covered his chin and chest. He looked up, smiled at me and stood in the tub. He was harder than before as he stroked his cock before me.

I slid back into the tub without a word spoken between us and took his cock into my mouth. He was thrusting his hips, sliding his cock in and out of my eager mouth. It was the first time I had ever had a cock in my mouth, but I got the hang of it quickly. I grabbed his balls and squeezed them holding back his load. I swirled my tongue around his head, tasting pre-cum as it leaked from his head. It was sweet, salty, and I loved it. The taste of his cum made me eager to have him fill my mouth with his heavy load. I released his balls, reached around him and grabbed his ass. I took him as deep as I could into my mouth.

Jim moaned as him humped my face. His balls were slapping against my chin, he held the side of my head fucking my face. Pre-cum was steadily filling my mouth and covering my lips. I instinctively slid a finger into his ass. He spread his legs a little further, allowing my to finger fuck his ass. Seconds later as he pulled my face hard against him he came hard, filling my mouth and throat with cum. I gagged, but I did not pull away. I swallowed hard as her erupted in my mouth. The taste of cum was exotic, the smell was mesmerizing me.
I knew right then this would not be the last time cum filled my mouth.

As I swallowed the last drop of cum, he pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped it against my face. He was still hard and stroking his cock, he suddenly was erupting again, cum shot across my face and rather than let him cover my face with cum I took his cock in my mouth again as he emptied a second, heavy load down my throat. I swallowed every drop. I squeezed his ass as his cock fell limp in my mouth.

He returned to his side of the tub, smiling at me. I looked at him and simply said “Fuck that was hot.” He said only “I’ve wanted to suck your cock for a long time.” I did not say a word, and I knew this would not be the last time I had his cock in my mouth. That is for another story.
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