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2/11/2019 5:16 pm

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Time is just a counting system

A few people have asked me if I'm going to see the movie "Fighting With My Family" which was mildly annoying in the same way it is when people ask me if I'm going to see a comic book movie . Outwardly I think "just because I like something doesn't mean I'm going to consume every media about it" but the real reason is probably just that I don't like people knowing things about me .

I wasn't really interested at first because it's WWE films and they're awful and most wrestling movies in general are also awful (except the Wrestler which is fantastic) but seeing more trailers has kind of swung me around and I probably will see it .

The girl in the movie looks a lot like Paige and I wondered if that was intentional - which is when I found out that IS about Paige , it's a dramatized version of the documentary about her also called Fighting With My Family that came our several years ago . I wonder why they're not promoting that angle at all .

Anyway , just recently I watched a more recent documentary about Paige . For some background as I blogged once a few years ago a dude hacked the phones of a bunch of WWE women and posted their nude pictures online - because I guess everyone had nude pics on their phone now which I don't get but I'll stop harping on that . Mostly it was "just" nude selfies but with Paige there were also several videos of her having sex , and in a move that grossed out all her co-workers one of her BF at the time jerking off on the women's title belt . Not cool lady .

After this turn of events she started drinking a lot , then she started with the drugs , failed a drug test , got suspended from wrestling , failed more drug tests , refused to get treatment and was ultimately fired . Also she start hooking up with a real dirtbag of a fella . During this time she had stress-induced anorexia for which she was hospitalized and talked about how depressed and (banned topic) she was .

This documentary was about how after all that she got her shit together and got back into wrestling - only to suffer a career ending neck injury a few months later .

My honest reaction to all this is that while having a sex tape released to the world is surely humiliating it doesn't seem to me like the kind of thing that would result in a total life spin-out . And I can only assume that's because I'm a man . Case in point in one of these videos she was having sex with a dude who's also in WWE and his life just sailed on merrily .

But while I don't want to diminish what she went through or be a victim blamer (although clearly I'm doing both) I am curious what women think about this . because I feel like plenty of women would be able to shrug this off .

The other thing I wonder is why it seems somewhat typical that when a woman is in a bad headpspace she often gets involved with dude that makes everything worse . Why is that ? When you're being self-destructive do you just want to go all the way ?

She mentioned that after the videos were released that she was cyberbullied . I don't really know what to make of that either . If there's footage of you having sex out there in the world people are probably going to talk about it right ? Again , I know this all horrible what I'm thinking but it doesn't stop me from feeling that way .

I just don't know .

When I mentioned this phone hack before I admitted that I had looked at some of the pics on the old p-hub and I wondered if that made me a horrible person . I don't remember anyone saying either way at the time , probably because the only people that usually comment are my dear friends IRL but I do wonder what that says about me .

Surely nothing good . But I still did it . You know ?

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MarieDsM 40F
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2/11/2019 6:01 pm

It's about time Sherry Stringfield's ass got its due.

You looked at naked pictures of someone who probably didn't want you to see those pictures. It's not good. But horrible person is a stretch. And the fact that you've given it this much thought is mitigating.

40Deuce replies on 2/13/2019 5:30 pm:
I'm not sure about that , see Jesse Pinkman's speech in the episode "Problem Dog"

smartasswoman 61F  
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2/12/2019 12:00 am

Would my life go into a total tailspin if I were hacked and embarrassing video footage of me was released to the world? Probably not. But that doesn’t make her response invalid. She likely already had some predisposition toward abusing alcohol and drugs (whether nature or nurture) and this situation just happened to be the trigger.

40Deuce replies on 2/13/2019 5:31 pm:
Seems reasonable

VenusRedux2 43F
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2/15/2019 9:07 am

I find that people who have a predisposition to seek fame already have a few screws loose. And I just don't get wrestling. I mean, I get a lot of geeky male stuff. But WWE? I just don't get it. Lot of yelling and screaming and faux-animosity.

Am I outraged by a leaked sex tape? Not really. This isn't 1992. If you don't know the risks involved in keeping that kind of stuff around, where have you been? Living under a rock? Even people who live under rocks know this! Everyone knows to delete that stuff before it can ever surface.

Which leads me to wonder, do the people who record themselves in the act ever actually go back and look at those memories? If you don't ever look at it, then what's the problem with just deleting it? You can always take more if need be.

40Deuce replies on 2/16/2019 7:27 am:
I wonder that as well , if you have a video of yourself banging do you ever watch it ? If you do that's weird and if you don't why do you have it ?

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